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Hackfest UK 2014

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Developer meetings > UK Hackfest April 2014

When Thursday 17 April, 2014
Where Moodlemoot Edinburgh, UK
Hashtag #mootuk14

What happened?

A Hackfest brings together Moodle developers to brainstorm future Moodle developments.

This hackfest had a group of around 40 developers. We met in Edinburgh on 17th April 2014 to discuss a range of topics (decided by the participants in unconference fashion), with the aim to distil knowledge into some blueprints for specifications of future Moodle features.


Specifications from subsequent work will be linked from here.

Element Library


LTI Usability Improvements

Lesson activity module reboot

Email Logging and Reporting


HTML5 Player

Drag and Drop activities

Add-ons Trust Model


During the Hackfest, there was a session where developers named tools they were using. If you haven't heard of the tools below, you might want to check them out.

  • PHP Xref
  • Xdebug + IDE
  • XHprof
  • Code checker plugin
  • PHPUnit
  • MDK
  • Moosh
  • Grunt
  • Git

Other suggested topics

These are topics that were suggested, but were not chosen for sessions (unconference style), but may be worth future consideration.

  • MUC best practice discussion
  • Converter for Word docs to pages (possibly with drag-and-drop)
  • Student > Group > Course > Qualification > Body hierarchy
  • Internal verification and validation
  • Course reset for blocks and local plugins
  • RTL CSS as a separate file
  • Global change data recorded on database tables
  • In course search
  • Resource tagging / Index
  • Sharepoint integration repository
  • Scheduled fileless backups
  • How the OU does "View as student"
  • Better way to hide activities, but have them available
  • All communication via messaging sends multi-part emails
  • "Safe" group membership upload/import
  • Facebook style "Like" button or + and - buttons for ratings (MDL-45394)
  • Blind marking issues for administrative users