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Time 13:00 UTC on Tuesday, 30 July 2013
Meeting room Moodle YouTube channel
Chat Regular Dev chat
Twitter #moodledev

In this meeting we focused on Moodle development happening outside Moodle HQ.

Meeting video


Meeting notes

Form mock-submit (Jamie Pratt)

  • The Data generator was being used for testing quizzes, however there needed to be a way to check that creation of questions from forms as if they'd been submitted by a user.
  • Mock form submission works by injecting data into the POST data.
  • This works at a lower level than Behat tests.
  • It is now possible to test form validation in unit tests.


  • Midway through this year's GSoC. Mid-term evaluations going in now.
  • All projects are proceeding except one.
  • Requests for testers of project code should be coming soon. Keep an eye on GSoC project pages.

Backup improvements

  • Fileless backups are now used when importing content from one course to another.
  • Backup is still an issue with big RAM usage.
  • The OU wants to add progress indicators during backups to prevent browser time-outs.
  • Russell Smith has introduced some performance improvements that are, among other things, speeding up backups by as much as 25%.

Accessibility push (Martin Dougiamas)

  • A number of big collections of issues have been reported that came form accessibility reviews.
  • About half of these issues were done in January, but a remaining few are not yet complete.
  • Some people are wanting the accessibility work to be completed and threatening not to support Moodle otherwise.
  • FRONTEND team working on a chunk but more help is needed.

Server clustering (Petr Skoda)

  • A new localcachedir has been introduced.
  • There is an ongoing meeting happening on Wednesdays at 2pm (Perth time) about clustering.

Patched issues, peer reviewing and the Peer review dashboard (Michael de Raadt)

  • With the welcomed contribution of more developers, bottlenecks have been developing in the integration process around peer reviews.
  • Recognised developers are asked to consider looking at issues with patches and pushing them through the process.
  • Developers asking for peer reviews are asked to consider reciprocating by peer reviewing of other issues waiting. Issues can be found on the Peer review dashboard and the Peer review checklist should be followed.

Epics, issues and sub-tasks (Michael de Raadt)

When grouping issues together:

  • use epics to group existing issues into a common project (this allows individual ranking and implementation), and
  • use sub-tasks to break a single issue into chunks of work (that can be worked on at the same time).

Moodle 2.6 progress

Mobile device improvements and support (FRONTEND)

  • The FRONTEND team did a lot of exploratory work with mobile devices, raised a lot of issues and have worked on many.
  • Full-screen pop-ups are now used for dialogues at small screen sizes.
  • TinyMCE improvements have been made for resizing, so it can now shrink; there are reduced toolbars starting with a single bar that can be toggled to three bars.
  • Reducing the number of activities next to each other on the course page into a menu of editing icons.

Automatic class loading (Petr Skoda)

  • "You will love it, it just works."
  • Put the class in the right place and you can use the class without explicitly including files.
  • Reduces memory usage by including only necessary classes.
  • Allows shortcuts in unit tests.

Events and logging (BACKEND)

  • The old events system was simple, but didn't follow rules.
  • The new system is class based.
  • It allows listening by handlers.
  • Logging can be handled by handlers.
  • Logging spec is being finalised.

Alternate names fields and how to output names (Adrian Greeve)

  • We now have additional name fields, which is particularly useful for non-Romanic languages.
  • The name display setting has moved and allows flexible description of names using place-holders.
  • Developers outputting names need to ensure that name fields are passed to the fullname function.
  • Use the get_all_user_name_fields() or user_picture::fields() functions to get these fields.

Other news

  • The meeting time for this General Developer meeting will remain static. After attempting to rotate times, this timeslot was found to be the least objectionable. Also, now that we have reliable recordings, having we felt it was possible to have a constant time. Apologies to anyone adversely affected.
  • After delaying the Hack-a-thon twice, we have decided it will be cancelled. While there was some interest, the effort needed to run the Hack-a-thon appeared greater than the benefits that would be gained, and we are all quite busy.

Some questions

  1. What is Moodle HQ stand on supporting metadata for Course(s), Resources and Activities (Moodle HUB?) MDL_34634 Enabling OAI-PMH Harvesters to catalog metadata of resource off a Moodle system (Moodle HUB?)
    • LTI has some. Worth looking at the Global Search project.
  2. What is Moodle HQ stand on: Experience API (TINCAN API), CMI-5, implementing LTI (v2), future of SCORM ?
    • SCORM 2004 = no (still using SCORM 1.2), LTIv2 = when it comes (MoodleRooms), TINCAN = through events/logging APIs, but no foreseeable use yet
  3. Is theme/clean the new standard theme for a new Moodle install? (Are we deprecating all other themes?)
    • Not yet, but we want it to be. No plans to deprecate old themes.


Amanda Doughty, Andrew Nicols, Anthony Borrow, Aparup Banerjee, Barbara Ramiro, Bas Brands, Damyon Wiese, Dan Marsden, Dan Poltawski, Daniele Cordella, David Mudrák, Davo Smith, Frédéric Massart, Helen Foster, Jamie Pratt, Jason Fowler, Jenny Gray, Juan Leyva, Julian Ridden, Luke Carrier, Marina Glancy, Mark Nelson, Martin Dougiamas, Mark Johnson, Matthew Spurrier, Michael Aherne, Michael Blake, Michael de Raadt, Mike Churchward, Nadav Kavalerchik, Peter Bulmer, Petr Škoda, Prateek Sachan, Rajesh Taneja, Rex Lorenzo, Rossiani Wijaya, Ruslan Kablan, Russel Smith, Sam Hemelryk, Sam Marshal, Stephen Bourget, Shane Elliott, Tim Hunt, Tomasz Muras, Yairspi... (plus many more via YouTube and Twitter)

Meeting chat log

Tomasz Muras Hello everyone 8:27:00 PM
Tomasz Muras is anyone listening to youtube here as well? 8:28:47 PM
Andrew Nicols listening to youtube? 8:30:54 PM
Tomasz Muras to the hangout video 8:31:25 PM
Andrew Nicols It hasn't started yet 8:31:32 PM
Andrew Nicols Morning Sam 8:46:51 PM
Sam Hemelryk Morning 8:47:09 PM
Helen Foster wow Sam, you're up early! 8:47:22 PM
Sam Hemelryk I know! :D (im not an early morning person aye) 8:47:51 PM
Helen Foster or did you just not go to bed last night? 8:48:10 PM
Petr Škoda Good afternoon! 8:48:23 PM
Jamie Pratt hi all 8:48:39 PM
Michael de Raadt Hi. 8:49:12 PM
Sam Hemelryk I've had an hours sleep. I did that horrible little "airport" sleep where you want to sleep but you know you've got to get up soon 8:49:17 PM
Damyon Wiese Hi all 8:52:37 PM
Damyon Wiese martin is just googling how to start a hangout... 8:54:25 PM
Moodle HQ 8:55:10 PM
Moodle Bot - () Unknown. 8:55:10 PM
Andrew Nicols That's the link to take part on video 8:55:32 PM
Moodle HQ yes it is 8:55:46 PM
Andrew Nicols And there's a maxium number of people taking part 8:55:50 PM
Moodle HQ so anyone speaking get on there 8:55:54 PM
lukecarrier hangouts on air stream is here: 8:55:57 PM
Andrew Nicols Andrew Nicols gets off 8:55:58 PM
Moodle HQ yeah prolly 8:56:06 PM
Sam Hemelryk Is there an agenda for this meeting somewhere? 8:56:56 PM
Andrew Nicols 8:57:02 PM
Sam Hemelryk Aha cool thanks Andrew 8:58:21 PM
Tomasz Muras thanks 8:58:27 PM
Dan Poltawski Can other people view the YouTube stream? 9:01:47 PM
Rajesh Taneja no 9:01:51 PM
Andrew Nicols not yet 9:01:51 PM
bmbrands Hi All 9:01:58 PM
Dan Poltawski K thanks 9:01:59 PM
Andrew Nicols They were a kickstart project weren't they? 9:02:37 PM
Andrew Nicols starting now 9:03:02 PM
Moodle HQ Stream 9:03:39 PM
Tomasz Muras cool, I'll add that theme to moosh for generate-theme command 9:04:01 PM
Andrew Nicols Just so you know ,there's quite a lag 9:04:12 PM
Tomasz Muras there must be, yeah 9:04:26 PM
Moodle HQ 3 9:04:30 PM
Andrew Nicols There stream is coming through 9:04:35 PM
Rajesh Taneja It is 9:04:39 PM
Davo Smith all visible here 9:04:40 PM
David Mudrák moodle Meetings: Hi Robot! 9:04:41 PM
Andrew Nicols but there's probably a 10-20 second lag 9:04:43 PM
sbourget It's working here 9:04:46 PM
Moodle HQ Massive 9:04:47 PM
bmbrands 3 9:05:01 PM
Andrew Nicols 3 9:05:01 PM
Sam Hemelryk Its working now 9:05:05 PM
Tim Hunt 1 9:05:09 PM
Tim Hunt 2 9:05:10 PM
Tim Hunt 3 9:05:12 PM
Amanda Doughty 3 9:05:14 PM
lukecarrier 3 9:05:16 PM
marxjohnson00 3 9:05:18 PM
Marina Glancy twice 9:05:21 PM
Moodle HQ wow that's a minute nearly 9:05:39 PM
Sam Hemelryk 3 9:05:40 PM
David Mudrák Say and type "NOW" at the same moment 9:05:40 PM
Tim Hunt Who is hiding off-screen on the right? 9:05:45 PM
Moodle HQ Lead us off Jamie 9:05:49 PM
David Mudrák Michael d looks like a real pilot 9:06:01 PM
Moodle HQ Adrian is off screen 9:06:05 PM
Tim Hunt Reload the agenda, I just added an item. 9:06:17 PM
Andrew Nicols it's not changing away from HQ as full screen 9:06:33 PM
Mark Nelson Hi all. 9:06:34 PM
Tim Hunt 9:09:28 PM
Tim Hunt MDL-40176 9:09:35 PM
Moodle Bot - introduce $form->mock_submit(); method to test form submission V: 0, W: 6, Type: Improvement, Assignee: Jamie Pratt, Priority: Minor, Status: Closed 9:09:36 PM
Tim Hunt This can also be used to test the form vaidation. 9:10:55 PM
Tomasz Muras did you consider making public API for ? eg would be nice to query for things like "give me all packages released for 2.5" using REST 9:12:20 PM
Martin Dougiamas There is, basically, but Aparup, Eloy or David Mudrak might have to explain the details … I don't think it's documented. You could look at what Moodle is doing. 9:14:28 PM
Jamie Pratt 9:14:45 PM
Mark Nelson forms lib is a crazy beast .. 9:14:46 PM
bmbrands Nice, a quick way of adding many many random submissions and test how things perform if you list the forms submitted 9:15:44 PM
David Mudrák TomekMuras: At the moment, we have very basic API that is used by Moodle sites. There is a plan to extend it as needed, should there be a demand and some good use cases 9:15:49 PM
Tomasz Muras Thanks 9:16:07 PM
Andrew Nicols It's finding the right one to switch to 9:16:07 PM
David Mudrák I mean "would be nice" is not strong use case per-se 9:16:16 PM
Tim Hunt The API is OK. I htink we can fix thinigs with evolutionary improvements. 9:16:27 PM
Andrew Nicols We talked about moving to a new one, and decided we'd have to provide a b/c layer 9:16:28 PM
Marina Glancy we wanted to replace the quickform backend and leave moodleform api 9:16:28 PM
Jamie Pratt 9:16:33 PM
Moodle Bot - introduce $form->mock_submit(); method to test form submission V: 0, W: 6, Type: Improvement, Assignee: Jamie Pratt, Priority: Minor, Status: Closed 9:16:34 PM
Tomasz Muras I agree, I was thinking about it because we do need one already anyway - for moodle 9:16:43 PM
Tim Hunt Most of us can't say anything. 9:16:45 PM
Andrew Nicols marina was the only HQ person in our discussion at hackfest 9:16:46 PM
Andrew Nicols But Petr Å koda probably has strongest views on it 9:16:57 PM
bmbrands this diff shows it 9:17:08 PM
Moodle Bot - introduce $form->mock_submit(); method to test form submission V: 0, W: 6, Type: Improvement, Assignee: Jamie Pratt, Priority: Minor, Status: Closed 9:17:08 PM
Jamie Pratt 9:17:10 PM
Moodle Bot - () Unknown. 9:17:10 PM
Mark Nelson the API is convoluted, you have to go back and forth between files to find out what is happening 9:17:36 PM
Andrew Nicols There are some dumb things with accessing things by index instead of by name 9:18:02 PM
bmbrands wouldn't changing the formslib affect huge amounts of code? 9:18:21 PM
Andrew Nicols bmbrands: hence a b/c layer 9:18:29 PM
Mark Nelson I discovered that when I was implementing the new icon in the date selector element for 2.5, which you would think would be rather easy 9:18:34 PM
David Mudrák Moodle Meetings: one thing to that list would an availability to construct forms on client side 9:19:03 PM
Tim Hunt No. We wrote client-side validation ourselves. 9:19:27 PM
Andrew Nicols yeah - we need to have some way to do ajax forms 9:19:29 PM
Tomasz Muras have you seen forms in symfony? 9:19:32 PM
Tomasz Muras I have no idea if / how re-usable they are tbh 9:19:57 PM
Andrew Nicols I can't remember how much we chatted them 9:20:21 PM
Marina Glancy there is a document somewhere 9:20:30 PM
Andrew Nicols People in that working group were: Mark Nielsen, Marina Glancy, Amy Groshek, and myself IIRC. 9:20:34 PM
Rex Lorenzo according to the breakout session in the Hackfest, it was agreed that quickforms needed replacement. 9:20:37 PM
Sam Hemelryk I always find that with mforms I wish its output could be abstracted and in turn for forms to be interpretable to JS 9:20:40 PM
Mark Nelson The form library seems fine if you are simply creating a form, but once you have to actually go into the code to find out what's happening it's all over the place 9:20:52 PM
marxjohnson00 There is a way of doing AJAX forms, it's just not very elegant (involves output buffers and regular expressions) 9:20:57 PM
Andrew Nicols Ah Andrew Davis 9:21:02 PM
Jason Fowler can HQ please click the image of the person presenting 9:22:18 PM
Rex Lorenzo Which one is AWOL? 9:22:30 PM
Tim Hunt 9:22:35 PM
Moodle HQ yep sorry will have to stay awake! 9:22:38 PM
Jason Fowler so they take centre stage of the hangout 9:22:48 PM
Tim Hunt Troy Lee was the one who got busy with other things. 9:22:58 PM
Tomasz Muras the feedback for global serch is welcome 9:23:13 PM
Tomasz Muras the link is... 9:23:18 PM
Julian Ridden loving the work done so far on global search 9:23:35 PM
Tim Hunt See above. 9:23:38 PM
Rex Lorenzo Pronunciation evaluation question type 9:23:42 PM
Tim Hunt I already said. Troy. 9:23:43 PM
Tomasz Muras 9:23:46 PM
Moodle HQ Now 9:23:49 PM
Julian Ridden can I assume there will be a block to go alongside the local plugin when finished? 9:23:57 PM
Tim Hunt Cool idea. 9:23:59 PM
Tomasz Muras Besides that GSOC for global search is going fine - we're on track 9:24:03 PM
Prateek Sachan Julian (JJB): yes, there will be a block for that 9:24:14 PM
Julian Ridden thanx 9:24:23 PM
lukecarrier now 9:24:33 PM
Jason Fowler now 9:24:34 PM
marxjohnson00 now 9:24:35 PM
Andrew Nicols Now 9:24:35 PM
Tomasz Muras now 9:24:38 PM
Julian Ridden now 9:24:44 PM
Julian Ridden but when will then be now? 9:24:51 PM
Jason Fowler my lag was more from the keyboard than the internet connection 9:24:56 PM
Sam Hemelryk now 9:25:00 PM
marxjohnson00 45 seconds lag here 9:25:00 PM
Julian Ridden julian hopes someone here picks up the gratuitous spaceballs reference 9:25:19 PM
Tim Hunt I did not hear Martin say Now. 9:25:21 PM
Mark Nelson sorry, i didnt realise you actually wanted us all to say now 9:25:26 PM
Davo Smith I can hear the discussion about the lag, but I didn't hear the word 'now' 9:25:33 PM
Jason Fowler lol 9:25:35 PM
Mark Nelson but just a few to get a general idea. 9:25:43 PM
Rajesh Taneja lol 9:25:43 PM
Amanda Doughty I did not hear 'now' 9:25:44 PM
Martin Dougiamas it's too late now 9:25:47 PM
Mark Nelson lol 9:25:50 PM
David Mudrák NOW 9:25:52 PM
Damyon Wiese I had a play with ajax forms a while ago: 9:26:01 PM
Moodle Bot - (Dan Poltawski) Merge branch 'w08_' of git:// 9:26:02 PM
Andrew Nicols We really need to get a proper solution in place for ajax forms 9:26:21 PM
Martin Dougiamas Maybe the BACKEND team can tackle forms again in 2.7 9:26:26 PM
Andrew Nicols Yes please 9:26:35 PM
Tim Hunt ForumNG has Ajax forms. 9:26:37 PM
Sam Hemelryk Output needs to be abstracted for that to happen 9:26:40 PM
Sam Hemelryk Yay renderers 9:26:42 PM
Tim Hunt BUt it is not pretty 9:26:42 PM
Damyon Wiese That branch had mforms in dialogues working and submitting via ajax (including tinymce) 9:27:01 PM
marxjohnson00 Displays and processes a form, via AJAX or syncronously. JS is show_form()/submit_form() in 9:27:49 PM
Jason Fowler wow that crashed my chrome 9:28:05 PM
Jason Fowler jason waves at Romo 9:28:35 PM
bmbrands where can I find that list of issues ? 9:28:41 PM
marxjohnson00 Ooh accessibility. Anything that is relevant to my block? 9:29:09 PM
Michael de Raadt 9:29:19 PM
Shane Elliott affects government departments too 9:29:30 PM
marxjohnson00 i.e. can I add/change stuff in my block to help? 9:29:33 PM
Mark Nelson Basically backend is the A-team. 9:29:41 PM
marxjohnson00 Oh wow, that's a comprehensive list 9:29:58 PM
Jason Fowler By definition the backend team is the B-Team 9:30:02 PM
Jason Fowler the Frontend Team is the A-Team 9:30:12 PM
Jason Fowler user's see us first :D 9:30:19 PM
Julian Ridden real question is....who is the Mr-T of the Moodle A-Team ;) 9:30:39 PM
Andrew Nicols Mr-T? 9:30:44 PM
Andrew Nicols Andrew Nicols is X 9:30:52 PM
Damyon Wiese I pity the fool 9:30:56 PM
Andrew Nicols haha 9:30:59 PM
marxjohnson00 I pity the fool who use jquery 9:31:03 PM
Jason Fowler Mr-T would be Damyon or Sam 9:31:06 PM
Rex Lorenzo This is an ordered list? 9:31:06 PM
Amanda Doughty hee hee 9:31:07 PM
Tomasz Muras interface like-ability 9:31:49 PM
Andrew Nicols Awww - we don't get to see you Petr? 9:31:52 PM
Andrew Nicols Is there anything stopping us from using local caches for request caches? 9:33:06 PM
nadavkav Hello 9:33:10 PM
Tim Hunt "Should help" That is not very reassuring. 9:33:20 PM
Tim Hunt One woudl hope that it was tested before it was integrated. 9:33:29 PM
Andrew Nicols nadavkav: Video stream for dev meeting is 9:33:46 PM
Martin Dougiamas we started some meetings on Wednesday afternoons 2PM (Perth time) about caching … if anyone is interested come here then 9:34:34 PM
Martin Dougiamas (and clustering) 9:34:47 PM
Tim Hunt Why have the partners been discussing this in private? 9:35:09 PM
Petr Škoda request cache is for one request only, right? you keep it in memory only 9:35:11 PM
Martin Dougiamas Why does OU discuss things in private? 9:35:25 PM
Andrew Nicols Petr Å koda: ah true 9:35:28 PM
Marina Glancy is dev chat private? 9:35:41 PM
Petr Škoda local cache is for things like languages, theme stuff, JS 9:35:51 PM
Mark Nelson it's a conspiracy. 9:36:32 PM
Tim Hunt MArtin, we don't discuss changes we want to make to Moodle core in private. 9:36:39 PM
Julian Ridden that reminds me there possibly a way to tie JS cache clearing with theme cache? Im facing issues with themes upgrading using js files. 9:37:04 PM
Jason Fowler the chats were mostly here in devchat tim - there have been some awesome conversations :D 9:37:04 PM
Martin Dougiamas I think the discussions that happened in dev chat were actually just everyone working out what they thought 9:37:23 PM
Andrew Nicols Julian (JJB): Purge caches does both 9:37:29 PM
Tim Hunt Oh, that was just netspot, not "Partners" 9:37:36 PM
Andrew Nicols Julian (JJB): If you bump the theme version, IIRC that clears cache..? 9:38:02 PM
Jason Fowler Jordan was involved, representing Catalyst 9:38:23 PM
Julian Ridden but theme developer mode does not. bumping version does not clear the JS cache. Just theme cache 9:38:27 PM
Andrew Nicols Julian (JJB): set jsrev = -1 in config 9:38:43 PM
Tomasz Muras not integrating issues with patches is a serious issue - it discourages developers 9:38:44 PM
Andrew Nicols 9:39:03 PM
Tomasz Muras What Debian did was to ask for peer reviews as well. 9:39:30 PM
Andrew Nicols And the dashboard: 9:39:34 PM
Tomasz Muras There is even a bit of culture there like: "I'll integrate your change if you go & peer review some other patch" 9:40:10 PM
Michael de Raadt 9:40:20 PM
Martin Dougiamas Tomek, that wouldn't fit too easily with our weekly integration workflow … 9:41:36 PM
Andrew Nicols It also means that issues affecting multiple components give longer for other component leads to notice issues 9:43:19 PM
Tim Hunt That is a pain for compoent maintiners, but a worthwhile change. 9:43:33 PM
bmbrands It would be cool to have this for the plugin database as well 9:43:36 PM
Marina Glancy there is a "review" possibility in plugins database 9:44:00 PM
Anthony Borrow @bmbrands I'll keep that in mind 9:44:02 PM
Tomasz Muras uh, good idea but sounds like a bit of over-kill. I'd hope that component mainainers know what they do ;) 9:44:14 PM
bmbrands what's that weird sound I hear sometimes, sounds like an electronic parrot .. 9:44:27 PM
Andrew Nicols bmbrands - it's the ipod on the desk 9:44:46 PM
Rossiani Wijaya it is romo 9:45:00 PM
bmbrands That review area is rarely used on the plugin database. right now it's easier to look at the github project that goes with the plugin 9:45:18 PM
bmbrands hahaha cool, I love robots 9:46:26 PM
Martin Dougiamas Plugins already have no wait time after the first acceptance. 9:46:28 PM
Mark Nelson So, once you get your plugin accepted you can now safely write the dodgy code. ;) 9:47:16 PM
Martin Dougiamas Correct 9:47:30 PM
Martin Dougiamas And when that is discovered you will be banned for life 9:47:44 PM
Amanda Doughty harsh 9:47:54 PM
Shane Elliott uh oh 9:47:55 PM
Anthony Borrow @bmbrands that has been because we have few trusted reviewers - the idea was to have trusted reviewers write a general review of a particular version of a plugin. As Martin mentions, if folks want to modify code there is no peer-review of the code done but we could use a similar process when first looking at the code 9:47:58 PM
bmbrands ah great, so now I can create some prism modules Great, need to call the NSA to see if they are interested 9:48:03 PM
Julian Ridden lol 9:49:55 PM
Martin Dougiamas No need to call them, Bas, just send an email to yourself. 9:50:29 PM
Andrew Nicols nice URL ;) 9:50:43 PM
Mark Nelson Haha 9:51:13 PM
bmbrands @andrew: I think they just turned on my webcam 9:52:13 PM
Tim Hunt I added that, but can Andrew talk? 9:52:51 PM
Julian Ridden Lucky I am in China tonight. Safe from Prism here. My data is 100% safe 9:52:57 PM
Tim Hunt Andrew did file-less backups 9:53:15 PM
Tim Hunt My Russ is doing profiling and fixing performance. 9:53:26 PM
Tim Hunt The OU wants to output progress indication during backups, to prevent browser time-outs. 9:53:48 PM
Anthony Borrow +1 for progress indication 9:54:24 PM
Mark Nelson Cool. 9:54:29 PM
Tomasz Muras timhunt very good idea, I can see that being a problem v. often 9:54:30 PM
Rex Lorenzo Ticket for fileless backup/restore? Is it in master? 9:55:20 PM
Tim Hunt 9:55:29 PM
Andrew Nicols yes it's in master 9:55:29 PM
Tim Hunt Look, and Epic 9:55:33 PM
Tim Hunt an Epic 9:55:36 PM
nadavkav beautiful news on backup/restore improvements!!! 9:55:54 PM
Tim Hunt Thanks Andrew. Well done on zero notice. 9:55:56 PM
Marina Glancy it's 11pm 9:56:00 PM
Marina Glancy well almost midnight 9:56:07 PM
Tim Hunt Backup has lots of circular references beteween classes, which confuses PHP's garbage collection. 9:56:45 PM
Tim Hunt (Well, reference counting) 9:56:49 PM
nadavkav +1 from me, for the quick backup button 9:57:25 PM
David Mudrák Maybe if the backup/restore executed in backgreound in advance while the user is still clicking the current UI, it would "feel" much more quicker 9:57:43 PM
Andrew Nicols What was the issue # for that meta issue? 9:57:48 PM
Rex Lorenzo There are plugins that offer a 1 click restore with defaults set: 9:57:51 PM
Julian Ridden maybe minimise it as we do with other settings pages now 9:57:52 PM
Julian Ridden definitely +1 from me too 9:58:03 PM
nadavkav Thanks rexlorenzo 9:58:36 PM
bmbrands It would be great to allow tinyMCE themes as well 10:00:50 PM
nadavkav Have you check RTL issues on Mobile? 10:01:02 PM
Michael de Raadt Yes. 10:01:09 PM
nadavkav 10:01:19 PM
Michael de Raadt (Love your work, Nadav.) 10:01:28 PM
Jason Fowler MDL-40770 10:01:59 PM
Moodle Bot - Implement Icons for TinyMCE 3.* V: 0, W: 1, Type: Task, Assignee: Jason Fowler, Priority: Minor, Status: Development in progress 10:02:00 PM
nadavkav (Love you watching over my work! any Mary too) 10:02:00 PM
Martin Dougiamas these edit icons really need people to look at them 10:02:36 PM
Martin Dougiamas it makes course editing look (and work) quite a bit different 10:03:02 PM
Jason Fowler please provide input, let us know if what we have implemented is easy to understand 10:03:03 PM
Rex Lorenzo I have been following the editing icon ticket, is it a user preference? 10:03:45 PM
Damyon Wiese no - there are 2 admin settings (one for blocks, one for activities) 10:04:19 PM
nadavkav moosh is also working like this 10:05:58 PM
nadavkav beautiful news 10:06:14 PM
Mark Nelson Very simplistic explanation on how to actually implement it haha. 10:06:16 PM
Andrew Nicols Andrew Nicols tries to catch up 10:07:00 PM
nadavkav (moosh - uses automatic class loading too) 10:09:00 PM
Tim Hunt Well, if you are workign on add-ons that you want ot work in 2.5 and before, you can't easily use it yet 10:09:36 PM
Tim Hunt But autoloading is very cool 10:09:50 PM
Mark Nelson For reference: 10:09:56 PM
lukecarrier Lovely to see Moodle adopt functionality in PHP that makes plugin development work considerably cleaner and easier --great to see! 10:10:00 PM
Petr Škoda 10:11:40 PM
Petr Škoda it describes the phpunit testcase autoloading 10:11:55 PM
Mark Nelson Example of a new event - 10:13:13 PM
Tim Hunt Why just specific events, or * 10:13:15 PM
Tim Hunt Why not a more structured hierarchy of event types? 10:13:23 PM
Mark Nelson Look at the diff in that URL to see the new implementation, compared to the old. 10:13:47 PM
Tim Hunt Each event is an class, right? 10:14:42 PM
Mark Nelson yes. 10:14:49 PM
Tim Hunt Why not use instanceof to work out which listeners to call? 10:14:58 PM
Petr Škoda because it would be slower 10:16:54 PM
Tim Hunt How much slower? 10:17:56 PM
Petr Škoda we get an event name, then get list of observers from array that contains them all indexed by event name 10:18:52 PM
Tim Hunt And, why does that only work for specific event names, or *? 10:19:23 PM
Tim Hunt At teh opint where you add an event listener to that array, you coudl use instanceof to work out other subsets of keys to add it to. 10:19:47 PM
Petr Škoda because it is enough for logging 10:19:47 PM
Tim Hunt Logging is not the only use case. 10:19:58 PM
Tim Hunt Plagiarism API woudl be another good case. 10:20:06 PM
Tim Hunt Wants to listen to anything that is submit for grading. 10:20:15 PM
Petr Škoda if you want it make a proposal and create code 10:20:19 PM
Tim Hunt I made the propsal before, and was ignored. 10:20:30 PM
Petr Škoda did you made the code too? 10:20:47 PM
Michael de Raadt We appreciated your earlier feedback, Tim. 10:21:02 PM
Tim Hunt No. I made hte suggestion before you wrote the code in a less good way. 10:21:03 PM
Tim Hunt Michael D. One day you must explain to me how ignoring everything I say is appreciation. 10:21:30 PM
Michael de Raadt I wouldn't say it was ignored. 10:21:51 PM
Petr Škoda Tim: if I disagree with your proposal I will not implement it, what is wrong with that? 10:22:09 PM
Tim Hunt Show me one change made to the events or logging spec in response to one of my suggestions. 10:22:11 PM
Michael de Raadt A lot of the justification of the Events changes came in response to your feedback. 10:22:38 PM
Julian Ridden in relation to alternate name fields, can the user in profile settings choose which they would prefer to display? i.e. a preferred first name 10:23:09 PM
Julian Ridden thanks for that answer 10:25:00 PM
Rex Lorenzo In the "Full name format", can you specify to use alternatename (if present), else use "normal" first and last name? 10:27:12 PM
Rex Lorenzo Any news on what happend to 10:27:54 PM
nadavkav yes 10:28:58 PM
Tim Hunt For the benefit of NZers, would someone from HQ like to reply to ? 10:29:02 PM
nadavkav I am asking about Moodle 10:29:19 PM
nadavkav if it can be supported in Moodle HUB, that's cool too 10:29:41 PM
Tim Hunt People want metadata on questions too. 10:29:58 PM
nadavkav For searching purposes 10:30:07 PM
nadavkav ok 10:30:35 PM
Tim Hunt Could be like comments / files, etc. 10:31:01 PM
Aparup Banerjee 10:31:59 PM
nadavkav not yes 10:32:18 PM
nadavkav yet 10:32:21 PM
Michael Aherne Is SCORM slated for removal, or just no further development? 10:32:48 PM
nadavkav good 10:33:01 PM
bmbrands well the SCORM rewrite is in the GSOC list. 10:33:17 PM
Julian Ridden LTI v2 is in Public Draft currently - 10:33:34 PM
Michael Aherne Good to know, thanks! 10:34:19 PM
nadavkav ok 10:34:59 PM
nadavkav Thank you 10:35:53 PM
Rex Lorenzo Anyone using the clean theme as a base in production? We want to switch the our base theme, but is it really not that stable? 10:36:29 PM
Julian Ridden I have been so excited to work with bootstrap now 10:36:32 PM
Julian Ridden what? no more “wood” theme? :P 10:36:43 PM
Tim Hunt Someone was working on a boostrap-based wood theme. 10:36:59 PM
Moodle HQ Sorry again Kiwis 10:37:00 PM
Sam Hemelryk LOL we should've moaned loader? 10:37:25 PM
Tim Hunt You should just send a pack of nice coffee beans to each kiwi moodler. 10:37:28 PM
Andrew Nicols are you keeping it around afterwards? Will it be a possible location for good perf data? 10:39:13 PM
Moodle HQ not sure about that yet 10:39:31 PM
Moodle HQ but the cluster is fully scripted 10:39:45 PM
Davo Smith thanks for sharing with us 10:40:11 PM
Julian Ridden than everyone 10:40:21 PM
Damyon Wiese no lag here 10:40:25 PM
Mark Nelson Nope, didn't experience lag either. 10:40:33 PM
Julian Ridden thanks i mean 10:40:35 PM
Amanda Doughty Very useful. Thanks 10:40:36 PM
Julian Ridden maybe eve “thants” :D 10:40:50 PM
nadavkav Thanks 10:40:51 PM
Moodle HQ thanks developers 10:41:01 PM
Moodle HQ thevelopers 10:41:04 PM
Sam Hemelryk Night everyone 10:41:08 PM
Rex Lorenzo Goodbye 10:41:09 PM
Shane Elliott good night from Beijing 10:41:11 PM
Aparup Banerjee g'nite 10:41:18 PM
Rajesh Taneja 10:41:19 PM
Michael Aherne Thanks for that 10:41:20 PM
bmbrands Ciao 10:41:21 PM
Rossiani Wijaya good night 10:41:24 PM
Michael de Raadt Bye 10:41:31 PM
sbourget Bye 10:41:38 PM
yairspi Bye 10:41:48 PM
Helen Foster good meeting, kudos to organisers 10:41:55 PM
Helen Foster and hangout participants 10:42:07 PM
Andrew Nicols 10:42:11 PM
Mark Nelson While there are a lot of partners etc here, I have created a new certificate module which is in beta - read abt it at 10:42:52 PM
Mark Nelson ok, now time to watch an episode of TNG. Night. 10:43:25 PM
Aparup Banerjee now! 10:59:29 PM
Aparup Banerjee (sorry was watching the first bits i missed jsut now on youtube ) 10:59:54 PM
Jason Fowler see you all in the morning :/ 11:04:39 PM