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Time 13:00 UTC on Tuesday, 21 October 2014
Meeting room Live stream at YouTube
Chat Regular dev chat
Twitter #moodledev
Event page Google+

This meeting will focus on the impending release.

The meeting will be streamed live on YouTube with chat through the regular Dev chat room and comments on Twitter.


Moodle 2.8 overview
by Martin Dougiamas, see Moodle 2.8 release notes
Inbound Message API
by Andrew Nicols, MDL-46282
String deprecation process
by Marina Glancy and David Mudrák, MDL-46585, see String deprecation
Assignment table restructure
by Damyon Wiese, MDL-46171, see mod/assign/upgrade.txt
Mobile App development news and roadmap
by Juan Leyva
Plugins directory news and roadmap
by David Mudrák (plugins traffic blog, featured plugins)
The future of MNet
see MNet Roadmap
Proposal for making the quiz continue to work when the internet connection drops
by Tim Hunt, MDL-47688.
Date/Time/Timezone cleanup
proposed by Petr Skoda

Slides presented during the meeting

If you have something you'd like to add to this page, please edit this page or contact David Mudrák.

Meeting video


Meeting chat log

Andrew Davis can someone post a link to the youtube channel? 13:00:02 UTC
Tim Hunt Andrew, you and everyone else. 13:00:04 UTC
danbennett Andrew: 13:00:13 UTC
Tim Hunt That was aimed at Andrew N 13:00:15 UTC
Andrew Nicols 13:00:15 UTC
Andrew Nicols timhunt: I guessed, but several of those are Must fixes 13:00:29 UTC
Andrew Davis thanks :) 13:00:31 UTC
danbennett *waves* it's live 13:02:22 UTC
Sam Hemelryk Hello! 13:02:23 UTC
Tim Hunt I hope david is not between HQ and developers 13:02:56 UTC
Dan Poltawski hello 13:03:05 UTC
Tim Hunt But instead is a facilitator encoraging more communication betwene all developers 13:03:20 UTC
*David Mudrák hopes so 13:05:06 UTC
Tim Hunt We don't yet know how painful LTS will be. 13:05:09 UTC
Tim Hunt (or not) 13:05:11 UTC
Tony Butler Will this apply to the Assign grading sheet too? 13:08:12 UTC
Dan Poltawski not yet (afaik) 13:08:33 UTC
Damyon Wiese No not yet 13:09:03 UTC
Tony Butler Shame. On the roadmap though? 13:09:21 UTC
Ruslan Kabalin Heh, I can see Andrew N with his $CFG->beard=true 13:09:43 UTC
Dan Poltawski Tony/Ruslan, next developer meeting we should have a group watching session :P 13:10:23 UTC
Tony Butler Ruslan also has $CFG->beard = true 13:10:23 UTC
Mary Cooch so the "Hacky admin setting "(quote) will be integrated into 2.8 imminently? 13:10:30 UTC
Ruslan Kabalin No in my case $CFG->beard = $CFG->wifelikesbeard :) 13:11:32 UTC
Dan Poltawski ha 13:11:44 UTC
Ruslan Kabalin Dan P +1 to watching session ) 13:12:21 UTC
*Dan Poltawski will gets the beers :D 13:12:35 UTC
Tim Hunt Wanting to do analytics does not requre a hard-to-use logging API. 13:12:50 UTC
Tim Hunt IN fact, it woudl be promosted by an easy-to-use API. 13:13:00 UTC
Andrew Nicols Ruslan has a beard!? 13:13:16 UTC
Helen Foster please can the hangout camera be set to the person presenting at the time 13:13:55 UTC
Andrew Nicols It is... 13:14:11 UTC
Andrew Nicols I'm watching it now on my iPad 13:14:22 UTC
Helen Foster currently it just detects who is making a noise 13:14:27 UTC
Ruslan Kabalin Andrew Nicols yep )) 13:14:38 UTC
Rex Lorenzo Who is taking over Michael's position? 13:14:50 UTC
Andrew Nicols Everyone except for HQ is muted 13:14:51 UTC
Helen Foster also the pictures of participants are obscuring the presentation 13:14:52 UTC
Andrew Nicols tsala: we can't control that 13:15:04 UTC
Andrew Nicols Make your window taller though 13:15:07 UTC
Helen Foster yes you can 13:15:09 UTC
Michael de Raadt Multiple people will be taking parts of my current role. 13:15:18 UTC
Anthony Borrow $newbeard->init() 13:15:18 UTC
Andrew Nicols Ah okay - speak to david then ;) 13:15:22 UTC
Helen Foster you can make the pictures go away by setting the camera focus 13:15:30 UTC
Tim Hunt Some of us developer do not miss a conneciton with users. RRead the forums!] 13:15:38 UTC
Helen Foster David, in the hangout please could you set the focus of the camera to the person presenting 13:18:21 UTC
meetingroom should be now, we'll set them manually 13:18:49 UTC
Helen Foster ? 13:19:04 UTC
Helen Foster it just flicked to David 13:19:16 UTC
Dan Poltawski its not doing that here 13:19:27 UTC
Rex Lorenzo Can this be used to handle email bounceback? 13:19:34 UTC
meetingroom Might have been a misclick 13:19:35 UTC
Sam Hemelryk Rex I believe so 13:19:59 UTC
Helen Foster presentation slides are still being obscured by pictures 13:20:25 UTC
meetingroom Absolutely, but there's not a handler for it yet 13:20:34 UTC
Eric Merrill I'm sorry if I missed it, but does the inbound handler screen out 'on vacation' type auto-replies? 13:23:14 UTC
Dan Poltawski great question 13:23:47 UTC
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) (77 watching the meeting) 13:25:12 UTC
Ankit Agarwal Hope it doesn't get into an infinite loop because of auto-reply type responses 13:25:56 UTC
Tim Hunt How many MTAs are well-behaving ;-) 13:27:10 UTC
Bas Brands David just held up a sign saying “Notebook Broken” :) 13:27:28 UTC
Damyon Wiese Another use for this api could be email assign submissions (direct instead of through private files) 13:27:42 UTC
Michael de Raadt Hopefully he'll be back soon. 13:27:45 UTC
danbennett I really want a smoothie now. 13:28:01 UTC
Eric Merrill I know that gmail sometimes give auto-replies 13:28:02 UTC
Eric Merrill from moodle forum emails - cause I get them 13:28:14 UTC
Dan Poltawski we'll find this out quickly when we enable it on :o 13:28:24 UTC
Eric Merrill :) 13:28:34 UTC
Rex Lorenzo What's the expiration date? 13:29:48 UTC
Rex Lorenzo Oh, attachments work as well? 13:30:18 UTC
Damyon Wiese Its configurable for each handler 13:30:23 UTC
Bas Brands Pretty cool stuff. So this could turn Moodle into an email based student support ticket system I guess 13:31:04 UTC
Martin Dougiamas Mm, mail in your assignment 13:31:26 UTC
Michael de Raadt "Are you still alive? Reply to this email if you are." 13:31:59 UTC
Damyon Wiese Yes or yes 13:32:12 UTC
danbennett Cake or Death 13:32:16 UTC
Ankit Agarwal moodlebot: Did you see that? Someone said cake ! 13:32:41 UTC
Ankit Agarwal :| 13:32:52 UTC
Moodle Bot ankit: No, I missed it. Cake is a lie! 13:32:52 UTC
Ankit Agarwal :) 13:33:01 UTC
danbennett lol 13:33:13 UTC
Bas Brands Cool! Moodle MUD :) 13:34:40 UTC
Martin Dougiamas I used to MOO a *lot* back in 1980's 13:34:48 UTC
Anthony Borrow so Moodle,org can now email mojitos to everyone? 13:34:57 UTC
Martin Dougiamas One thing about all this is that it actually can improve accessibility a lot 13:35:11 UTC
Dan Poltawski (that sounds like an admission of failure?!) 13:35:24 UTC
Rex Lorenzo Which library? 13:35:37 UTC
Marina Glancy mute David please 13:35:54 UTC
Damyon Wiese Horde I think 13:35:55 UTC
David Mudrák Horde I guess 13:35:56 UTC
Martin Dougiamas eh? not at all, Dan. options are always good. 13:35:58 UTC
Martin Dougiamas No web interface will let you reply to a forum post notification faster than "reply" 13:36:21 UTC
Rex Lorenzo The email address is a one-time use, right? 13:37:51 UTC
Marina Glancy not necessary Rex 13:38:05 UTC
Sam Hemelryk Horde 13:38:31 UTC
Martin Dougiamas eg the one to send files to Private FIles is one you would add to your contacts and use it anytime 13:38:33 UTC
Andrew Nicols Rex: Nope - you can use them multiple times 13:38:52 UTC
Andrew Nicols But a handler could disable it if you wanted 13:39:02 UTC
Marina Glancy 13:39:13 UTC
Rex Lorenzo So verp will be transitioned to this? 13:39:26 UTC
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) (clap) (clap) (clap) 13:39:32 UTC
Andrew Nicols Verp doesn't work any more 13:39:45 UTC
Andrew Nicols So that will need fixing too 13:39:50 UTC
Dan Poltawski someobody switch the camera 13:40:03 UTC
Dan Poltawski thanks 13:40:10 UTC
Dan Poltawski (I guess you did it before I asked :)) 13:40:16 UTC
Andrew Nicols I'm watching on my iPad and it's still showing me lol 13:40:42 UTC
Tim Hunt Anyone know why hangouts would lose audio? 13:41:02 UTC
Tim Hunt It suddenly died for me. 13:41:07 UTC
Michael de Raadt Hangouts are fickle. 13:42:08 UTC
Michael de Raadt You can try reinstalling the Google plugin. 13:42:19 UTC
Rex Lorenzo In our meetings sometimes around 45 mins Google Chrome craps out and needs to restart 13:42:34 UTC
Ankit Agarwal Well I found hangouts doesn't work very well with chrome :D 13:42:42 UTC
Dan Poltawski i'd just leave and come back 13:42:43 UTC
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) 13:42:48 UTC
Tim Hunt Dan, tried that. 13:42:57 UTC
Dan Poltawski you can catch up by watchng the 'live stream' :P 13:43:04 UTC
Tim Hunt Also just tried switching to Chrome. 13:43:08 UTC
danbennett Eloy: hangut? sounds painfulk 13:43:36 UTC
Ankit Agarwal Then Eloy's link seems the only solution :P 13:43:37 UTC
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) (heh) 13:43:45 UTC
Dan Poltawski pretty sure I can hear tims office now 13:43:55 UTC
Andrew Nicols Yup - I just muted you Tim ; 13:44:04 UTC
Andrew Nicols ;) 13:44:05 UTC
Tim Hunt Ok, so mic is workng, but not headphones. 13:44:11 UTC
Tim Hunt :-( 13:44:13 UTC
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) say something, tim 13:44:24 UTC
Tim Hunt Dodgy headphone socket. 13:44:34 UTC
jennymgray I've asked them to be a bit quieter and explained why! 13:44:43 UTC
Tim Hunt Ooh! it owrks if I have the plug only half plugged in. 13:45:00 UTC
Tim Hunt No, that is a simple common idiom! 13:45:34 UTC
Michael de Raadt That's what she said. 13:46:01 UTC
Tim Hunt Acutally, not with the group by 13:46:02 UTC
*Andrew Nicols is disturbed by michael's she! 13:46:40 UTC
Michael de Raadt Sorry. I'd usually rely on Mark for such. 13:47:42 UTC
Ankit Agarwal There is echo 13:48:31 UTC
Andrew Nicols I can hear him without issue 13:48:54 UTC
Ankit Agarwal It was there for a min or so 13:49:05 UTC
Rex Lorenzo Are these presentations going to be linked to on the notes/agenda? 13:49:05 UTC
Andrew Nicols no echo here 13:49:07 UTC
Ankit Agarwal it is fine now 13:49:08 UTC
David Mudrák Rex: I'll ask people to send me them and will put them there 13:50:06 UTC
Dan Poltawski this is the part of the presentation where Eloy can here exactly whats going on :P 13:51:24 UTC
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) indeed 13:51:33 UTC
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) only part of 13:51:42 UTC
Rex Lorenzo What's not going to work in 2.7? (in terms of missing web services) 13:52:19 UTC
Andrew Nicols 2.8 Rex? 13:53:23 UTC
Andrew Nicols or 2.7? 13:53:25 UTC
Dan Poltawski they've just increased that limit, Juan (I think for all versions) 13:53:41 UTC
Rex Lorenzo Juan said that all required web services for the mobile app is in 2.8. But we are running 2.7, so I just wanted to know what's not going to work for us. 13:54:05 UTC
Martin Dougiamas 2.7 … because some features of the mobile app won't work without correposndent Moodle improvements in 2.8 13:54:06 UTC
Martin Dougiamas Rex, install local_mobile, it's really safe 13:54:20 UTC
Dan Poltawski no, i'm wrong - iOS8 13:54:46 UTC
Damyon Wiese That will add the needed web services in 2.7 13:54:51 UTC
danbennett Is there a hawk? 13:54:52 UTC
Martin Dougiamas 13:54:54 UTC
Andrew Nicols Dan Bennett: Juan is using Adium and the default soundset is to quack 13:55:14 UTC
David Mudrák Dan B: sounds like that :-) 13:55:16 UTC
danbennett Ah! Scared the life out of me with headphones on full! 13:55:27 UTC
Rex Lorenzo So that adds the missing stuff? Yeah, I thought that we needed to install local_mobile plugin regardless if we are running the latest version or not 13:55:28 UTC
Martin Dougiamas no it's just a filler plugin 13:55:48 UTC
Martin Dougiamas all the Moodle mobile features are migrated into core over time. But obviously apps get updated instantly, so this fills the gap 13:56:38 UTC
Martin Dougiamas If any of you know anyone using our app as a basis for development and not sharing back, please guilt them 13:58:39 UTC
Dan Poltawski (same for webservices, Juan is practically the only person adding new webservices) 13:59:46 UTC
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) applauses 14:02:13 UTC
Martin Dougiamas (y) (cool) (y) 14:02:41 UTC
Martin Dougiamas Personally I am really enjoying those interviews! 14:05:03 UTC
Tim Hunt (y) 14:05:14 UTC
Tim Hunt 14:05:31 UTC
Sam Hemelryk Yay for automated releasing via github 14:07:54 UTC
dave \o/ 14:08:05 UTC
Rex Lorenzo But the same tools for automated checks for plugins will be used for core code as well, right? 14:09:35 UTC
Michael de Raadt What's the best way to keep up with Plugin awards, interviews, etc.? 14:09:37 UTC
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) ambitious roadmap, yuppi. 14:09:46 UTC
Martin Dougiamas 1024 is more than users can even parse, we need those ratings and other things to surface the most useful stuff 14:09:58 UTC
Rex Lorenzo I see an rss feed for featured plugins: 14:10:05 UTC
Dan Poltawski subscribe to the plugins traffic forum 14:10:25 UTC
Martin Dougiamas I read it via Flipboard 14:10:29 UTC
Damyon Wiese I see it on twitter 14:10:49 UTC
Anthony Borrow it would be good if when a site registers we could see what plugins are actually installed in the wild 14:10:52 UTC
Michael de Raadt ^ 14:11:28 UTC
Tim Hunt If you want people from Catalyst, pick a better time for them. 14:11:55 UTC
Tim Hunt At least once in a while. 14:12:04 UTC
Dan Poltawski (y), stop treating us europeans so well 14:12:27 UTC
Tim Hunt LOL 14:12:35 UTC
Andrew Nicols Kristina Hoeppner, Aaron, Son,... 14:12:48 UTC
Andrew Nicols +1... 14:13:03 UTC
Tim Hunt Can we get a whole feature developed during this meeting? Can anyone peer review MDL-47791? 14:14:02 UTC
Moodle Bot - Remove information about permissions from the top of the question editing form, V: 0, W: 0, Type: Improvement, Assignee: Tim Hunt, Priority: Minor, Status: Waiting for peer review 14:14:02 UTC
Dan Poltawski ==> ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/Cellar/php55/5.5.18 --localstatedir=/usr/local/var --sysconfdir=/usr/local/etc/

checking Oracle OCI support for PDO... yes checking Oracle Install-Dir... instantclient,/usr/local/lib checking if that is sane... yes checking size of long int... 8 checking for oci.h... configure: error: I'm too dumb to figure out where the include dir is in your Instant Client install

14:16:12 UTC
Andrew Nicols lol 14:16:29 UTC
Andrew Nicols Client storage varies so much between browsers 14:17:16 UTC
Andrew Nicols Some browsers crash if you put too much in them 14:17:23 UTC
Andrew Nicols Where too much = 1MB 14:17:28 UTC
Andrew Nicols Safari IIRC 14:17:32 UTC
Andrew Nicols And the other resources (js, and images) 14:18:05 UTC
Martin Dougiamas Not hard to require one browser 14:18:16 UTC
Andrew Nicols Shiny 14:18:35 UTC
Dan Poltawski 'this is impossible' :D 14:18:38 UTC
Andrew Nicols True, but just wone to be arare of 14:18:42 UTC
Damyon Wiese Would you have to store the correct answers? 14:18:49 UTC
Damyon Wiese In the browser? 14:19:07 UTC
Andrew Nicols How does that fit in with timed quiz sessions? 14:19:41 UTC
Damyon Wiese Ah, good 14:19:45 UTC
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) crazily possible, indeed. 14:19:46 UTC
Andrew Nicols Sounds awesome! :) 14:19:51 UTC
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) or possibly crazy, lol. 14:19:59 UTC
Andrew Nicols ;) 14:19:59 UTC
Dan Poltawski 14:20:01 UTC
Moodle Bot - Use ajax + client storage so that users can continue to work on their quiz even if they lose network connection, V: 2, W: 2, Type: Bug, Assignee: Tim Hunt, Priority: Critical, Status: Open 14:20:01 UTC
Andrew Nicols Yup! 14:20:30 UTC
Martin Dougiamas At least for this use case even a subset of tools and functionality can be useful enough. 14:20:34 UTC
Andrew Nicols We tried it for Atto's draft storage 14:20:36 UTC
Andrew Nicols But it had security issues for that purpose 14:20:45 UTC
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) you need to off-store the whole attempt + some auth... 14:20:58 UTC
Dan Poltawski I'm just glad the OU are once again attempting offline Moodle :P 14:21:25 UTC
Tim Hunt LOL 14:21:32 UTC
Tim Hunt Thanks Dan. 14:21:36 UTC
danbennett Good luck, Tim! 14:21:46 UTC
Tim Hunt Probalby no crazier than reply-by-email :-) 14:22:01 UTC
Damyon Wiese With atto we had concerns about students getting other students text from browsers on shared computers 14:22:06 UTC
Marina Glancy quiz by email! 14:22:14 UTC
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) if i can help... don't ask me (punch). 14:22:18 UTC
Tim Hunt Damyon, yes. Will need a suitable unqieu key in client storage. 14:22:28 UTC
Tim Hunt For quiz, it will probably be quiz attemptid. 14:22:37 UTC
danbennett Yes marina! Quiz by email. Get on that tim! :P 14:22:40 UTC
Damyon Wiese Mod choice by email sound doable 14:23:09 UTC
Tim Hunt Also, I may use some basic encryption, but there is not much point if you need to be able to decrypt it on the client. 14:23:20 UTC
Tim Hunt I do! 14:23:58 UTC
Michael de Raadt Once we have more implementations using logs, it will be clearer for people. 14:24:13 UTC
Michael de Raadt More to copy. 14:24:15 UTC
Rex Lorenzo But any attempt to make the system simpler to use? 14:24:46 UTC
Andrew Nicols timhunt: Encryption in JS is hard to get right 14:25:05 UTC
Tim Hunt (y) 14:25:20 UTC
Rex Lorenzo Maybe some generic events that plugins can call? Like a generic user added this, deleted this, etc and you pass in the plugin name? 14:25:22 UTC
Eric Merrill I will say from a sys-admin point of view - it's worrying how big the new log table gets, but you can't use any of the reports that people care about if you move it to an external DB 14:25:31 UTC
Tim Hunt More to the point, we should try to get the next API we build right. 14:27:39 UTC
Tim Hunt Whatever happened to the element library. 14:27:46 UTC
Tim Hunt ? 14:27:48 UTC
Damyon Wiese The element library wasn't right yet so we held off 14:28:20 UTC
Dan Poltawski is there a case for a simplified api for things that really don't need such rich reporting 14:28:22 UTC
Dan Poltawski recent examples: installing a langpack, deleting a spammer ;-) 14:28:55 UTC
Martin Dougiamas But that's really the point, we don't yet know what needs rich reporting and what doesn't 14:28:59 UTC
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) assuming that rants are mainly about implementing them in mods... I think we could end with some "reduced" versions implementing the mandatory ones (view...) and then some simple "child" wrapper supporting 2nd level information in a generic way. 14:29:05 UTC
Dan Poltawski well, these are really admin logs, not especially about educational data 14:29:16 UTC
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) 2ndl level = forum->posts, assigment->submissions and so on. 14:29:33 UTC
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) all them share a lot in common 14:29:40 UTC
Eric Merrill For reference about tables sizes. Under the new scheme, we are generating about 300GB of log table per year (extrapolated), whereas under the old log system it was about 20GB per year. I would prefer to move that content off of the prime DB, but if I do activity reports don't work. 14:30:41 UTC
Rex Lorenzo I really liked Martin's comment about separating the UI and backend with web services. Maybe that can be discussed in the future Moodle Moot hackfest in Aus? 14:31:16 UTC
Tim Hunt We need to wait and see what ES6 module system will cover 14:31:43 UTC
Ankit Agarwal Eric Merrill: *some of the reports 14:31:47 UTC
Eric Merrill That's why I said 'the reports people care about' :) 14:32:10 UTC
Ankit Agarwal :D 14:32:16 UTC
Martin Dougiamas yes, those reports should be made to work from external logs 14:32:30 UTC
Ankit Agarwal Well those reports needs to join multiple tables 14:32:49 UTC
Martin Dougiamas some of them could listen for events and keep their own tables 14:33:18 UTC
Rex Lorenzo Or some sort of big table structure? 14:33:44 UTC
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) yesterday i had some discussions about that with SamH...

Since the beginning it has been clear that Moodle was not going to be a SIS, so we just should be providing communication paths to/from them. And we never have tried to implement SIS functionalities in Moodle.

Not it's the time of reporting/mining/analytics/monitoring... I still don't get the point about we having to put all those tools/reports in Moodle at all.

I mean, for me are really parallel cases. Far away from the education experience itself. Not 100% the same, but parallel (in my own vision of moodle).

14:33:58 UTC
Ankit Agarwal Yes we did that for some of the features (I think for recent activity or something from memory)

But some reports like stats really needs to join a whole bunch of tables together

14:34:21 UTC
Tim Hunt Thaks David. 14:35:22 UTC
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) that said, my vision does not invalidate the need to generate those rich logs, just not trying to "play" with them too much within moodle. 14:35:23 UTC
Michael de Raadt Thanks. Catch you later. 14:35:23 UTC
Tim Hunt Good meeting,. 14:35:24 UTC
Dan Poltawski thanks everyone 14:35:34 UTC
danbennett Thanks all (Y) 14:35:37 UTC
Marina Glancy Thanks David! 14:35:38 UTC
Ankit Agarwal Thanks! 14:35:46 UTC
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) hugs to all but dan. 14:35:57 UTC
Helen Foster good meeting David, thanks! 14:35:58 UTC
Sam Hemelryk thanks David, good job! 14:36:07 UTC
John Okely Thanks all! 14:36:10 UTC
Tony Butler Cheers 14:36:18 UTC
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) se fini 14:36:34 UTC
Mary Cooch thanks david - excellent 14:36:41 UTC
Dan Poltawski finally, I can escape Eloy's hugs, yay 14:36:49 UTC
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) (rofl) 14:36:58 UTC
Andrew Davis night all :) 14:37:49 UTC
Ruslan Kabalin Thanks David and everyone 14:38:04 UTC
Sam Hemelryk Night! 14:38:09 UTC
David Mudrák Thanks everybody for joining and giving your talks. 14:38:26 UTC
Juan Leyva thanks to you David 14:40:57 UTC

Questions from the audience

  1. How is Moodle HQ reacting to the developer community reaction to the new logging/event system? ( very many related threads)
    • No immediate plans for API changes
    • It is still believed that once there are events triggered at even more useful places and there are actual analysing tools and reports, the API will appear to be not that bad as one might think nowadays.
    • Still, paying more attention to designing good APIs in the future is apparently important. New APIs should be more promoted during the specification phase to get early feedback from the community on eventual prototypes.
  2. Does Moodle HQ have a response to Yahoo's recent announcement that it has removed support for YUI (discussed here)?
    • Again, no particular plan yet. Various ideas and approaches are being discussed.
  3. Are there any goodies for the upcoming version of Moodle 3 that you are targeting in the long-term roadmap?
    • Moodle 3.0 won't be any special in our date driven development model (hey, this is not Linux kernel ;-)). So basically it will be nothing more or less than successor of 2.9 and the standard Roadmap document still applies. However, as both current LTS 2.7 and 3.0 have same date for the end of support, either 3.0 or 3.1 might become new LTS versions.