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The meeting was at 11:00 UTC on Thursday, 30 April 2009. We had 22 participants and we covered everything in around two hours.

  • Recording of the meeting (password moodle) Apologies for forgetting to start the recording right at the beginning of the meeting ;-)

Meeting participants, if anything we discussed has been been missed out, please edit the page and add it!

Moodle 2.0

Martin talked about progress tracking - Catalyst are developing the spec, combining the existing spec (developed by a GSOC student last year), with requirements from clients (mostly corporate). It should be done in next 2 months, Jonathan Newman is the main guy.
Petr is working on enrolment improvements, though it's currently on hold until after 1.9.5 is out and the Files API is sorted. See for a simpler way to do overrides.
Penny talked about the Portfolio API - Leap is a standard, any existing parser can read it, came from a JISC project in the UK, basic plan to go in docs wiki.
Martin explained that the existing coding guidelines (one small list of 20 things) had grown out of control and needed rewriting. A clear coding guide should really help new developers. Please read the new coding guidelines, fix obvious mistakes and raise anything you disagree with.
Tim summarised what he's currently doing with Navigation, blocks, pagelib etc - he's in the middle of monstrous amount of work which started with wanting to improve bits of navigation, then some expert themers started getting stroppy because Moodle not so easy to theme. We're going to use blocks more for navigation, update activity has tabs, more consistent having a settings block. See the wiki for detailed plans. Martin commented "This is going to be quite brilliant!"
Enum (check constraints) support is being dropped in Moodle 2.0. Eloy is going to review all the dml/ddl tests and add a lot more to ensure that the database code is completely covered by tests. He'll then review current mssql and oracle implementations and fix them completely. We still need to decide whether to build a native driver for Windows (Microsoft is interested).
Moodle Partner UVCMS have agreed to implement IMS CC with help from Moodle HQ.
Eloy will start work on Backup 2.0 once the DB layer work is completed. File format is likely to change, though they'll still be similar internally. MDL-15489 is an annoying problem in 1.9 - some workarounds are necessary.
Points A to G are agreed, the rest aren't. Eloy probably won't have time to develop it.
The Workshop module is being completely rewritten for Moodle 2.0 by David Mudrák. Please provide feedback on the spec in the discussion Workshop 2.0 specification - request for review and comments.

Other news

Helen informed everyone that this year we have 6 projects, which is half the number that we had last year - we're going for quality over quantity this year. We're currently in the community bonding period, then coding is officially due to start on 23 May (a Saturday!). Please watch tracker issues and project specification pages in Moodle Docs, and encourage GSOC students by commenting on tracker issues and replying to forum posts.
Mihai Sucan, one of our GSOC 2009 students, talked about about his project to develop an online painting tool inside Moodle. He's already developed a proof-of-concept application, Paintweb. Feedback welcome!
  • Bug sprint idea
Penny suggested we have a bug sprint(similar to our previous Bugathon but over a much shorter period of time), perhaps over a weekend. Apparently it works well for Debian - see Martin mentioned that we will be having another bugathon once Moodle 2.0 beta is released.
  • Moodle 1.9.5 status
Martin informed everyone that 1.9.5 should be released in the next week or two.
Martin mentioned that our developer chat now has robot saying when check-ins occur.
  • SchoolTool
Matt Oquist talked about, Open Source admin software for schools, and how it would be great if it could be integrated with Moodle.

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