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lib/formslib.php Testing

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Moodle 2.4

Testing Your Form Processing Code

In order to test the processing of submitted form contents in unit tests we have added a new method to formslib, mock_submit(). It is available in the latest 2.4, 2.5 releases as well as in 2.6 onwards.

The mock_submit method makes the form behave as if the array of data to supplied to it has been submitted in a form. Then if the form validates, get_data will then return all the values passed into the form, along with any defaults. So the following for example is possible :

$questiondata = test_question_maker::get_question_data('multichoice', 'single');
$expectedfromform = test_question_maker::get_question_form_data('multichoice', 'single');
$form = new qtype_multichoice_edit_form(...);
$actualfromform = $form->get_data();
$this->assertEquals($expectedfromform, $actualfromform);
$actualquestiondata = question_load_questions(array($actualfromform->id));
$this->assertEquals($questiondata, $actualquestiondata);

There are a number of examples of the use of this method in the question/type unit tests. Search for 'mock_submit'. See also the phpdoc comments on the method itself.