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GSoC > GSoC 2013

An overview of the Google Summer of Code 2013 projects for Moodle..

Self-assessment activity using the question bank

Student: Jayesh Anandani
Mentors: Jean-Michel Vedrine & Tim Hunt
Specification: Self-assessment activity using the question bank

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SCORM player rewrite

Student: Mayank Gupta
Mentor: Dan Marsden
Specification: SCORM player rewrite

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Global search

Student: Prateek Sachan
Mentor: Tomasz Muras & Aparup Banerjee
Specification: Global search

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Course search

Student: Shashikant Vaishnav
Mentor: Marina Glancy & Michael de Raadt
Specification: Course search

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Pronunciation evaluation question type

Student: Troy Lee
Mentors: James Salsman & Tim Hunt
Specification: Pronunciation evaluation question type

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BioAuth: A Moodle plugin for determining Quiz authorship

Student: Vinnie Monaco
Mentor: Dan Marsden
Specification: BioAuth Plugin

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Portfolio plugin for Evernote

Student: Vishal Raheja
Mentors: Frédéric Massart & Michael de Raadt
Specification: Portfolio plugin for Evernote

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