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Portfolio plugin for Evernote

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Portfolio plugin for Evernote
Project state Coding Period Started (Milestone 1.0 about to be completed)
Tracker issue CONTRIB-4338
Discussion Portfolio Plugin for Evernote Blog
Assignee Vishal Raheja

GSOC '13


Evernote is used by a large number of people to store their daily files and activities. Especially, in the field of education, many educators and students use Evernote to share their notes with others. With this plugin, the users will be able to sync their Moodle and Evernote activities in a better way.

This is a project for the Google Summer of Code 2013. The aim would be to develop a Portfolio plugin for Evernote to help users upload the Moodle content to their respective Evernote accounts. A forum post containing embedded images and/or attachments, would be converted as a proper note and exported to Evernote. This would really help users to keep track of their profiles in Moodle.

Current related features available

Currently, Moodle just has the Evernote repository which helps users to get access to their Evernote files. But, there is no option to upload the content to their respective Evernote accounts. This plugin would help in solving the issue. (Link to the Evernote Moodle Repository)


Following functionality has been decided upon:

  • Exporting the basic content
  • Exporting the embedded images in the posts
  • Exporting the attachments
  • To be able to pick the note(already existing) to add the content to
  • To be able to customize the note title during the export process

Tentative Features

  • To be able to append the content to an existing note.
  • To be able to customize tags
  • To be able to create a new notebook to export note to


Milestone No. Features Status
  • To be able to export the simple content to the note.
  • To be able to customize the note title.
  • To be able to select the notebook to export the content to
  • To be able to export the attachments of the post to Evernote.
Under progress
  • Convert Moodle HTML to Evernote HTML to allow for embedded images/objects.
Not yet started
  • Try for the tentative features.
Not yet started

Installation Steps

  • Get an API key from Evernote Developer's page.
  • Register your API key as a public key from Evernote.
  • Download the Evernote Portfolio plugin from Github.
  • Extract the zip file in your Moodle directory (Moodle_folder)/portfolio.
  • Rename the folder of the plugin to 'evernote'.
  • Log in to Moodle as administrator and install the Evernote Portfolio.
  • Ensure that Portfolios are enabled on the site on Site Administration->Advanced Features.
  • Enable the Evernote plugin from Site Administration->Plugins->Portfolios->Manage Portfolios by entering the API Key and the Secret Key you registered at Evernote.

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