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A Developer Meeting is an open forum for all people around the world who are interested in Moodle development.

We aim to hold a developer meeting every three months in line with the Moodle development cycle.

January Invited speaker
April Pre-release meeting (May release)
July Invited speaker
October Pre-release meeting (November release)

To accommodate as many people as possible, meetings start at 13:00 UTC (why?).

Forthcoming developer meetings

If you have something you'd like to talk about in a developer meeting, please contact David Mudrák.

Past meeting notes

Why are the meetings at 13:00 UTC?

Meeting times.png

Moodle never sleeps. There are developers working on Moodle around the clock. So when should we hold meetings to accommodate developers worldwide?

We have attempted, in the past, to run meetings in rotating time slots. While this seemed fair, every meeting excluded large groups of developers who were sleeping at the time (see the graphic to the right).

Meetings starting at 13:00 UTC seem to include the largest number of participants. This does unfortunately disadvantage people in the Western United States, in New Zealand and across the Pacific Ocean, however this constitutes the smallest proportion of potential attendees of all the time slots.

Our sincere apologies to those people wishing to attend for whom this time is not ideal. Please note that we do our best to provide good recordings of the meeting so you can catch up later.

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