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Overview of the Google Summer of Code 2009 projects for Moodle.

Record audio repository plugin

Student: Andrei Băutu
Mentor: Jerome Mouneyrac
Specification: Record audio repository plugin

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Timeline course format

Student: Jose Cedeno
Mentor: Martin Langhoff
Specification: Timeline course format

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Improve Moodle user experience consistency

Student: Olli Savolainen
Mentor: Tim Hunt
Specification: Usability/Improve Moodle User Experience Consistency

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What you paint is what you get

Student: Mihai Sucan
Mentor: Martin Langhoff
Specification: Paint tool on MoodleDocs

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Update: Paintweb integration ready for merge...

Google Gears integration

Student: Alberto J Varela
Mentors: Dongsheng Cai, Dan Marsden and Martin Langhoff
Specification: Google Gears integration

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XML templates for administrative settings

Student: Chris Waclawik
Mentors: Penny Leach, Dan Poltawski
Specification: XML Administrator Settings

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Update: Unfortunately this project failed to get off the ground and sadly had to be abandoned.


In addition to the mentors named for each project, the following developers have also offered their help with mentoring: