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Developer meetings > January 2015 meeting notes

Time 13:00 UTC on Tuesday, 20 January 2015
Meeting room Live stream at YouTube
Chat Regular dev chat
Twitter #moodledev
Event page Google+ page

Meeting video



Moodle JS framework prototypes research (Invited speaker) [00:02]

Slides: here


  • Yahoo no longer developing YUI so need for Moodle to find replacement
  • need to implement JS framework as alternative
  • Moodle existing YUI stuff will have long life
  • need to have really good documentation on writing best renderers
  • all must have best accessibility possible; universal access
  • jQuery - very popular with many who are familiar with it - very stable and well backed
  • JS module formats - AMD best for Moodle now, but ES6 likely to be best in future
  • requireJS is the recommended library (popular)
  • jQuery with wrappers is the recommended widgets library (Wrappers for accessibility)
  • Minify on the fly & Use Grunt to minify - undecided yet - opinions welcome
  • Renderer improvements. Need to allow calling renderers from JS
  • Recommended template: Mustache

Prechecking against Moodle coding guidelines from your command line [00:48]

  • by Frédéric Massart
  • The patch precheck job in Moodle continuous integration process - see Automated code review
  • Short demonstration of the possibility to execute the CI precheck job from the command line (without the need to use the 'cime' label in the tracker), especially when using mdk
  • Estimated length: 5-10 minutes


  • (a Moodle HQ personal project)
  • this tool integrates with MDK
  • your branch must be public

Quizventure game development [00:55]

  • by John Okely
  • Short demonstration of the Quizventure game module highlighting interesting things you can do with our existing APIs
  • Estimated length: 5-10 minutes


  • (another HQ personal project)
  • Video (older version)
  • Plugins DB Page
  • Technologies used: Moodle Question API, Javascript, HTML5 Canvas
  • demonstrates what you can do with Question API
  • uses dynamics of game play to reinforce learning concepts

Prototype for a new 'Send a message' feature [01:03]

  • by Frédéric Massart
  • Rather than redirecting you somewhere to send a message inside Moodle, this new feature would open a dialog, etc...
  • Estimated length: 5-10 minutes


  • (another HQ personal project)
  • Confusing navigation when messaging in Moodle - just have a pop up on the page itself - and dialogue box remains if you change pages.
  • More than one dialogue box at the same time
  • Responsive

Development of the quiz fault-tolerant mode [01:12]

  • by Tim Hunt
  • This allows the students to continue working on their quiz attempt, even if the network is unreliable, by storing everything on the client-side, and using Ajax when possible. I will try to show some more of the details.
  • If the network connection never comes back, you can download the responses as an ecrypted file, which can later be uploaded ot the server.
  • Work in progress code is at Tim's github repo
  • Do we want this in standard Moodle? If so, when, and how do we add it? (It was developed as a plugin while it was an experiment. If it went into standard Moodle it would need to be merged into the main quiz code.)
  • Estimated length: 20 minutes


  • OU originated - students taking exams on poor wifi - need to retain their work if wifi is lost. Developed as a plugin
  • Quiz in offline mode - notified when answer changed and saved -summary page status changed immediately with no reloading
  • Saving answers even when the session timed out (a pop-up to log in again appears and the user can continue in the attempt)
  • Teacher can download (encrypted) responses if all else fails - and upload responses (multiple allowed)

Database foreign keys enforcement [01:39]

Developer hackfests at upcoming Moodle moots [01:48]

  • by Michael de Raadt
  • MoodleMoot IE-UK, Dublin, May 11-13, Hackfest May 14 program. First day come together, discuss and then on the hackfest begin to develop the ideas generated. New developers welcome.
  • MoodleMoot Australia, Melbourne, July 6-8, Hackfest July 9 program. With similar organisation.
  • MoodleMoot US, Minneapolis, Aug 4-5, Hackfest August 6 site. Again along similar lines.
  • Plan is to do these annually.

Meeting chat log

David Mudrák General developer meeting in 3 minutes 12:57:10 UTC
Dan Poltawski 12:59:13 UTC
Dan Poltawski 13:01:09 UTC
Davo Smith Hello David 13:01:18 UTC
Rajesh Taneja Hello David 13:01:23 UTC
Dan Poltawski i'm far behind then :) 13:01:56 UTC
Dan Poltawski ah: if you use non-flash browser, use flash browsr 13:02:39 UTC
Mary Cooch will that presentation be available afterwards as well? 13:04:02 UTC
Juan Leyva can you switch to full-screen presentation? 13:05:20 UTC
Gareth J Barnard Bigger on YouTube: 13:05:54 UTC
dave @mary - yep I can link it on the documentation that we've prepared 13:05:55 UTC
Helen Foster F5? 13:06:47 UTC
Juan Leyva I can't read the text 13:07:07 UTC
Juan Leyva even youtube in full screen 13:07:14 UTC
Martin Dougiamas I'm enjoying it on my big TV at home aahhhh 13:07:19 UTC
David Mudrák I forgot to mention, there is a link to the shared google docs where meeting notes are to be composed collaboratively by all participants. You are encouraged to leave notes as you listen to presenters. 13:07:35 UTC
Rajesh Taneja (y) it’s blur for me as well 13:07:46 UTC
Gareth J Barnard F11 for the browser? 13:08:47 UTC
Andrew Nicols It seems that my 4G dongle is struggling with the youtube tonight so, alas, I shall have to catch up another time 13:08:59 UTC
Martin Dougiamas even just widen it to 16:9 … it's too square right now 13:09:14 UTC
Tim Hunt I think that if we are using JavaScript, then we should write JavaScrip - prototype based objects, not class based objects. 13:10:56 UTC
Dan Poltawski (is presentation slides supposed to be moving forward?) 13:11:50 UTC
Dan Poltawski *are 13:12:05 UTC
Gareth J Barnard @Tim: What's the difference between the prototype and class concept in the instantiation of an JS object? 13:12:10 UTC
Tim Hunt Now is not the time for a lecture in the difference between the two. 13:12:47 UTC
Tim Hunt Google it later. 13:12:50 UTC
Tim Hunt 13:13:13 UTC
Dan Poltawski 13:13:16 UTC
Tim Hunt 13:13:17 UTC
Tim Hunt Snap! 13:13:26 UTC
Gareth J Barnard Thanks :) 13:13:26 UTC
Davo Smith Should we still be on slide 3, or is it not moving on properly? 13:13:44 UTC
Helen Foster Ctrl + F5 to present 13:15:28 UTC
Davo Smith Yay! 13:15:42 UTC
Helen Foster yes, thanks 13:16:03 UTC
Martin Dougiamas (y) much better 13:16:03 UTC
David Mudrák I guess a wrong window was shared via the hangout, thanks Damyon - all good now 13:16:18 UTC
Rajesh Taneja (y) 13:16:28 UTC
Tim Hunt Presumably if ES6 becomes really compelling in future, there will be million of other people making the switch, and tools will exist to help move. 13:16:53 UTC
Martin Dougiamas I like the Homer Simpson logic here 13:17:05 UTC
Roberto Pinna  :-) 13:17:18 UTC
Anthony Borrow donuts? 13:18:03 UTC
Tim Hunt Can we package YUI as AMD modules? 13:18:34 UTC
Dan Poltawski Great point: "Presumably if ES6 becomes really compelling in future, there will be million of other people making the switch, and tools will exist to help move." 13:19:16 UTC
Tim Hunt It's like we were on CVS for years, and when we needed to move to git, we could, because everyone else was. 13:19:45 UTC
Martin Dougiamas Sheep principle (works) 13:20:14 UTC
Tim Hunt Baa! 13:20:21 UTC
Andrew Nicols There is an AMD -> ES6 transpiler, but it's not necessarily great from what I hear 13:20:29 UTC
Gareth J Barnard Shaun the sheep. 13:20:31 UTC
Tim Hunt We can alswas steal the good ideas from AccDC, and use the ideas to make other libraries better for our own use. 13:21:17 UTC
Dan Poltawski 13:21:20 UTC
Tim Hunt Does anyone have experience contributing to jqueryUI? 13:22:57 UTC
Tim Hunt Can we fix things ourselves & contribute them back? 13:23:14 UTC
Tim Hunt Also, what is there release schedule? does it fit with our 6-monthly releases. 13:23:49 UTC
Dan Poltawski 13:23:50 UTC
Tim Hunt  ? 13:23:50 UTC
Tim Hunt 29 op-en; 1399 closed 13:24:06 UTC
Tim Hunt Not bad. 13:24:09 UTC
Dan Poltawski 13:24:33 UTC
Tim Hunt If anyone gets bored of this meeting. MDL-48898 needs peer review ;-) 13:24:51 UTC
Moodle Bot - Quiz time period setting should use admin_setting_configduration, V: 0, W: 1, Type: Improvement, Assignee: Tim Hunt, Priority: Minor, Status: Waiting for peer review 13:24:51 UTC
Dan Poltawski definitely seems interest, at least 13:25:00 UTC
Tim Hunt Y. Andrew N managed to infiltrate YUI core dev team. We may want to invest the time towards becoming trusted contributors to jQuery UI 13:25:43 UTC
Tim Hunt Like with CSS 13:27:04 UTC
Dan Poltawski +1 to all of this 13:27:30 UTC
Tim Hunt core + blocks + filters etc. / mod_forum / mod_quiz / etc. would be my intial suggested chunking. 13:27:49 UTC
Andrew Nicols btw, I did the YUI stuff on my own time. 13:28:06 UTC
Tim Hunt Yes, but in future, perhapas HQ sould encorage staff to do things like that on work time? 13:28:30 UTC
Andrew Nicols also btw, I'm not able to watch the meeting so I may be missing half of what you guys are talkin gabout 13:28:30 UTC
Tim Hunt CiBoT can lint for u 13:29:22 UTC
Dan Poltawski I think that browsers will be well suited to this single bundle case - its how many sites work, get well cached 13:29:25 UTC
Martin Dougiamas I do encourage things like that if they're helpful to Moodle in some way 13:29:35 UTC
Andrew Nicols Yes - Damyon and I have discussed the single-bundle thing a fair bit. Gets my +1 13:30:17 UTC
Juan Leyva Mobile team will be using grunt too 13:31:15 UTC
Juan Leyva (linting etc…) 13:31:20 UTC
Dan Poltawski question: does grunt work with distributed 'make files'? i.e. for third party plugins 13:31:32 UTC
Tim Hunt Can we run grunt on the fly? 13:31:54 UTC
Tim Hunt Best of both worlds. 13:32:02 UTC
Dan Poltawski we already have a build process for css 13:32:27 UTC
Gareth J Barnard I use Grunt a lot in themes and like it. 13:32:35 UTC
dave on the fly as in at the time of the request? probably not without a giant hack 13:32:36 UTC
Dan Poltawski its silly to say 'on the fly' when you have other build processes which are necessry anwyay 13:32:49 UTC
Andrew Nicols Dan P: No... and that it something I've been pondering how to solve 13:33:39 UTC
John Okely davidmo: grunt can watch parts of the codebase and execute tasks after saving changes 13:33:39 UTC
dave i've built a prototype of something that moodle could use using grunt which is (i believe) linked in the js spec proposal. it's pretty basic but seems pretty cool (does linting/minification for amd/yui modules depending which directory you run the tool on) 13:33:54 UTC
Tim Hunt Damyon missed a problem. Impossible to send HTML with required JS in response to an ajax request. 13:33:59 UTC
Andrew Nicols timhunt: Not impossible, just challening ;) 13:34:24 UTC
Andrew Nicols Dan P: Yes, we do have build tools for our css, but it would arguably be much better to move them to grunt 13:34:54 UTC
Tim Hunt Yes, one build for everythign is a good win. 13:35:06 UTC
Dan Poltawski Andrew - yes thats my point 13:35:12 UTC
Dan Poltawski i'm just saying that the 'on the fly' option is a false economdy 13:35:24 UTC
Andrew Nicols With grunt we would be able to include all of the dependencies in the node_modules directory. a single npm install . , and a single tool. Also means we can vary required versions between releases 13:35:24 UTC
Juan Leyva is that the turkish president? 13:35:25 UTC
Andrew Nicols Ah okay 13:35:26 UTC
Tim Hunt Does grunt have a --watch option? 13:35:33 UTC
Andrew Nicols yes, but I was answering your previous point 13:35:33 UTC
Tim Hunt (If not, can we add it?) 13:35:45 UTC
Andrew Nicols I believe we can do so timhunt 13:35:49 UTC
jetha (<3 handlebars) 13:35:52 UTC
Gareth J Barnard There is a watch task that works Tim 13:35:59 UTC
Dan Poltawski 13:36:02 UTC
Andrew Nicols <3 13:36:08 UTC
John Okely davidmo: yes tim 13:36:10 UTC
dave tim - yep 13:36:17 UTC
Gareth J Barnard @Tim: E.g. -> 13:36:52 UTC
*Dan Poltawski is impressed with Damyons improved command of Mac OSX :D 13:37:22 UTC
dave he loves it :P 13:37:59 UTC
Martin Dougiamas See, Damyon uses real test data, much more interesting 13:38:11 UTC
*Martin Dougiamas bangs on about it 13:38:16 UTC
dave like the giant ascii horse? :P 13:38:47 UTC
Martin Dougiamas we've lost the window ... 13:38:59 UTC
Martin Dougiamas still seeing the vi templates/horse.mustache command 13:39:29 UTC
Tim Hunt OK here 13:39:55 UTC
dave how about now? 13:39:55 UTC
Rajesh Taneja It’s working for me.... 13:39:57 UTC
Martin Dougiamas video is frozen in general for me … might be my stream 13:40:21 UTC
Dan Poltawski still moving here 13:40:29 UTC
Martin Dougiamas Even Jason Statham isn't moving 13:40:32 UTC
Juan Leyva working here 13:40:32 UTC
Tim Hunt Where do we think that RAM difference comes from? 13:41:17 UTC
Tim Hunt Without understanding it, it means nothing. 13:41:35 UTC
Tim Hunt Right. Meaninless. We don't do that in real pages. 13:41:46 UTC
David Mudrák (Can we go full screen again?) 13:41:53 UTC
Tim Hunt Still a bug, but not relevant to this. 13:41:58 UTC
Tim Hunt How many words are all the specs you want us to read combined? 13:43:25 UTC
dave lots 13:43:42 UTC
Tim Hunt Please give us enough time to read and digest it all. 13:43:47 UTC
Dan Poltawski great work, I like what you've covered and everything i've heard seems sensible :) 13:44:23 UTC
jetha +1 13:44:44 UTC
Martin Dougiamas (y) 13:44:45 UTC
Rajesh Taneja Surely community will be happy with this :) 13:45:19 UTC
Tim Hunt It seems like some of the choices are clear, and sme of the choices are more of a trade-off. I would like you to write a <400 word summary of the key points, and questions, and post that in the forums. 13:45:20 UTC
Tim Hunt  :-) thanks. 13:45:34 UTC
Martin Dougiamas great docs, and yeah an executive summary would be good 13:45:54 UTC
Tim Hunt Lots of good work, but you have chosen to dump it all on us at one tie now, rather than blogging about it over the last few months. 13:45:59 UTC
Tim Hunt Good presentation thought. 13:46:10 UTC
Tim Hunt Thanks. 13:46:13 UTC
Gareth J Barnard Thank you Damyon, very interesting :) 13:46:20 UTC
Martin Dougiamas oh come on Tim. Lots of those bits all hang together. 13:46:33 UTC
Mary Cooch thanks Damyon and reminder/request if the presentation can be linked to Notes doc - 13:46:52 UTC
Tim Hunt Yes. BUt damyon has been llearnign about this for months. He is expecting us to leran it all from him at one time. 13:47:10 UTC
Martin Dougiamas The video is rewindable now too 13:47:22 UTC
Tim Hunt Right, which takes more time. 13:47:36 UTC
Tim Hunt Can we focust the broadcast on david while he is talking. ... OJ forgetit 13:49:30 UTC
Rajesh Taneja (y) Thanks 13:52:10 UTC
Tim Hunt Yay! we can all DDoS the CI sever ;-) 13:53:11 UTC
David Mudrák I checked with Eloy on it and he said it has nothing to do anyway :-p 13:53:34 UTC
Dan Poltawski sure, you really want to upset the integration team 13:53:51 UTC
Tim Hunt LOL 13:53:56 UTC
Martin Dougiamas i say we open it until it's a problem 13:55:15 UTC
Tim Hunt +1 13:55:21 UTC
Martin Dougiamas or give it more resources 13:55:28 UTC
John Okely I have started work on a client side version of this, although it's not as nice 13:55:34 UTC
Martin Dougiamas this is great stuff 13:55:35 UTC
John Okely nice looking* 13:55:41 UTC
Dan Poltawski yes, ideally we'd have a better code review tool that didn't litter thet racker so much :) 13:56:36 UTC
Martin Dougiamas Just write it all perfect first time 13:57:02 UTC
Dan Poltawski btw, a recent feature in those code checker reports is that they link the line of code in question (they didn't used to) 13:57:02 UTC
Tim Hunt Yes. that is really nice. 13:57:16 UTC
David Mudrák We are slowly integrating into the Plugins directory, too. 13:58:01 UTC
David Mudrák (the prechecker) 13:58:11 UTC
Martin Dougiamas (65 watching this live now) 13:58:25 UTC
Tim Hunt NOt the arcade game? :-) 13:58:25 UTC
Dan Poltawski also, all the checks tend to report in 'checkstyle' xml based format and so can potentially be integrated into many other tools 13:58:39 UTC
Dan Poltawski is the code 13:59:15 UTC
Dan Poltawski  :) 14:00:20 UTC
Martin Dougiamas goota be quick! 14:00:29 UTC
Martin Dougiamas 1942 version? 14:01:09 UTC
Mary Cooch did I just see that it now has sound? 14:01:28 UTC
Tim Hunt Most creative use of the questoin bank that I have seen so far. 14:01:38 UTC
Tim Hunt  :-) 14:01:41 UTC
jetha i'd support an ikaruga version \o/ 14:01:50 UTC
Dan Poltawski  :D 14:02:08 UTC
Mary Cooch briliant 14:02:12 UTC
danbennett Well that made me jump 14:02:19 UTC
dave yeah that woke us up 14:02:28 UTC
Mary Cooch I am going to ask my school to install it but they are only on 2.6 at the mo 14:03:34 UTC
Martin Dougiamas I'd like to see some research on that …. usually language learning is better in contexts similar to when you need it … but someone should do some comparisons (—> Michael de Raadt) 14:04:16 UTC
John Okely (sorry about everyone's eardrums :) ) 14:04:43 UTC
Martin Dougiamas Anyway the fun factor is really important for motivation and outweighs other things 14:05:03 UTC
Tim Hunt (y) 14:05:12 UTC
David Mudrák It's definitely innovative - "something the Ring did not intend" 14:05:39 UTC
Mary Cooch are we meant to see somethiing on the screen? 14:05:55 UTC
John Okely Yes 14:06:09 UTC
David Mudrák yes? 14:06:09 UTC
Michael de Raadt Yep. 14:06:11 UTC
Michael de Raadt Coming... 14:06:14 UTC
David Mudrák And I can 14:06:15 UTC
Mary Cooch ah yes lag 14:06:27 UTC
Martin Dougiamas Now we can 14:06:37 UTC
Martin Dougiamas (Please let's lose that 14:07:02 UTC
Martin Dougiamas awful "Send a message" link) 14:07:10 UTC
Martin Dougiamas (Hi, Roberto!) 14:08:08 UTC
Tim Hunt Teachers will love this when they want students to concentrate on work ;-) 14:08:35 UTC
Michael de Raadt Legendary, Fred. 14:08:48 UTC
Ankit Agarwal That is brilliant! 14:08:51 UTC
jetha yeah fred is killing it 14:08:57 UTC
jetha just, dang 14:09:03 UTC
Ruslan Kabalin Is this messaging tool using ajax on the background? How the client knows there is a new message, it is checking if there is a message in some interval? 14:09:04 UTC
Rajesh Taneja (y) cool 14:09:04 UTC
Dan Poltawski I told the same to Fred heh, he ddn't appreciate my first feedback 14:09:07 UTC
Martin Dougiamas the popups look good, but accessibilty? 14:09:18 UTC
Tim Hunt I mean, impressive development and UI, but is it really what you want in a VLE? 14:09:33 UTC
Dan Poltawski we already have it 14:09:42 UTC
Tim Hunt May need a 'Do not disturb' button. 14:09:48 UTC
Tim Hunt Or semthnig. 14:09:52 UTC
Juan Leyva is similar to the mobile app messaging 14:10:01 UTC
Martin Dougiamas Yes it should be 14:10:11 UTC
Dan Poltawski At high schools I used to look after they used to enable messaging at lunchtimes only sa a 'treat' 14:10:12 UTC
Martin Dougiamas those schools used to use instead 14:10:37 UTC
Tim Hunt True. 14:10:42 UTC
Tim Hunt And, there are logs. And students need to learn when and how to have fun, and when to concentrate. Study/life skills. 14:11:08 UTC
John Okely Would be interesting to see the effect of increased social interaction on learning. The web's getting more social now, we need to make sure Moodle is on top of what that means for LMSs 14:11:38 UTC
Martin Dougiamas yeah but devices have 200 windows … 14:11:39 UTC
Ruslan Kabalin That Fred's messaging prototype resembles me, but that one is using websockets (standard html5 feature) on the background, so no web frontend load at all. 14:11:49 UTC
Tim Hunt Yes. Good potenitally uses for social learning. 14:11:52 UTC
Dan Poltawski Ruslan Kabalin: how is it listening for those websockets? 14:12:18 UTC
Mary Cooch easier control over messaging on and off and restricting I suppose 14:12:20 UTC
Martin Dougiamas if we have messaging it should be slick. Policy is up to end users to decide. 14:12:29 UTC
Dan Poltawski its not so easy to have to have long lived websocket type solution in php.. 14:12:53 UTC
Martin Dougiamas Note messaging is one of the #1 requests in Moodle mobile too 14:12:58 UTC
Martin Dougiamas good initiative Fred 14:13:10 UTC
Ruslan Kabalin @Danp using separate TCP connection 14:13:14 UTC
Dan Poltawski yeah but running a php daemon? 14:13:39 UTC
jetha js i'd assume 14:13:51 UTC
Ruslan Kabalin Danp: yep, on the server 14:14:00 UTC
Tim Hunt To links:

14:14:06 UTC
Martin Dougiamas we had a daemon … is it still working? 14:14:16 UTC
Dan Poltawski yeah, Matteo fixed some things in it recently 14:14:27 UTC
Dan Poltawski this is scary 14:17:12 UTC
Eric Merrill I love that log back in iframe. Heck, that would be cool almost anywhere in Moodle :) 14:17:12 UTC
Eric Merrill We run into these quiz problems all the time (too many students crush the wifi access point they are on or whatever). I'm hoping this eventually makes it into core, but we may deploy at some point anyways 14:18:20 UTC
Dan Poltawski seskey 14:19:28 UTC
Eric Merrill Is there any checking to make sure that the upload file is going to the right moodle server (like if we have mutiple moodle installs, if by happenstance there is a quiz id overlap, could i upload to the wrong server)? 14:25:01 UTC
Dan Poltawski so where is the 'secret' for the encryption stored? I take it a malicious student could get it from the js if they were sufficiently motivated? 14:25:06 UTC
Mary Cooch (Dan knows about students in the real world obviously) 14:25:28 UTC
Eric Merrill Well, part of the question becomes effort required vs what do they get out of it. How much effort is it wroth to get their own answers back? 14:26:14 UTC
David Mudrák Dan: I understand the public key goes to the browser, private stored on the server 14:26:27 UTC
Dan Poltawski ah, of course 14:27:18 UTC
David Mudrák Anybody can encrypt, only server can decrypt 14:27:21 UTC
Damyon Wiese I guess it would be easier to modify the form than muck with the encrypted data 14:28:01 UTC
David Mudrák The actual time of when the file was created might be important, too 14:29:18 UTC
David Mudrák Yes, by here students can claim they were offline while working on searching for answers meanwhile and hacking the file to make it look like it was filled before 14:30:10 UTC
Gareth J Barnard In a classroom situation, could there be an intermediate local process that acts as a 'proxy' to all the browsers such that after server connection loss, you would not have to take a USB stick to 30+ machines? 14:32:37 UTC
David Mudrák like submitting a forum post, indeed 14:32:42 UTC
Dan Poltawski when we were discussing editor autosave, we were thinking clientside localstorage 14:33:42 UTC
Dan Poltawski and public key encryption didn't dawn on me 14:34:11 UTC
Damyon Wiese Which we only didn't do because of privacy. 14:34:22 UTC
Gareth J Barnard In a classroom situation, having time to save 30+ machines on an individual basis is not practical when you have another class banging at the door ;) 14:35:22 UTC
Damyon Wiese Yep we should make that overridable, (concatenating all the JS) 14:35:50 UTC
Damyon Wiese Only 60 hours then 14:37:05 UTC
Damyon Wiese (Note: behat 3 is coming)... 14:38:05 UTC
Tim Hunt 14:39:02 UTC
Rajesh Taneja  :) 14:39:03 UTC
Tim Hunt Yes, feedback most welcome. Probalby in the quiz forum. 14:39:10 UTC
Moodle Bot - Upgrade to behat 3.x, V: 0, W: 3, Type: Bug, Assignee: Rajesh Taneja, Priority: Major, Status: Waiting for peer review 14:39:20 UTC
Damyon Wiese MDL-46891 14:39:20 UTC
Tim Hunt 14:39:22 UTC
Damyon Wiese It looks great Tim thanks 14:39:58 UTC
Tim Hunt Detailed description of the functionality: 14:40:09 UTC
Martin Dougiamas Jason Statham developing for Moodle now. 14:41:06 UTC
Dan Poltawski related: 14:41:25 UTC
Moodle Bot - Summary of Violated Foreign Key Constraints from 700+ Moodles, V: 1, W: 5, Type: Task, Assignee: Unassigned, Priority: Major, Status: Open 14:41:25 UTC
Gareth J Barnard Thanks @Tim PKI can be both challenging and fun :) 14:41:45 UTC
Tim Hunt Runnign all Behat with foreign keys would be interesting. 14:43:18 UTC
Dan Poltawski I think a few people have proposed that a first step is to enable foreign key constraints as a developer-only setting is a first step 14:43:27 UTC
Tim Hunt (y) 14:43:36 UTC
Dan Poltawski its too scary to do it for production sites 14:43:40 UTC
Tim Hunt and, possibly only for specific plugins. 14:43:43 UTC
Tim Hunt When I was developing the question engine, I manually created the foreign key links for the new tables I was creating in my DB, and developed with that. It foudn some bugs. 14:44:13 UTC
Dan Poltawski I don't like the concept of 'safe' foreign keys and unsafe ones 14:44:20 UTC
Mary Cooch anyone welcome to help adding couple of sentences to the meeting notes on this last section 14:44:20 UTC
Martin Dougiamas MDL-30799 14:44:51 UTC
Moodle Bot - META: Enable foreign keys in the database schema, V: 28, W: 15, Type: Improvement, Assignee: Unassigned, Priority: Major, Status: Open 14:44:51 UTC
Tim Hunt +1 Dan P 14:45:14 UTC
Tim Hunt There is already XMLDB -> Check foreign keys 14:46:19 UTC
Martin Dougiamas Makes sense to make it an option first, for sure 14:46:31 UTC
Damyon Wiese If xmldb is generating the install.xml in the wrong order it would be good to fix it. 14:47:59 UTC
Tim Hunt Yes, a new CiBoT check. 14:48:11 UTC
Tim Hunt (for example) 14:48:18 UTC
Dan Poltawski MDLSITE-2614 14:48:58 UTC
Moodle Bot - Check foreign keys in CI/pre-release checks, V: 0, W: 1, Type: Task, Assignee: Eloy Lafuente (stronk7), Priority: Minor, Status: Open 14:48:58 UTC
Martin Dougiamas thanks Avi for waiting all this time to speak too! 14:49:38 UTC
Tim Hunt Yes. and thanks to him for raising an important topic again. 14:49:57 UTC
David Mudrák Definitely. This needs someone with a passion to finish it. 14:50:20 UTC
John Okely davidmo: and admins checking the integrity of the database before upgrading 14:51:06 UTC
David Mudrák (and after ...) 14:51:28 UTC
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) (main problem is we don't have all FKs defined properly in XMLDB. So surely first step is to define all them (changing indexes by foreign keys where needed). Without the definitions being correct, it's all nuts. 14:53:14 UTC
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) main problem/first problem 14:53:25 UTC
Martin Dougiamas (y) the whole Moot is a development event now (y) 14:54:07 UTC
Tim Hunt Thank you david, and all the other presnters. 14:54:08 UTC
Tim Hunt Thanks in particular to all the attendees who had unpleasant local times. 14:54:25 UTC
Tim Hunt We are very lucky in Europe. 14:54:32 UTC
Dan Poltawski (y) 14:54:34 UTC
Davo Smith Thanks all :-) 14:54:47 UTC
Gareth J Barnard Thank you all :) a x=0; x++; from me :) 14:54:56 UTC
Michael de Raadt Thanks! Bye. 14:55:01 UTC
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) (hi) 14:55:06 UTC
Mary Cooch thanks David 14:55:13 UTC
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) (finger) 14:55:14 UTC
Juan Leyva thanks David 14:55:17 UTC
Ruslan Kabalin Thanks David 14:55:18 UTC
Martin Dougiamas Thanks Eloy 14:55:20 UTC
Dan Poltawski thanks David et al 14:55:20 UTC
Tony Butler Thanks everyone 14:55:25 UTC
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7)  :"> 14:55:26 UTC
Roberto Pinna  :-) 14:55:30 UTC
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) pretty cool stuff 14:55:33 UTC
Martin Dougiamas Ciao all 14:55:34 UTC


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