Developer meeting July 2014

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Developer meetings > July 2014 meeting notes

Time 13:00 UTC on Tuesday, 22 July 2014
Meeting video Youtube stream
Chat Regular Dev chat
Twitter #moodledev

This meeting will focus on development happening outside of Moodle HQ

The meeting will be streamed live on YouTube with chat through the regular Dev chat room and comments on Twitter.

Meeting Video

<mediaplayer></mediaplayer> Note: For an optimised view change settings to 1024p HD quality.

Key timecodes:

  • Event monitor: 1:02:00
  • Gradebook changes: 1:30:00

Meeting notes

Atto plugin development (Invited speaker: Justin Hunt @poodllguy)

  • Developing plugins for Atto is easier than TinyMCE, it's very Moodle-like.
  • Each button is a plugin.
  • Looking at existing examples in Atto is a good start.
  • Can use Moodle capabilities in plugins.
  • Justin has created an Atto plugin template, which is easy to transform into your own plugin.
  • Discussion: Atto plugin development

Development in progress at HQ

Output plan (Sam Hemelryk, Damyon Wiese)

  • Adding renders for common elements and guidelines for writing renderers.
  • For themers: easier to style the interface by fixing common elements.
  • For devs: a toolkit to help speed up development and remove guesswork.
  • Documentation will be better for everyone.
  • Element library will exemplify elements.
  • Feedback specification up for feedback.
  • Talk notes

User menu (Jetha Chan, Frédéric Massart)

  • Part of a navigation overhaul.
  • Available into a lot of themes.
  • Incorporates the login state and menu.
  • Will be responsive and aligned correctly depending on its position.
  • Uses renderers and allowed review of custom menu and language menu.
  • Will be used in Clean and More and easy to add to any other theme.

Event Monitor (Ankit Agarwal, Simey Lameze)

  • Allows users to monitor events that occur at a certain frequency in a given time window.
  • Rules can be established by the administrator and each user can then subscribe.
  • When the rule is met, a message is sent to subscribed users.
  • Will include a report that shows a history of monitored happenings.
  • What event rules should be provided as defaults? Please contribute.

Report Builder Source API (Adrian Greeve, John Okely)

  • Based on existing report builder from Totara.
  • Can create reports on-the-fly.
  • Based on database tables around Moodle, supplied as "sources".
  • Will allow users to create reports without SQL knowledge.
  • API is ready for feedback.

Gradebook changes (Martin Dougiamas)

  • Work coming from a recent workshop.
  • A lot of user-facing changes.
  • Not more features, some features are being hidden away by admins.
  • New Natural weighting aggregation.
  • Improving the Grader report by:
    • having dynamic scrolling,
    • allowing filtering, and
    • focussing on a single row or column.
  • Some other bugs being tackled.

VERP for email processing (Martin Dougiamas for Andrew Nicols)

  • It's about emailing into Moodle so users can reply to emails from Moodle.
  • Can be used for responding to forum messages, adding private files and potentially other uses.
  • Admins configure Moodle to monitor an IMAP account.

Featured plugins campaign in Moodle plugins directory (David Mudrák)

  • Coming in a few days - top secret for now.
  • New awards for plugins including features plugins.

Meeting chat log

Michael de Raadt Justin's email address is 8:59:16 PM
Sam Hemelryk 8:59:16 PM
Damyon Wiese Pizza is here 9:01:11 PM
meetingroom ok we are off 9:01:55 PM
Dan Poltawski just got david now 9:02:35 PM
Dan Poltawski hello 9:02:50 PM
Mark McKay (UMN) Good Morning from Minnesota 9:03:00 PM
mudrd8mz Hello everybody 9:03:11 PM
danbennett Afternoon! o/ 9:03:12 PM
Justin Filip Good morning from Waterloo, ON Canada 9:03:12 PM
Sam Hemelryk Morning from NZ 9:03:25 PM
Andrew Davis I like how google plus waits for the event to start before telling you that it needs to upgrade flash 9:03:26 PM
Rajesh Taneja smile 9:03:40 PM
Dan Poltawski Hi from Manchester, UK 9:03:41 PM
Frédéric Massart Is the stream on Youtube yet? 9:04:13 PM
Dan Poltawski yep 9:04:17 PM
Rex Lorenzo Yes 9:04:19 PM
Rajesh Taneja yes 9:04:21 PM
Davo Smith I had to refresh the page before it appeared 9:04:33 PM
Frédéric Massart Interesting, not there yet for me 9:05:34 PM
Mark McKay (UMN) Bob Puffer is trying to get on the chat but isn't having success. Could you invite him to the hangout 9:05:46 PM
Dan Poltawski tried dragging the bar and refreshing etc Fred? 9:05:57 PM
Ruslan Kabalin Hello from Lancaster, UK 9:06:31 PM
David Monllaó Fred: I can see it 9:06:34 PM
Frédéric Massart On ? 9:06:45 PM
Rajesh Taneja 9:06:57 PM
Dan Poltawski 9:07:04 PM
Frédéric Massart Maybe it'd be worth updating then 9:07:27 PM
Dan Poltawski thats where I found it 9:07:34 PM
Dan Poltawski I see, at the bottom 9:07:47 PM
Frédéric Massart Oh, I was looking at "Meeting Room' at the top 9:08:36 PM
Dan Poltawski i'vejust made a hasty edit 9:08:53 PM
Rex Lorenzo Just wondering, is there going to be plugin to reimplement "full screen" mode that TinyMCE had in Atto? 9:09:10 PM
Mark McKay (UMN) Good question, Rex 9:10:01 PM
Damyon Wiese No one is working on full screen that I know of. It could be a plugin. 9:10:11 PM
mudrd8mz Justin: at my screen, I can't see the slides but the presentation software instead 9:11:28 PM
Rex Lorenzo Another plugin idea that came up at the Mountain Moodle Moot was to have a color picker. Lots of people didn't like like limited color palette of just 6 colors. 9:11:29 PM
Damyon Wiese Is screen frozen? 9:11:36 PM
danbennett I only see the building atto screen 9:11:48 PM
Rex Lorenzo Yeah, I just see the first slide still 9:11:52 PM
sbourget same here 9:11:58 PM
Davo Smith ditto 9:12:01 PM
Rex Lorenzo We are trying out the Poodll plugins and found that the icons don't match the Atto icons. They are darker and don't have tool tip rollovers 9:13:16 PM
mudrd8mz Yup, it was noted during the acceptance review, too. 9:13:59 PM
Damyon Wiese They could be overridden in a theme (the icons) 9:14:02 PM
Rex Lorenzo But replaced with what? 9:14:25 PM
mudrd8mz IMHO default icons should just fit default Atto icons 9:14:40 PM
Jason Fowler then back rex, is the issue with the poodll icons, or the core icons ... (they aren't just for atto, but all editors now) 9:15:25 PM
Jason Fowler sorry s/then back// 9:15:44 PM
mudrd8mz it's the issue with icon pics shipped with the PoodLL Anywhere plugin, not core 9:16:21 PM
Jason Fowler okay, so then someone needs to complain to that dev ... ;) 9:16:47 PM
danbennett 9:16:50 PM
danbennett That wasx for myself but nevermind 9:16:58 PM
Jason Fowler Barbara and I spent months getting those icons designed and sorted 9:17:09 PM
Jason Fowler (more barbara than me) 9:17:21 PM
Dan Poltawski Dan Poltawski is feeling nostalgic about the putty icon 9:19:37 PM
Justin Filip Haha. =) 9:19:45 PM
Rex Lorenzo Shifter is very cool 9:21:35 PM
Dan Poltawski thanks Justin, nice to see a plugin developers pov 9:24:25 PM
Sam Hemelryk indeed - thank you! 9:24:37 PM
Rex Lorenzo What's justin's twitter? 9:25:06 PM
Mark McKay (UMN) How long is the lag? 9:25:13 PM
Davo Smith @jfilip 9:25:19 PM
Rex Lorenzo Nm 9:25:21 PM
Dan Poltawski (reformed windows user - re putty :P) 9:25:41 PM
Davo Smith Sorry, wrong justin wink 9:25:45 PM
Justin Filip Yeah, the other Justin. =) 9:25:46 PM
Rex Lorenzo My question: "We are trying out the Poodll plugins and found that the icons don't match the Atto icons. They are darker and don't have tool tip rollovers" 9:25:59 PM
Rex Lorenzo It is too long for Twitter 9:26:04 PM
Dan Poltawski bloody clicky keyboards :D 9:27:33 PM
danbennett Michaels keyboard has a mute button for the keys? I want that feature! 9:28:57 PM
mudrd8mz try ctrl-alt-del 9:29:29 PM
mudrd8mz tongueout 9:29:36 PM
danbennett ah! 9:29:42 PM
jetha compile-time flag, #define MICROSWITCH CHERRY_MX_BLACK 9:30:11 PM
mudrd8mz it mutes the fan, too 9:30:21 PM
David Monllaó standardising output sounds reeeaaally good, no need to think anymore each time I have to output something 9:31:10 PM
Dan Poltawski Yes 9:31:46 PM
jetha +1 to everything, yeah - i tried integrating some other frameworks in the form of themes over the weekend, and it's currently pretty bad. each theme has to specify what each page's elements look like, some standardisation is exactly what we need 9:32:09 PM
Rex Lorenzo Be frontend framework agnostic? Is that possible? 9:33:13 PM
mudrd8mz How does it all relate to bootstrap? 9:34:07 PM
Martin Dougiamas at least mostly 9:34:11 PM
Damyon Wiese In our prototype we had 4 frameworks supported but just for some simple elements 9:34:21 PM
Rex Lorenzo Which other frontends are you trying out? 9:34:51 PM
Damyon Wiese Bootstrap is just one framework 9:34:55 PM
Damyon Wiese We did bootstrap 2 3 zurb pureio 9:35:16 PM
mudrd8mz Aha. I thought it was sort of decided to be future base of Moodle Themes. 9:35:25 PM
Martin Dougiamas it is but who knows, next year it will be too old for any designers to want to touch 9:36:05 PM
mudrd8mz looked ok last time I quickly checked, good to hear to be abstracted 9:36:05 PM
Damyon Wiese Bootstrap 2 is already out of support and there is work to do to move to 3 9:36:18 PM
mudrd8mz (ok) 9:36:20 PM
Rex Lorenzo Can we also be js framework agnostic? j/k 9:36:21 PM
Damyon Wiese Antagonistic 9:36:42 PM
Dan Poltawski ? 9:36:47 PM
Martin Dougiamas In other news we will also suport php, ruby, java and python 9:36:49 PM
Damyon Wiese C# 9:36:58 PM
Jason Fowler when we stop using libraries and start using js frameworks, sure :P 9:37:04 PM
Bas Brands Bootstrap 3 already works pretty well with Moodle smile 9:37:14 PM
Jason Fowler no perl? 9:37:15 PM
Dan Poltawski not fair to troll andrew whilst hes not here 9:37:26 PM
jetha (can we support! )? 9:37:31 PM
Jason Fowler bmbrands: if you rewrite a lot of the renderers ... 9:37:35 PM
Jason Fowler Ook! 9:37:38 PM
Rex Lorenzo bmbrands, but with a lot of work, right? 9:37:38 PM
Jason Fowler I would love ook 9:37:48 PM
John Okely And whitespace? 9:38:01 PM
Bas Brands The renderer rewrites might seem big.. but the actual code changes in the renderers are quite small. 9:38:58 PM
Rex Lorenzo Any of those can be overridden or added to by plugins? 9:39:08 PM
Bas Brands RTL languages is a blocker now 9:39:13 PM
jetha bmbrands: how so? 9:39:19 PM
mudrd8mz This looks similar to what $OUTPUT already had for 2.0. Can we highlight what's different with this approach? 9:39:28 PM
Bas Brands Bootstrap 3 still doesn’t fully support RTL 9:39:39 PM
jetha ahh 9:39:46 PM
nadavkav bmbrands, what do you mean about the RTL blocker? 9:40:18 PM
nadavkav haa 9:40:30 PM
jetha bmbrands: there seems to be some community efforts in that direction 9:40:38 PM
nadavkav hope to see it integrated soon smile 9:40:46 PM
nadavkav I just got some fixes for theme/bootstrap and theme/elegance I need to send you 9:41:25 PM
Bas Brands @nadavkav great! send them over smile 9:41:50 PM
Damyon Wiese We can autoloader renderers in a namespace in master now already 9:42:07 PM
nadavkav immediately after the session end smile 9:42:51 PM
Dan Poltawski have said it before but worth repeating that i'm glad the documentation/social side of it is a big part 9:42:51 PM
mudrd8mz 1 9:43:02 PM
Damyon Wiese MDL-41663 9:43:19 PM
Moodle Bot - Allow renderers and renderables in a namespace to be auto loaded., V: 3, W: 10, Type: Improvement, Assignee: Damyon Wiese, Priority: Major, Status: Closed 9:43:19 PM
Rex Lorenzo What link is Sam viewing? It doesn't appear to be the same as the link on the meeting notes page, which is: 9:45:28 PM
Sam Hemelryk 9:45:40 PM
Rex Lorenzo Thanks 9:45:59 PM
Sam Hemelryk Haha was that a bit long was it? 9:49:32 PM
mudrd8mz I have two questions / comments but can wait 9:49:38 PM
danbennett Oh thats called a hamburger. OK. I call it a thingy. Learn something new! 9:53:06 PM
Martin Dougiamas Indeed it is 9:53:27 PM
Michael de Raadt Mmmm. Hamburger. 9:53:42 PM
mudrd8mz let's invent pizza widget 9:53:49 PM
danbennett Yes! 9:53:56 PM
Martin Dougiamas Could also be chips 9:54:10 PM
mudrd8mz Although it might be patented by MS Excel already 9:54:11 PM
Damyon Wiese I am inventing one right now 9:54:21 PM
mudrd8mz (I know, I saw you tongueout) 9:54:33 PM
Justin Filip I don't think we can see what he's showing right now. 9:55:35 PM
Justin Filip I just see a slide? 9:55:38 PM
Martin Dougiamas yep 9:55:43 PM
mudrd8mz yup, the "code!" slide 9:55:50 PM
Martin Dougiamas mmm custard menu 9:56:23 PM
Damyon Wiese Reopen 9:56:28 PM
Justin Filip NM, weird problem on my side, my video feed got "stuck" 9:56:45 PM
Bas Brands How does this fit in the element library? shouldn’t it be a moodle_navbar ? 9:57:13 PM
Martin Dougiamas What element library? :D 9:57:31 PM
Bas Brands and use it’s own JS etc? 9:57:31 PM
Damyon Wiese It will need redoing 9:57:33 PM
Damyon Wiese But the element library can't hold things that p 9:57:46 PM
Rex Lorenzo Usually hamburger icons either shift to the left side if on mobile, but on larger screens it is on right side.. How does this handle responsive design? Can you really hard code the side? 9:57:54 PM
Damyon Wiese Up 9:57:58 PM
danbennett Much hamburger 9:59:11 PM
Martin Dougiamas hehe 9:59:25 PM
nadavkav Hope you are considering the RTL challenges into that menu smile 9:59:49 PM
Rex Lorenzo 2 clicks to login? 10:00:05 PM
Rex Lorenzo Okay, nm 10:00:36 PM
Martin Dougiamas yeah that was "before" aka now 10:00:50 PM
danbennett seemless! 10:01:16 PM
Rex Lorenzo Okay, the demo is great. Really makes more sense now. Thanks. 10:01:36 PM
nadavkav Yeeee !!! 10:01:51 PM
nadavkav sweet 10:01:57 PM
Martin Dougiamas we should always do demos first, I think smile 10:02:07 PM
danbennett User Menu in and Navigation menu out? :P :D 10:02:18 PM
Dan Poltawski (good luck, backend team :P) 10:02:30 PM
Simon Coggins would be great if plugins could enqueue items 10:02:30 PM
Martin Dougiamas over time, dan, yeah 10:02:36 PM
Rex Lorenzo Yeah, ability to specify custom menu items depending on context as well 10:03:47 PM
Dan Poltawski sweet 10:03:48 PM
Dan Poltawski killer demo 10:03:54 PM
danbennett Thats so much clearer. And it didn't log you out? Yay! Please tell me that happens by default now :P 10:03:56 PM
Dan Poltawski it was login-as which logged you out wasn't it? 10:04:32 PM
Simon Coggins Really nice, thanks! 10:04:36 PM
danbennett Ah yeah it was good point Dan 10:04:42 PM
Rex Lorenzo Login-as doesn't log you out anymore? 10:04:46 PM
Dan Poltawski it does i'm sure it does! 10:04:53 PM
Dan Poltawski don't spread rumours 10:04:57 PM
danbennett Yeah it does in the current 2.8 branch. Annoys me no end lol 10:05:17 PM
jetha reverting from login-as-user logs you out as before 10:05:17 PM
Martin Dougiamas It was put in for security but its super annoying 10:05:18 PM
jetha reverting from login-as-role does not 10:05:23 PM
Damyon Wiese There is a security reason for the logout 10:05:30 PM
Damyon Wiese I can't remember what it is 10:05:47 PM
Martin Dougiamas Someone really needs to find a better way to solve that … 10:05:48 PM
mudrd8mz I do rememebr 10:05:57 PM
Martin Dougiamas sessions hanging around or something 10:06:00 PM
Rex Lorenzo Petr provided a patch to remove the log out in tracker, but he advised against it 10:06:06 PM
meetingroom 10:06:06 PM
Dan Poltawski MDL-24120 10:06:33 PM
Moodle Bot - Allow admin to remain logged in after login as procedure, V: 118, W: 52, Type: Improvement, Assignee:, Priority: Major, Status: Reopened 10:06:33 PM
danbennett 118 votes lol 10:06:50 PM
mudrd8mz Admin logs in as Alice and Alice executes JS that does back to admin role and then some nasty action. Shortly, whatever you can do via browser, the JS can do too. So the session must be killed and relogin happen 10:07:22 PM
Damyon Wiese Should that list disabled plugins in the drop down? 10:07:45 PM
jetha @mudrd8mz: that second action, after admin logs in as alice - is that admin doing that, or alice? 10:08:45 PM
Martin Dougiamas 10:09:06 PM
Rex Lorenzo I think I mentioned this in the Forum, but why is this designed to be from the user perspective? Are you really expecting users to define rules for each of their courses? Shouldn't it be from the site admin side to specify what events they think are useful and allow users to opt-in/out? Seems way too complicated for users to setup. It is almost like email filters, but something that you need to do for every course. 10:09:07 PM
mudrd8mz it's alice. but the first thing the JS would do is to switch back 10:09:29 PM
mudrd8mz that's how I naively understood it, I may be wrong 10:09:50 PM
jetha i think it would be valuable for us to mock up what that would look like 10:09:52 PM
Dan Poltawski its documented in that issue 10:10:05 PM
Martin Dougiamas You don't need to let users use it rex 10:10:13 PM
Dan Poltawski (Talking about the xss problem with login-as logout) 10:10:31 PM
Martin Dougiamas I see this as just one or many possible analytics plugins 10:10:39 PM
Martin Dougiamas "one of many" 10:10:46 PM
Martin Dougiamas This plus new notifications in current mobile app -> interesting things 10:13:09 PM
mudrd8mz Can any user subscribe to any event? 10:13:13 PM
mudrd8mz ok 10:13:29 PM
danbennett So in theory, it can alert me if a user turns off automated backups? 10:13:37 PM
mudrd8mz cool, thanks 10:13:41 PM
Rex Lorenzo So this is opt-in, not opt-out? 10:13:58 PM
nadavkav Jetha, I have developed a generic renderer for any theme that display a popup quick menu everywhere their is a user's image: . What do you think about it? 10:14:03 PM
mudrd8mz mudrd8mz thinking of things like "Admin clicked forgotten password link" 10:14:07 PM
danbennett Looks good! 10:14:13 PM
mudrd8mz Well ... 10:14:52 PM
mudrd8mz nvm 10:15:00 PM
mudrd8mz yeah 10:15:09 PM
danbennett Awesome! I think this can be very handy for admins with crucial admin settings 10:15:16 PM
danbennett (as well as the activities) 10:15:22 PM
nadavkav can it monitor "too many security failed login exceptions" ? 10:15:31 PM
Rex Lorenzo Will there be an event when a rule is created? 10:15:48 PM
Marina Glancy And it will hopefully motivate devs to trigger events more often 10:15:55 PM
danbennett No no I mean jujst the sit admins to subscribe to them smile 10:16:06 PM
danbennett just* 10:16:06 PM
meetingroom 10:16:09 PM
Martin Dougiamas yes more events, and it also lets you test events 10:16:29 PM
mudrd8mz nadavkav: that's it, I am bit worried about eventual personal data leak or better, letting the hacker know that a good moment for their social engineering just came 10:16:37 PM
Ankit Agarwal nadavkav: I think we already have a system that monitors failed logins etc, and sends reports to admin 10:16:51 PM
Damyon Wiese Huh -the password is not test 10:17:25 PM
Dan Poltawski  :D 10:17:31 PM
mudrd8mz big grin 10:17:37 PM
Ankit Agarwal lol 10:17:46 PM
Dan Poltawski someone hasn't learnt how to disable password policy in config.php :P 10:17:51 PM
nadavkav I was considering various security exception events. not just failed logins (which is the first example that come to mind) 10:18:00 PM
Ankit Agarwal Yup there should be events for all the major actions, like creating rules/subscriptions/ etc 10:18:22 PM
jetha john, you didn't integrate my css ;_; 10:18:43 PM
Marina Glancy There is a forum thread asking which events you'd like to monitor 10:19:29 PM
Marina Glancy 10:20:04 PM
mudrd8mz Marina: "Site installed and awaiting for admin user setup" smile 10:20:17 PM
danbennett danbennett posts *all of them* :p 10:20:19 PM
Rex Lorenzo What is the link to the demo site? 10:22:20 PM
Martin Dougiamas 10:22:37 PM
Rex Lorenzo Of course: 10:22:47 PM
Rex Lorenzo Can you join on entries from the Moodle logs? 10:23:18 PM
Martin Dougiamas Events is about the live data stream. This API is the other half, how to extract state data cleanly from the database. 10:23:19 PM
John Okely Any comments or suggestions 10:24:31 PM
Martin Dougiamas Rex: for old site logs table only at this stage 10:25:34 PM
Simon Coggins there is one already 10:25:45 PM
Simon Coggins for the old logs 10:25:51 PM
Simon Coggins by the way we are working on some new features at the moment - user defined aggregation and graphical reports 10:27:09 PM
Simon Coggins we can upstream them once the initial version is integrated 10:27:42 PM
jetha ooo, graphical reports? 10:27:57 PM
jetha i like graphics. 10:28:01 PM
Martin Dougiamas Yes once we have this in core we can all build a lot on top 10:32:06 PM
Simon Coggins Thanks guys, looks good smile 10:33:22 PM
nadavkav It seems more complicated than the block/configurable_reports which we are using a lot 10:33:36 PM
John Okely Thanks Simon! 10:33:44 PM
Rex Lorenzo Epic: 10:34:40 PM
John Okely Nadav: configurable reports was considered during planning, but it was found too developer focused. It's a really good plugin though! 10:34:40 PM
Moodle Bot - Gradebook push from HQ in 2014, V: 10, W: 33, Type: Epic, Assignee:, Priority: Critical, Status: Open 10:34:41 PM
nadavkav john, I agree. 10:35:05 PM
Rex Lorenzo Check out the scrolling improvements at: 10:35:44 PM
Michael de Raadt Once the sources are in place in core, the potential for users will be really complete. 10:36:01 PM
Juan Leyva well, my plan is to create a tool for migrating reports created using configurable reports to the new tool 10:36:01 PM
John Okely That would be great, Juan 10:36:40 PM
nadavkav Juan, +1 10:36:53 PM
Dan Poltawski Martin: do we know where those other weightings came from?? 10:38:06 PM
Dan Poltawski s/weightings/aggregations 10:38:20 PM
Rex Lorenzo 10:39:09 PM
danbennett Nice! 10:39:24 PM
nadavkav this should also be implemented in assign grading page 10:39:31 PM
nadavkav or at least some kind of full screen mode button 10:39:53 PM
Rex Lorenzo Well, if you checkout the scrolling improvements, it is a full screen mode, if you scroll far enough 10:40:19 PM
Dan Poltawski Dan Poltawski chuckles at gradebook bugs which have been around for a long time 10:40:50 PM
Rex Lorenzo So I heard that this week is pet projects week. Is that right? What projects are in the works now? 10:41:01 PM
Damyon Wiese They were listed in dev chat a few hours ago 10:41:43 PM
Rex Lorenzo Grader report gif: 10:42:01 PM
Dan Poltawski rex: 10:42:30 PM
Damyon Wiese (See chat logs) 10:42:40 PM
nadavkav Will I be able to send a "mod/questionnaire" activity to a user? 10:43:11 PM
nadavkav and not have him/her login to answer it 10:43:38 PM
Michael de Raadt Possibly. The tricky bit will be interpreting the message content to get the information out of it. 10:44:19 PM
nadavkav interesting 10:44:34 PM
mudrd8mz On that note, there is a plugin to released soon - Emailed files 10:44:39 PM
danbennett This is very nice. 10:45:40 PM
nadavkav cool 10:45:45 PM
nadavkav 10:46:20 PM
Rex Lorenzo Does it clean up email it processes? 10:47:41 PM
Rex Lorenzo Like deletes them? 10:47:48 PM
Dan Poltawski I still think this is a 'risky' thing - i.e. some sites might not want to allow it. If you've got a https-secred site those 'private' details are moving through any intermediary mailserver 10:48:22 PM
Dan Poltawski many people do secret things though email wink 10:49:23 PM
Rex Lorenzo Nice 10:49:25 PM
Dan Poltawski heh, you repeated it 10:49:30 PM
Dan Poltawski Damyon: its different accepting a file on a server through a mailserver 10:49:40 PM
Rex Lorenzo So in forum posts you have 15 mins to edit it 10:49:42 PM
Rex Lorenzo How does that work with this? Do you still have 15 mins to edit once you post via email? 10:49:55 PM
danbennett I think the biggest one is the files being uploaded which can be a bit sketchy, but I guess its up to that user thats sending it and it goes to their files anyway 10:50:32 PM
Martin Dougiamas Sure rex 10:50:37 PM
danbennett I know a few of our clients would love the feautre though so yay! 2.8! woo! 10:51:14 PM
nadavkav please add a search filter by type, please smile 10:51:19 PM
Martin Dougiamas Should we offer a cash prize for featured plugins? 10:51:45 PM
Damyon Wiese Where do we send bribes? 10:52:02 PM
Bas Brands At least a Moodle goody smile 10:52:07 PM
Dan Poltawski nice cliffhanger :D 10:52:23 PM
Michael de Raadt Cash money?! Have you seen that Progress Bar? 10:52:23 PM
John Okely Damyon, I think the atto hr plugin is in the running already 10:52:32 PM
danbennett moodler: hmm thats a thought! May need to ask partners though lol 10:52:35 PM
Bas Brands Who will vote for them? 10:52:48 PM
jetha man, that progress bar. top shelf! 10:52:50 PM
Sam Hemelryk Good night everyone 10:53:28 PM
Damyon Wiese Thanks 10:53:33 PM
Rajesh Taneja gn 10:53:38 PM
Michael de Raadt Night, all! 10:53:43 PM
danbennett 4pm here. Now to do more work... heh 10:53:58 PM
Davo Smith night 10:54:01 PM
danbennett Cya all! smile 10:54:03 PM
nadavkav Beautiful list! Thanks smile 10:54:06 PM
Anthony Borrow cheers 10:54:07 PM
Andrew Davis good night folks smile 10:54:41 PM
mudrd8mz bmbrands: for now, they are selected by HQ. We will involve community soon once the whole thing is set up and well established 10:54:51 PM
meetingroom Cheers all ciao! 10:54:53 PM
Ankit Agarwal Cya all ! 10:55:50 PM

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