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Developer meetings > November 2012 meeting notes

Time 01:00 UTC on Tuesday, 20 November 2012
Meeting room Moodle Dev Meeting Course

In this meeting we focused on the impending release of 2.4.


Dan Marsden, Eloy Lafuente, Justin Filip, Mary Evans, Petr Škoda, Rex Lorenzo, Sam Hemelryk, Tim Hunt, Ahmad Aizuddin Aizat Bin Tajul Arif, Jonathan Doane, David Mudrak, Gavin Henrick, Helen Foster, Mark Nelson, Paul Vaughan, Rossiani Wijaya, Simon Coggins, Tim Hunt, Anne Krigger, Matt Oquist, Paul Nicholls, Michael de Raadt, Marina Glancy, Martin Dougiamas, Dan Poltawski, Barbara Ramiro, David Monllaó, Andrew Davis, Damyon Wiese, Ankit Agarwal, Rajesh Taneja, Jérôme Mouneyrac, Jason Fowlser, Adrian Greeve, Aparup Banerjee.

Moodle 2.4 release

  • Minimum requirements were discussed. IE8 was raised and we are likely to drop support for IE8 in 2.5.
  • We could possibly increase the PHP version to 5.3.8

Performance improvements

  • MUC work completed by Sam Hemelryk
    • New API for caching.
    • Consistent shared caching system to provide consistency and add performance.
    • Now ready for use.
    • Many areas to be worked on after 2.4.
  • Daily statistics process has been improved - thanks to Partners involved
  • Looking to measure improvement and show graphs
  • Client-side JavaScript improvements have been made, mostly successful so far

Plugin updating within Moodle

  • Automatic deployment started in 2.3 with available updates. It was just reading for available updates.
  • In 2.4 it will inform admins and allow them to get and install latest version.
  • UML chart shows functionality
  • Can be disabled through the config.php and UI
  • Working towards installing new plugins from within Moodle

Course format plugins

  • Big refactor done by Marina to make course formats a real plugin API
  • Not much change in core Moodle functionality
  • Course formats can now insert header and footer
  • Course formats can be enabled/disabled and have their own settings
  • You can now achieve redirection before output
  • Sections can have subsections (sections inside sections), if a format defines this
  • No new course formats in core yet. Hopefully the community will create some good ones.
  • Works when you switch formats or when restoring a course when the previous format is no longer available.
  • Note: Custom themes must be updated for 2.4 because of this change


  • Icons have been updated
    • Support for SVG has been added to previous functionality
    • If you have older PNG or GIF images they will still work
    • Best output at 24x24 SVG
    • Still need raster icons for some browsers that don't support SVG
    • Block icons have been normalised at 16x16 in monochrome
    • Setting icons have been normalised at 12x12 in monochrome
    • There are new guidelines for creating new icons including standard colours to match standard icons
  • We are now using the HTML5 doctype
  • IE8 is now forced to use standards mode
  • Simple YUI is now available for use
    • Similar to JQuery for simple actions

TinyMCE improvements

  • An editor sub-plugins API has been added
  • You can alter toolbar and settings for plugins


  • Reworked restore support for enrolments
  • User enrolments revert to other enrolment method when an enrolment method is uninstalled

Integration of Calendars

  • Can now subscribe to iCal feeds
  • This was a most wanted improvement
  • Some bugs being sorted out before release

Unicode filenames in zips

  • Filenames with unicode characters are now possible

Assignment enhancements

  • Individual extensions
  • Group assignments
    • Choose group mode and you can limit to a grouping
    • One or all students can be asked to submit
    • Markers can grade all students in a group at once
  • Blind marking
    • Shows student as an anonymous user during marking
  • Off-line marking
    • You can get a CVS, enter grades then upload
    • You can download a zip with submissions, mark and add feedback files, then zip and upload the feedback

Other improvements

  • Blocks need to have new capabilities added.

QA Testing

  • QA is about half-way through.
  • Hopefully much of the QA tests will be able to be automated in future

Mobile app

    • Will handle notifications in iPhone apps
    • Will hopefully be available around Christmas
    • Will use Apache 2 license so people can release their own versions without sharing code


  • Some specs have already been started
  • Will set direction for 2.5
    • Logging/Reporting/Outcomes
    • File-cloud storage


  • Ideas needed for
    • incentives (t-shirts, money, recognition on
    • areas of work that people could be involved in
    • how to keep people involved after the Hack-a-thon

If you would like to correct these notes, please edit this page this page or email Michael d.

Meeting chat log

Sam Hemelryk Hi
Justin Filip Is there any way to configure my audio settings in this thing? I'm not hearing anything... =(
Dan Marsden Justin top left there's a headphone icon
Mary Evans *wave
Dan Marsden click it and "join audio"
Michael de Raadt Hi
Justin Filip Thanks
Sam Hemelryk Yip... .slowwwwwly...
Dan Marsden we see your BBB session
Dan Marsden weird
Dan Marsden HQ audio sounds a bit like a toilet....
Justin Filip TRUE
Justin Filip A loud toilet
Mary Evans I cant hear anything
Dan Marsden Mary - headphone icon in top left
Dan Marsden click it and join audio
Michael de Raadt Also, you can right click and edit the Flash settings to enable your audio.
Tim Hunt Hello world
Dan Marsden using Join audio is better isn't it? - shows wizard/test window to make sure it's working
Mary Evans I think i liked it better quiet lol
Mark Nelson Morning.
Tim Hunt I am not sure what the point of having separate Users and Listeners lists is?
Dan Marsden yeah - they do different things but it would make sense (to me) for them to be merged
David Mudrák Hello
Dan Marsden Michael - might be a good idea to mute all..
Mark Nelson I see a bunch of speaker icons next to a few peoples names but can't hear anything .. do I need to be in the listeners group?
Dan Marsden exceot yourself....
Dan Marsden heh
Justin Filip ...
Justin Filip Yes
Dan Marsden yeah - Petr's sound is much better than HQ
David Mudrák Can we make an audio test?
Tim Hunt To do an audio test, click the headphones icon in the top left.
Tim Hunt That is also how you join the audio
Justin Filip It's very bangy and echoy in Perth today
Dan Marsden maybe having your legs on the table with the mic isn't a good idea?
Sam Hemelryk Year Perth, your audio is so sub par
Gavin Henrick Yes.
Sam Hemelryk Yes that seems better
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) is palm-up like 5 (finger) together?
Justin Filip Which fingers?
Gavin Henrick Been testing BBB with Moodle over LTI (the upcoming version) was nice
David Mudrák How can I test my mic?
Justin Filip . . . a group of faces all looking upwards, expectantly.
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) just guessing what are those guys watching...
Tim Hunt Probalby the screen projected on the wall.
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) moodlepass yet? lol.
Justin Filip I think they're watching YouTube videos of cats
David Mudrák Audio chopping here
Ahmad Aizuddin Aizat Bin Tajul Arif  :D
David Mudrák And I do not know how to know if the mic is working
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) Once upon a time...
Justin Filip David, there's an audio test when you click on the headphones icon in the upper left corner
Tim Hunt You muted everyone!
David Mudrák Justin: yes, I know. And the bar moved for me.
Rex Lorenzo We can unmute ourselves
Mark Nelson I am from Perth.
Dan Marsden Tim - the listeners box has an mute button to unmute yourself
Gavin Henrick < in Ireland
Tim Hunt Yes, I know that.
Paul Vaughan Morning all, Paul Vaughan, a Moodle developer / admin for a FE college in south England :)
Paul Vaughan And boy is it cold here :/
Tim Hunt Hi from Tim, in Milton keynes.
Jonathan Doane I'm in New Hampshire in the United States.
Paul Nicholls Christchurch, New Zealand here (University of Canterbury)
Rex Lorenzo Los Angeles, US
Matt Oquist I work with Jonathan, also in New Hampshire, U.S.
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) Eloy, from Mars.
Rossiani Wijaya I'm in Perth
Justin Filip Tuning in from dreary Kitchener, ON Canada.
Sam Hemelryk Nelson, NZ
Dan Marsden Christchurch, NZ
Simon Coggins I'm in Wellington, NZ
David Mudrák David Mu, from Czech
Ahmad Aizuddin Aizat Bin Tajul Arif I'm a Moodle developer / admin for a University in Malaysia
Helen Foster Helen from near Brussels, Belgium
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) I'm watcing dark-anne
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) *watching
Petr Škoda Petr Skoda (HQ dev) from CZ
Anne Krijger It is dark here :)
Anne Krijger From .nl btw The hague
Justin Filip I just heard Gavin sigh... this meeting is really starting to kick off!
Paul Vaughan it was a very Irish sigh? ;)
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) wow, that's quick!
Matt Oquist yes, this is quite lovely timing. :)
Tim Hunt Is there a policy for meeting times? To be really fair, it would advance 7 hours each time, so that eventually we cover all time-zones.
Dan Marsden LTS?
Simon Coggins I could give a quick open badges update if there's interest
Tim Hunt Three times, that are all quite nice for Perth, coincidentally.
Justin Filip We could get some more love for Barbara's new icons in 2.4. =)
Paul Vaughan LOVING the new icons!
Tim Hunt Would be nice to get feedback on
Tim Hunt Particuarly anyone who can say how much of a problem the thrid issue is.
Tim Hunt Perforamnce wins are not sexy, but will make people very happy
Tim Hunt
Helen Foster no
Gavin Henrick yes we can hear
Tim Hunt It got very quited
Gavin Henrick but it gets quiet when ye talk among yourselves
David Mudrák Chopping here, can't understand :-(
Damyon Wiese we now force standards compliance mode on ie9
Tim Hunt Bcrypt. Great idea!
Tim Hunt Submit it for integration!
Simon Coggins
Simon Coggins Requires 5.3.8
Justin Filip Sounds good
Rossiani Wijaya yes sam
Rex Lorenzo What are the core areas that are currently integrated?
David Mudrák Can everybody but the actual speaker mute themselves please. It seems to help a bit. Thanks.
Tim Hunt Implementing question caching was really easy.
Tim Hunt It is a nice API.
Helen Foster Sam, did you say thanks to Matteo?
Dan Marsden I had a chat with Matteo - he's really been enjoying the MUC stuff
Sam Hemelryk Year Matteo === legend!
Helen Foster I met Matteo in Italy - great guy!
Dan Poltawski
Dan Marsden he was excited about being added to the dev group in jira
Sam Hemelryk That would be pretty awesome to get some things into 2.4
Tim Hunt Yes. Adding a cache has no UI-visible change, or functionality changes
Tim Hunt So, could go in to stable
Tim Hunt What about all the JS performance improvements?
Tim Hunt Thanks to Andrew Nichols.
Tim Hunt Many of those are waiting ofr integration too,.
Tim Hunt What did I do?
Sam Hemelryk Read the blurb down the bottom
Tim Hunt Oh, I posted that link
Gavin Henrick does the MUC handle web services caching or just UI ?
Paul Nicholls Would be good to have some client-side comparisons too, i.e. generated page size and UI initialisation time
Dan Poltawski well, its more backend than UI to I would say
Gavin Henrick ok
Damyon Wiese very much
Dan Poltawski great
Justin Filip Sounds better
David Mudrák
David Mudrák
Dan Poltawski
David Mudrák
Justin Filip Can this be disabled, maybe via a config file option?
David Mudrák sure
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) y
Justin Filip Excellent.
Gavin Henrick does this have warnings about leaving the server files open to writing?
Martin Dougiamas complete kill switch (for partners ;) )
Justin Filip Yeah.. =)
Gavin Henrick and is it restricted to only the primary admin, rather than all admins ?
Gavin Henrick since some places have 10+ admins
Dan Poltawski sort out their admins!
Paul Vaughan Good Q Gavin. CAN it be restricted?
Dan Poltawski the admin is god
Dan Poltawski you can't disable it by capability
Gavin Henrick So perhaps the warning should be that secondary admins should by default not have that capability
Petr Škoda capability === all admins + some more
Dan Poltawski they should be *managers*
Paul Vaughan Agree w/ Gavin wholeheartedly.
Dan Poltawski I know people use admin accounts
Gavin Henrick not when they are sub-admins, thats how they roll :) most sites have lots, even in HE
Paul Vaughan All admins are equal, but some admins are more equal than others...
Petr Škoda admins ahve all capability, no way to restrict that, sorry
Dan Poltawski but if we prevent it, then they lcok themslves out
Rex Lorenzo We restrict some config options in the modle config.php file.. so even site admins cannot change some settings without also having access to the file system
Gavin Henrick cant tell someone using Moodle for 7 years to stop having 20 admins :)
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) do you have also 20 roots on your servers?
Gavin Henrick maybe have the userid specified in config.php as to whom can use it ??
Petr Škoda in 2.4 finally primary admin is properly defined
Tim Hunt Admin should be like root on linux boxes.
Gavin Henrick Eloy, not my clients, just most Moodles who were running without guidance, they rolled with lots of admins
Tim Hunt Don't use it, except very exceptionally.
Simon Coggins could you use has_capability with the $doanything argument set to false? wouldn't that prevent admins using it (unless they have the capability)
Tim Hunt For day-to-day use, us Manager.
Dan Poltawski Just disable auto updates in config.php if you don't trust your admins
Paul Vaughan I would really like to ensure that some of my other Moodle admins can't do this. id's specified in config.php would be just fine.
Gavin Henrick Tim - I recommend that, just understanding the reality too :)
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) yeah, but that's simply "cosmetic"
Gavin Henrick Primary admin cant be edited by others? isnt that the case?
Tim Hunt Primary admin is mainly signfiicant for email from.
Tim Hunt Is now the right time to discuss this in detail?
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) trust your admins or ban them. You decide.
Tim Hunt +1
Dan Poltawski
Petr Škoda is the desktop sharing choppy/pixelated for others too?
Justin Filip Yeah
Paul Nicholls yep
Matt Oquist definitely
Rossiani Wijaya yes
Rex Lorenzo What's the UI like for specifying subsections?
Tim Hunt scoll slower!
Aparup Banerjee is there an mbz of that courseformat demo somewhere?
Petr Škoda do not scroll at all
Dan Poltawski
Anne Krijger it takes about 15s for a page to load fully
Dan Poltawski Apu: you need the course format plugin
Dan Poltawski ITS NOT in core
Rex Lorenzo Is there a format that supports subsectons on the QA site?
Dan Poltawski Rex: no
Dan Poltawski its not in core.
Rex Lorenzo So there is api support, but nothing in core uses it..okay
Gavin Henrick Sounds great
Gavin Henrick Turn a moodle course into captivate :)
Rex Lorenzo So backup/restore works with format settings?
Dan Poltawski But your course is not tied to the course format
Gavin Henrick sounds great being able tos wap between them.
Gavin Henrick now that would be sexy
Petr Škoda you mean capabilities, not roles, right?
Dan Marsden is there a way to revert to old - like vista users wanting XP layout? :-)
Dan Poltawski get out!
Dan Marsden  :-p
Gavin Henrick a retro look ;-)
Dan Poltawski
Tim Hunt Audio gone for me
Dan Poltawski can still hear here
Justin Filip So, for doing things like TreeView, we would still want to create a YUI module?
Dan Poltawski and jquery lovers :P
Martin Dougiamas We really should get some maths tools in core
Aparup Banerjee tinymce real plugins are reflected in plugins DB under
Dan Poltawski we have dragmath, no?
Damyon Wiese vim plugin for tinymce !
Gavin Henrick cool
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) you exlained it soooo well
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) *explained
Dan Poltawski yep
Gavin Henrick Can the spellchecker be off by default so browser is used unless chosen ?
Martin Dougiamas great, go on
Dan Poltawski
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) are all those "concepts" clear enough? I mean suspended... what they mean and their implicatons?
Tim Hunt It is bloody confusing!
Helen Foster I don't understand it
Dan Poltawski Gavin: I don't think so, but please file a feature request :P
Gavin Henrick It is getting complex
Gavin Henrick Is there any way to differentiate between 2 peoples text on the online text submission ?
Gavin Henrick Is there a "group view" rather than the individuals ?
Aparup Banerjee maybe with a tinymce plugin?
Dan Poltawski I use markdown for my asignment submissions!
Gavin Henrick Also - have you decided on that "dropdown" position ?
Gavin Henrick as it does seem confusing in the "file" block
Gavin Henrick Can you show it now ?
Tim Hunt I'm sure flash audio normally works better than this.
Tim Hunt Grrr!
Dan Poltawski whats it doing tim, breaking up?
Gavin Henrick could it be under the grade ?
Gavin Henrick so people dont miss it
Dan Poltawski we might be talking too quietly
Paul Nicholls It might be clearer if it was outside the "Feedback Comments" group
Tim Hunt No, it jsut goes away completely
Tim Hunt I ahve to reastart my browser.
Gavin Henrick audio has been solid for me here
Gavin Henrick no issues
Paul Nicholls i.e. group it directly with the save buttons, rather than with the feedback
Gavin Henrick Have you applied the fix for the log issue on blind marking ? so the teacher cannot see logs or activity action until after the names are reveal ?
Aparup Banerjee blind marking also means they're hidden in gradebook and elsewheres iirc
Gavin Henrick so right now its not blind :) teacher can see exactly who it is
Gavin Henrick teacher grading MUST be blind, it is very much a requirement in most europe where blind is done
Tim Hunt if you care about anonymity that much, make a special marker role, with access to grade, but not to logs.
Tim Hunt It is alos important to log what really happeend.
Tim Hunt In case you need to investigate what happened
Anne Krijger I just finished a hack where students nickname and avatar are shown instead of actual name and picture
Dan Poltawski spec thats been as a spec for years:
Anne Krijger No ! :)
Anne Krijger It's a HACK
Anne Krijger Just wantedf to say that there are situations where anonimity is needed
Gavin Henrick yes, there is (like anon questionnaires - for course feedback)
Justin Filip Anonymous forums with teachers or admins able to see who the users are if needed...
Paul Nicholls Is it worth adding the JS performance improvements to the release notes?
Dan Poltawski
Dan Poltawski Paul: i'd say no until we have definitive confirmation its fixed the major problems
Dan Poltawski Adam seemed to be suggesting it wasn't
Tim Hunt like mod/xxx:addinstance in 2.3
Tim Hunt There is now block/xxx:addinstnace in 2.4
Tim Hunt And another one for hte my moodle page, if applicalble
Mark Nelson and a myaddinstance capability
Gavin Henrick Possible to ask a question about Moodle Mobile?
Tim Hunt
Tim Hunt
Dan Poltawski hurruy up and do it so we have time to fix the bugs!
Dan Poltawski  :-P
Paul Nicholls The pie chart in the top right corner of the dashboard shows failures in green, which seems a little backwards ;-)
Tim Hunt Humans have common sense. Automated tests don't
Gavin Henrick would be great to have the lot automated!
Tim Hunt Yay!
Tim Hunt It was great
Justin Filip It was a fantastic and productive week.
Gavin Henrick That loggin spec....
Gavin Henrick got a query on it
Tim Hunt Part of that should be coverting more of the code to use renderers
Gavin Henrick For mobile app (taking iOS at the moment) as it uses the web services - is there a plan to add normal mdl logging to the webservices - what i mean is: instead of a mdl_log record showing "Mary Lynch webservice moodle_zend_xmlrpc_server" to show "Mary Lynch page view The_name_of_the_page" ?
Gavin Henrick as it does not show in teacher reports
Gavin Henrick or completion tracking
Justin Filip Well, if you have a logging plugin that is crazy fast, it can opt in to logging everything.
Gavin Henrick good,
Gavin Henrick just now if a student looks a file on the mobile app , teacher never knows (and cant track it)
Justin Filip The default plugin (mdl_log) would still log roughly the same amount of data as it currently does because the DB table is slow and bloated.
Gavin Henrick cool :)
Tim Hunt I think tha the syncing it back bit is where it will all go horribly wrong.
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) y
Tim Hunt Bloddy audio gone again. :-( Back soon.
Gavin Henrick why the change?
Gavin Henrick good point.
Dan Poltawski I've seen some horror stories about the GPL in the app store too
Dan Poltawski
Petr Škoda why am I always excluded from these?
Tim Hunt If hyou want to encorage developers, deal with the peer review backlog!
Martin Dougiamas every day is a hackathon for you Petr
Petr Škoda grrrr
Dan Poltawski a christmas with relatives
Rex Lorenzo How long does this last?
Gavin Henrick a "group badge" in for 6 months...
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) Can boys under 5y participate?
Gavin Henrick free entry to a moot ? :)
Helen Foster t-shirts
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) yes, new t-shits, plz!
Tim Hunt
Gavin Henrick (from past experience tshirts are tough, managing multiple sizes, styles etc)
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) XXXXXL, plz
Rex Lorenzo Will there be a dashboard to track progress of competitors? lol
Sam Hemelryk Raspberry PI's !!!!!!
Gavin Henrick iphone 5? :)
Aparup Banerjee prize = moodle feature consideration?
Tim Hunt A unique t-shirt is more special than loot
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) Renew with something prettier.
Rex Lorenzo oh.. levels
Helen Foster not many people were involved in the last bugathon suggesting prizes were not that much of an incentive
Anne Krijger Tshirts for all, bronze silver and gold for contributers
Anne Krijger But start with making sure peeople know there is a Hackathon
Gavin Henrick when gamifying a process, prizes do tend to undermine intrinsic motivation
Tim Hunt Yes.
Paul Vaughan Well it'll be winter here so not much else to do in the evenings except hack out code. :)
Tim Hunt Good point Gavin
Gavin Henrick so it is better to look at reinforcing the rewards they currently get
Justin Filip There was some discussion in Perth about getting partners involed in Peer Reviews... any thoughts on that front?
Dan Poltawski do it!
Tim Hunt Prizes are valuable in that they show you are seirous when you say "that was a vaulable contribution"
Gavin Henrick ie, things like group badges in forums, and so forth(just one example)
Rex Lorenzo Peer review dashboard:
Dan Marsden just point them at the peer review dashboard?
Tim Hunt Anyone can do the peer review, and add a comment
Tim Hunt That ist he key bit of the rpocess
Dan Marsden the dev can do that though?
Dan Marsden (assignee I mean)
Tim Hunt As for how to do it: "We learn a lot by just observing the activity of our peers"
Tim Hunt Follow what is going on in the tracker.
Dan Marsden I'
Dan Marsden just heard my name
Dan Marsden yeah
Dan Marsden there's a plugin that Matt is looking at for next version of Kira
Dan Marsden Jira
Dan Poltawski is there a bug?
Aparup Banerjee usually if there's an MDL where you should be an assignee and the person isn't in the jira-developers goup then (during integration) i ask MdR. Perhaps if yo've left a peer-reviewing comment, you can request in the commentt be a peer-reviewer
Dan Poltawski someone should create it :P
Tim Hunt So, can we change the policy on times
Helen Foster +1
Tim Hunt so it varies more overtime.
Gavin Henrick looking forward to 2.4, lots of people excited by it.
Simon Coggins quickly, on open badges, spec is finalised:
Simon Coggins
Simon Coggins and dev has started here:
Tim Hunt Sure. That woudl have been nice.
Simon Coggins
Anne Krijger I'll create a post in the dev forum later on hte HACK I made with nickname and avatars for those interested
Paul Vaughan +1 (Gavin)
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) (comming with some interesting checks, ideas, extras soon)
Aparup Banerjee i guess what MdR is getting at is why there aren't more from asia
Anne Krijger You never know how many more people would be there if held at a different time, untill you try
Tim Hunt I think formt is fine. The best chance of a quick win is markieting it better.
Anne Krijger BTW; connection got dropped about 15 times last 10 minutes. Not really stable. Maybe use Google Hangout next time?
Tim Hunt I think.
Gavin Henrick my connection/audio was great..
Rex Lorenzo Google hangout is limited to 10 people, right?
Gavin Henrick no issues at all
Anne Krijger Not sound; whole connection
Tim Hunt Audio quiality is great, except the few times it cu off.
Dan Marsden audio quality from HQ isn't great - but consistant for me
Helen Foster cool re. open badges
Paul Vaughan Audio dropped out once for me.
Anne Krijger Google Hangout; You can do a youtube stream for those who only want to listned
Justin Filip Robo Simon
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) (we need better email content to filter it out, right now it's unusable, at least for me, I get everything mixed)
Mark Nelson Skynet lives.
Justin Filip You're using Chrome... there's a Flash bug w/ Chrome and audio
Justin Filip =/
Simon Coggins I'll type instead
Simon Coggins  :-)
Rex Lorenzo Oh.. yeah, I am on Chrome and also got robo voice
Justin Filip It would work fine via Firefox
Simon Coggins Just wanted to let people know that we've started development
Simon Coggins
Simon Coggins ^ code so far (still work in progress)
Simon Coggins we are developing it as core (rather than a local plugin)
Simon Coggins hope that's okay!
Tim Hunt Ther is a forum thread about that.
Simon Coggins cool!
Tim Hunt Whetehr it should be plugins or not
Simon Coggins and spec is here:
Simon Coggins
Tim Hunt Good night/morning
Matt Oquist ciao all
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) niao
Helen Foster goodnight everyone!
Anne Krijger Gday
Paul Vaughan Nite all. 3am - yawn!
Dan Poltawski seey
Sam Hemelryk Seeya all
Rossiani Wijaya byeee
Justin Filip Thanks!
Gavin Henrick night all.
Justin Filip 2.4 looks great so far