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Report Builder Specification

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Report Builder
Project state Specification
Tracker issue MDL-30193
Assignee Adrian Greeve, John Okely, Simon Coggins

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The report builder will allow administrators and teachers to generate flexible reports on many aspects of a Moodle instance.

We are currently working on porting Report Builder, see for more details. Here is an outline of the work remaining.

A list of potential report sources is being compiled. This will help us decide what report sources are most helpful to implement.

The Report Builder API is being developed. This will define the way Report Builder will be used when it is released. It is open for comments and modifications.


  • Allow flexible reports to be created and customised for any need
  • Allow admins and teachers to create reports to redistribute
  • Allow admins and teachers to gain new insights into their students, courses, and faculty
  • Allow reports to be created for plug-ins

Usage scenarios

  • View a list of courses with no teachers
  • See what students haven't completed an assignment yet
  • See what courses encourage the most discussion

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