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Developer meeting April 2013

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Developer meetings > April 2013 meeting notes

Time 13:00 UTC on Tuesday, 23 April 2013
Meeting room Moodle YouTube channel
Chat Regular Dev chat
Twitter #moodledev

In this meeting we focused on the impending Major release.

Meeting video


Meeting notes

News from Moodle HQ (Martin Dougiamas)

  • New HQ teams are being formed: Front-end, back-end, sites
  • New focus and priorities in teams

Moodle 2.5

New features page

  • Complements release notes
  • Updated for every release
  • Screenshots and quick overview
  • The page to link to when sharing upcoming features

Open Badges (Simon Coggins and Yuliya Bozhko)

  • Initiative from Mozilla for achievements across the Web
  • Awards a badge that is an image but also a verifiable certificate
  • Moodle can award badges and show badges from other sites
  • Test site at Now decommissioned, use instead.
  • Badges can be awarded at site-wide or course levels
  • Create a badge in a course from the Admin menu and provide an image
  • Awarded based on completion of course or activity
  • Awards can be shared and connected to the Mozilla Backpack
  • Mahara may become a Backpack provider in future

Bootstrap themes (Martin Dougiamas)

  • Framework for responsive sites
  • Now a new base theme for a new family of themes
  • Will replace current base themes in future
  • Not be the default theme in Moodle yet

Installation of new plugins from (David Mudrak)

  • Admin tool in Moodle
  • Plugins found in the Directory can be downloaded, validated and installed
  • Downloaded zip files can be installed and uninstalled from within Moodle without file access

Short forms (Ruslan Kabalin and Frédéric Massart)

  • Forms are broken into sections that can collapse
  • Fieldsets with required fields, non-validating fields and forced open
  • Developers should review all their forms to see that they still make sense
  • Editor can be simplified to hide editor toolbars

Consistent course listing display (Marina Glancy)

  • Course listings are now rendered consistently
  • Themes will be affected by this, but theming should be more consistent in the future

jQuery and jQuery UI supported in add-ons (Petr Škoda)

  • JQuery library now available for plugins
  • Not use by core

Shifting our YUI (Andrew Nicols)

  • Javascript/Shifter
    • Should help to improve documentation and allow unit tests
    • JS can be linted for possible errors

Behat tests (David Monllaó)

Assignment changes in 2.5 (Damyon Wiese)

  • Assignment code now validates with code checker
  • More unit tests have been added
  • Docs have been updated
  • New feature: submission history
    • Reattempts (manual or automatic)

Mobile app (Juan Leyva)

  • New version released with a more versions planned every two months
  • App can be styled
  • Push notifications to come

GSoC (Michael de Raadt)

  • Moodle has been accepted as a participating organisation
  • Students are starting to submit applications to participate with Moodle
  • Students may be found in forums now and in the future


Adrian Greeve, Amy Groshek, Andrew Nicols, Ankit Agarwal, Anthony Borrow, Aparup Banerjee, Barbara Ramiro, Bas Brands, Damyon Wiese, Dan Poltawski, Daniele Cordella, Darryl Pogue, David Monllaó, David Mudrak, Davo Smith, Eloy Lafuente, Frédéric Massart, Gareth J Barnard, Helen Foster, Howard Miller, Jason Fowler, Jason Hardin, Jenny Gray, Jérôme Mouneyrac, Juan Leyva, Justin Filip, Marina Glancy, Mark Nelson, Martin Dougiamas, Mary Cooch, Mary Evans, Michael Blake, Michael de Raadt, Mike Churchward, Peter Bulmer, Petr Skoda, Rajesh Taneja, Rex Lorenzo, Sam Hemelryk, Sam Marshall, Tim Hunt, Watermark Neilsen, Yuliya Bozhko... (plus many more via YouTube and Twitter)

Meeting chat log

Moodle HQ ok we are going live 9:01:28 PM
Moodle HQ can you see us ok? 9:01:32 PM
mary yes 9:01:47 PM
Gareth J Barnard Yup 9:01:47 PM
Aparup Banerjee roger that 9:01:49 PM
Rajesh Taneja yes 9:01:49 PM
Juan Leyva yes 9:01:59 PM
Davo Smith yes 9:02:04 PM
Gareth J Barnard Hello all 9:02:14 PM
David Mudrák I'm lost 9:02:17 PM
David Mudrák shouldn't get an invatation to the hangout? 9:02:31 PM
Jason Fowler its working here 9:02:38 PM
Juan Leyva 9:02:56 PM
Aparup Banerjee the youtube stream is really good here 9:03:36 PM
Ankit Agarwal yeah no lag and clear 9:03:55 PM
Dan Poltawski anyone get youtube on ipad? 9:04:09 PM
Jason Fowler and it.crashed... 9:04:17 PM
Helen Foster is michaeld writing notes? 9:04:29 PM
Jason Fowler trying on android 9:04:29 PM
Andrew Nicols hello 9:05:13 PM
Tim Hunt Hi 9:05:14 PM
Mark Nielsen Hello all 9:05:14 PM
Rajesh Taneja Hello 9:05:14 PM
Sam Hemelryk Hiya 9:05:15 PM
Davo Smith Hello 9:05:15 PM
Gareth J Barnard Hi 9:05:16 PM
Dan Poltawski lo 9:05:17 PM
Anthony Borrow hi 9:05:18 PM
bmbrands hi there 9:05:18 PM
Juan Leyva hello 9:05:19 PM
Ankit Agarwal hi 9:05:20 PM
Aparup Banerjee bye 9:05:23 PM
David Mudrák hi 9:05:26 PM
Jenny Gray hello 9:05:29 PM
Mark Nielsen We have some other folks from Moodlerooms watching as well 9:05:46 PM
Mark Nelson hi 9:05:48 PM
mary hello! 9:05:49 PM
bmbrands hi 9:05:56 PM
Jason Fowler can't get it working again 9:06:34 PM
Tim Hunt Moodle HQ is a jelly-fish. Suddeny it all makes sense. 9:07:16 PM
Aparup Banerjee lol 9:08:44 PM
Andrew Nicols heh 9:08:47 PM
bmbrands 9:08:48 PM
Gareth J Barnard :D 9:08:51 PM
Andrew Nicols Nice bit of recursion in the bottom right there 9:08:53 PM
Mary Evans is there no Hangout? 9:09:23 PM
Tim Hunt 9:09:29 PM
Sam Hemelryk Sorry about that not getting there in the end 9:12:05 PM
Andrew Nicols Martin: A couple of people asking in comments about how to get invites to the hangout. May be worth re-mentioning #moodledev and here again 9:12:28 PM
Aparup Banerjee David, hope you got your google hangout email 9:14:00 PM
David Mudrák no 9:14:17 PM
David Mudrák that's why I asked for it. I expect MD will add/remove people as needed to keep traffic low 9:15:04 PM
Aparup Banerjee clearly 9:15:07 PM
bmbrands yes 9:15:09 PM
Gareth J Barnard Yes 9:15:12 PM
Rajesh Taneja yes 9:15:12 PM
mary yes 9:15:14 PM
Yuliya Bozhko here 9:15:25 PM
Dan Poltawski (wow i'm seemingly lagging behind by quite a way) 9:15:28 PM
Moodle HQ waves 9:15:36 PM
Ankit Agarwal yeah me too as well 9:15:39 PM
Aparup Banerjee Hi Yuliya 9:15:49 PM
Andrew Nicols Moodle Meetings: Few people asking about where chat is 9:16:01 PM
Marina Glancy Привет Юля 9:16:02 PM
Dan Poltawski yep 9:16:32 PM
Dan Poltawski (hehe I am responding to stuff which seemingly happened ages ago) 9:16:44 PM
Tim Hunt Dan, reload the you-tube page? 9:17:03 PM
Dan Poltawski then i'll miss some! 9:17:12 PM
Moodle HQ David, invited you again 9:17:14 PM
David Mudrák what email did you use? Got nothing 9:17:36 PM
Mark Nelson Have you tried to click on the 'Live' wording on the video? 9:17:38 PM
Dan Poltawski just tried it 9:17:45 PM
Moodle HQ what would you like David? 9:17:50 PM
Tim Hunt open2study, the Australian MOOC platform, has crazy numbers of badges for really trivial things. 9:18:32 PM
Tim Hunt LOL 9:19:24 PM
Dan Poltawski i'm just seeing simon doing the demo now. How far behind am I? 9:19:27 PM
Tim Hunt How long was that URL? 9:19:28 PM
Aparup Banerjee can't wait for openbadges on 9:19:44 PM
Moodle HQ Yes, helen you should start plannig some 9:19:58 PM
Aparup Banerjee it just switched to the moodlesite for me 10 secs ago 9:20:00 PM
Ankit Agarwal Dan P: a few seconds assuming am not lagging myself 9:20:05 PM
Dan Poltawski thanks 9:20:20 PM
Rex Lorenzo this is the url: 9:20:21 PM
Moodle HQ for us simon just started talking about site/course badges 9:20:28 PM
Anthony Borrow I wonder if MoodleRooms is working on a Common Core -> OpenBadges ecosystem 9:20:33 PM
Dan Poltawski Rex" looks like it 9:20:45 PM
Yuliya Bozhko - documentation that has links to our test site with accounts you can use to try out badges 9:21:35 PM
Mark Nielsen @aborrow We are not working on that atm 9:21:38 PM
Moodle HQ 66 viewers on Youtube 9:21:57 PM
Jason Fowler @@ 9:22:02 PM
Aparup Banerjee 41 in here 9:22:14 PM
Dan Poltawski 10 of those are mine 9:22:17 PM
Ankit Agarwal lol 9:22:40 PM
Rex Lorenzo Is there a login we can use to access the demo site? 9:24:37 PM
Dan Poltawski Rex: pretty sure it was posted on the forums 9:25:00 PM
Yuliya Bozhko it's in the docs 9:25:00 PM
Dan Poltawski looking 9:25:01 PM
Rex Lorenzo Got it 9:25:12 PM
Dan Poltawski Rex: you can also download and install 2.5 9:25:27 PM
Rex Lorenzo But you need to setup an open badge API 9:26:23 PM
Andrew Nicols Just seen the time at the top of Simon's laptop 9:26:26 PM
Rex Lorenzo Oh.. I can just use the default settings I guess 9:26:43 PM
mary wow yes Wed 1.25 am 9:26:57 PM
Yuliya Bozhko yeah, 1am here 9:26:59 PM
mary UK/Europe has the best time 9:27:12 PM
Moodle HQ Thanks Kiwis 9:27:15 PM
Aparup Banerjee youtube live streams can be played back again right 9:28:21 PM
Mark Nelson Rex: You can create badges without syncing them with Mozilla. 9:28:22 PM
Dan Poltawski hope you didn't have to come home from moodle moot party early 9:28:36 PM
Yuliya Bozhko nope, we have another person from out team presenting there 9:29:05 PM
Andrew Nicols FYI Stacey Walker @ Catalyst Europe is working on a Persona auth integration for moodle 9:30:39 PM
Aparup Banerjee does this integrate with oauth for moodle? 9:30:52 PM
Yuliya Bozhko I don't think so 9:31:41 PM
Dan Poltawski its not really the same 9:31:55 PM
bmbrands would be cool to have users compete for a badge 9:31:57 PM
Andrew Nicols bmbrands, like employee of the month stype thing? 9:32:26 PM
Aparup Banerjee Dan P: what do you mean? 9:32:44 PM
bmbrands @a.nicols: yes why not 9:33:02 PM
Andrew Nicols And "Top five contributors" type stuff 9:33:31 PM
Jenny Gray could be useful for reputation management stuff - a bit like our useful moodlers group too 9:34:06 PM
Dan Poltawski great work! 9:34:16 PM
Yuliya Bozhko thanks 9:34:32 PM
mary thanks Yuliya 9:34:44 PM
Mark Nielsen Do you loose course badges if a course is deleted? 9:35:15 PM
Ankit Agarwal isnt the badges like a permanent thing? can they be taken away? 9:35:43 PM
Yuliya Bozhko no, you don't, all issued badges belong to users 9:35:48 PM
Aparup Banerjee does it have to be synced/sent to external site? 9:36:06 PM
Aparup Banerjee (regularly) 9:36:14 PM
Yuliya Bozhko no, you don't have to use anything if you don't want them in Mozilla backpack 9:36:40 PM
bmbrands suddenly I feel like having a pizza 9:36:51 PM
Andrew Nicols Funny that 9:37:06 PM
Aparup Banerjee thanks yuliya 9:37:20 PM
Rex Lorenzo How difficult is it to maintain 2 core themes now? Is the goal to eventually move to bootstrap as the single core theme? 9:37:27 PM
Tim Hunt Yes 9:37:36 PM
Yuliya Bozhko Someone asking on Twitter: If a course disappears is the badge revoked? Answer: No, there is no such thing as revocation of badges at the moment. I think Mozilla team is working on it, but currently an issued badge cannot be revoked. 9:40:20 PM
Mark Nielsen Is bootstrap being used for the layouts as well? EG: the columns for blocks, etc 9:40:22 PM
bmbrands watermark: yes using bootstrap grids 9:40:46 PM
Rex Lorenzo Yuliya, will the badge still be verified as being valid? 9:41:03 PM
bmbrands Bootstrap can be used for plugin development too. 9:41:26 PM
Amy Groshek Thanks everyone for your hard work on bootstrap! 9:41:34 PM
bmbrands Not in the hangout 9:41:40 PM
Gareth J Barnard When will the folder name 'bootstrap' be changed to 'bootstrapbase'? 9:41:49 PM
Mark Nielsen @bmbrands what do you mean in regards to plugin dev? 9:41:57 PM
Rex Lorenzo Should we bring up the less/sass issue? 9:41:58 PM
Jason Hardin will the core renderers be rewritten to match bootstrap? 9:42:02 PM
Jason Hardin or will they continue to be overridden by bootstrap? 9:42:11 PM
Gareth J Barnard Thanks Martin 9:42:16 PM
Rex Lorenzo 9:42:25 PM
bmbrands I'll be presenting about "beyond bootstrap" on the iMoot 9:42:38 PM
Rex Lorenzo Very much like YUI shifter in terms of the new dev workflow 9:43:03 PM
Tim Hunt JAson, the way it was summarised to me: where there are sensible changes, like adding a consistent class name to all cancel buttons, they will be done in core. WHere it is a bit bootstrap-specific then it will not be done in core. 9:43:13 PM
Amy Groshek @Rex has a good point; there is a less vs sass discussion going on there 9:43:21 PM
Andrew Nicols cue questions about what Shifter is ;) 9:43:28 PM
Gareth J Barnard There is a FireBug addon called FireLess that can be used for debugging Less. 9:43:42 PM
Jason Hardin will the be used for icons? 9:44:01 PM
mary who are just out of the picture in the Moodle meeting room? 9:44:06 PM
Tim Hunt Jason, that one is insane, I think. 9:44:12 PM
Jason Hardin meaning moving towards the use of css icons? 9:44:19 PM
bmbrands Bootswatches are worth mentioning too 9:44:31 PM
Amy Groshek Yes, what is the timeline for bootswatch import? 9:44:50 PM
Aparup Banerjee can a plugin that uses bootstrap+less be used with a theme that isn't based on bootstrap? 9:44:57 PM
bmbrands variables and css 9:45:07 PM
bmbrands very easy to us 9:45:20 PM
mary ah thanks 9:45:31 PM
marxjohnson00 Aparup Yes, but it wouldn't get the bootstrap styling 9:45:38 PM
bmbrands aparup: depends, if you want to use javascript elements no. 9:45:55 PM
Marina Glancy afaik less has to be compiled anyway 9:46:06 PM
Gareth J Barnard I think you can used Less to generate any css either pre-compiled or client side with JS on the fly. 9:46:26 PM
Aparup Banerjee ie: new plugin with styles.css using less + moodle site with old theme that isn't based on bootstrap. 9:46:58 PM
Aparup Banerjee ah thanks Bas 9:47:03 PM
Andrew Nicols Will the new (theme) be based on the new bootstrap theme? 9:47:06 PM
Amy Groshek Yes, .less files are not loaded live by the theme. It's more a matter of the development workflow. 9:47:08 PM
Anatai both less and scss need to be compiled to css, but less can also be interpreted client side (slower) for testing 9:47:09 PM
Amy Groshek You can do it client side but that's not a good idea for a live site. 9:47:22 PM
Andrew Nicols not yet 9:48:05 PM
bmbrands No only pizaa 9:48:06 PM
Aparup Banerjee no screen 9:48:06 PM
Andrew Nicols yup 9:48:07 PM
Tim Hunt I can see Martin eating Pizza 9:48:10 PM
Aparup Banerjee got it 9:48:10 PM
Gareth J Barnard But you can tinker client side with FireLess and then use 'recess' when happy for production. 9:48:12 PM
Tim Hunt Git it now. 9:48:13 PM
bmbrands ah yes 9:48:13 PM
Dan Poltawski yep 9:48:20 PM
Rajesh Taneja yes 9:48:21 PM
Gareth J Barnard @Bas Is there still more testing to do on Bootstrap in 2.5? 9:48:56 PM
mary yes 9:48:58 PM
Amy Groshek I'm not sure that tinkering is necessary when you can set recess to watch all of your less files for changes and automatically recompile your css. 9:49:06 PM
Justin Filip Again, similar to Shifter, as Andrew mentioned earlier. =) 9:49:21 PM
Gareth J Barnard @Amy but with FireLess you can debug client side to understand where to make the changes. 9:49:50 PM
bmbrands gjbarnard: not too much, but testing with addon plugins would be interesting 9:50:11 PM
Aparup Banerjee just notices G+ watermark on video 9:50:12 PM
Gareth J Barnard @Bas Ta, I can make a start with the course format's I'm responsible for, 9:50:42 PM
Dan Poltawski :D 9:51:26 PM
Dan Poltawski this is awesome 9:51:32 PM
bmbrands That would be very helpful, I think bootstrap would be very interesting for creating new courseformat too using bootstrap javascript 9:51:49 PM
Gareth J Barnard @Bas Interesting concept - what sort of layout do you have in mind? 9:52:30 PM
Amy Groshek Just discovered the "Large player" button on the youtube stream (hides youtube chat and makes video larger) 9:52:31 PM
marxjohnson00 What sever setup is required for this plugin installation to work over and above what's already required by Moodle? 9:52:34 PM
Tim Hunt If malicious functions are used, I hope this woudl not get into teh plugins DB! 9:52:38 PM
Jenny Gray install adins: does it warn or could you set it to fail if the plugin isn't MATURITY_STABLE? 9:52:52 PM
Dan Poltawski marxjohnson00: shouldn't be anything unusual 9:52:59 PM
Dan Poltawski (same as repsoitory plugins etc) 9:53:06 PM
Rex Lorenzo If you delete a plugin, does it now delete the files? Before Moodle would tell you that you need to delete the files yourself 9:53:11 PM
Anthony Borrow @timhunt - yes I would like to see some type of warning/notice about installing plugins 9:53:11 PM
Mark Nielsen Would this installer find dependencies? 9:53:21 PM
Gareth J Barnard @Bas PMme with idea's and I'd be glad to help with a new course format. 9:53:22 PM
Rex Lorenzo It should, plugins can define dependancies 9:53:37 PM
marxjohnson00 Dan P: Does it store them in moodledata dir then? 9:53:39 PM
bmbrands @gareth: sure, lets focus on this stuff by David 9:53:54 PM
Anthony Borrow @jennygray - we do this with core, it seems consistent to provide a similar warning of beta quality or less for plugins 9:53:54 PM
Justin Filip Does this support pulling in packages from a source other than ? 9:53:56 PM
Dan Poltawski marxjohnson00: ah, no. You need to allow the webserver to write the plugin directories 9:53:58 PM
marxjohnson00 right 9:54:02 PM
marxjohnson00 cheers 9:54:04 PM
Aparup Banerjee its the same process of a normal download and unzip + upgrade moodle 9:54:16 PM
Dan Poltawski watermark.nielsen: good question 9:54:19 PM
Anthony Borrow excellent - glad to see the acknowledgement notice, well done! 9:54:22 PM
Gareth J Barnard Cool 9:55:08 PM
Anatai I really like the pre-check before install, great touch. 9:55:13 PM
Aparup Banerjee dependencies show up as little red requirements in upgrade screen 9:55:15 PM
Rex Lorenzo Uninstall also deletes files, right? 9:55:19 PM
Anthony Borrow great explanation David 9:55:20 PM
Dan Poltawski Marks question^ does it auto get the the dependencies? 9:55:28 PM
bmbrands Since almost all plugins are on Github it would be great to see some update method or standards when publishing new plugin versions 9:55:31 PM
Rex Lorenzo You can download github as zip 9:55:49 PM
Davo Smith can pull in from github already 9:55:58 PM
bmbrands Yes but the developer needs to create a zip, upload to the plugin database etc. 9:56:13 PM
Justin Filip Okay, thanks. 9:56:13 PM
Davo Smith Go to 'add new version' and click on 'add' 9:56:14 PM
Aparup Banerjee oh nope doesn't auto get dependent plugins afaik. 9:56:47 PM
Davo Smith bmbrands - no pull in directly from github, by using the 'github' repo when adding a new version 9:56:48 PM
Dan Poltawski bmbrands: 9:56:48 PM
Rex Lorenzo Validator functions? Such as? 9:57:06 PM
Gareth J Barnard Is it easy to write an uninstall script in the plugin to remove custom DB tables? 9:57:42 PM
bmbrands @dan: Cool 9:57:43 PM
Jason Hardin is there a roll back function? 9:58:05 PM
Rex Lorenzo Very good. Easier to try out new plugins. I don't have to do our whole git workflow to put plugins on our test server. 9:58:10 PM
Dan Poltawski Gareth J Barnard: it is done automatically by xmldb 9:58:11 PM
Jason Hardin to keep the plugin but downgrade/ 9:58:12 PM
Rex Lorenzo Jason, cannot rollback any updates on Moodle. 9:58:25 PM
Gareth J Barnard @Dan - Very COOL :D - Thanks. 9:58:27 PM
Mark Nelson Downgrading requires the upgrade.php file to reverse what it has done, so no. 9:58:39 PM
Davo Smith Gareth, or you can use: if anything is not covered 9:58:40 PM
Gareth J Barnard @Davo Thanks 9:59:00 PM
Tim Hunt I did not see the UI screen that gets you to sign in blood that you have made a backup before you start. 9:59:03 PM
Dan Poltawski timhunt: there is a tickbox 9:59:26 PM
Aparup Banerjee bmbrands: i think the solution there is the github repository for uploading to Plugins directory. if its just to try/test perhaps there could be an alternative url that can be entered to fetch a zip from. 9:59:28 PM
Tim Hunt Good 9:59:36 PM
Dan Poltawski although it might not be there from the plugins directory route atm 9:59:39 PM
Davo Smith I can see that going wrong just a bit too often .... 10:00:23 PM
Dan Poltawski ^ wahey 10:00:31 PM
marxjohnson00 That would be nice, but terrifying 10:00:35 PM
Dan Poltawski hehe 10:00:40 PM
bmbrands Yes, could get annoying having updates weekly 10:00:45 PM
marxjohnson00 I'd need to write a lot of unit tests before I was comfortable doing that 10:00:55 PM
bmbrands Cool stuff David 10:01:01 PM
Rex Lorenzo There can be a contact developer button about problems. Or "Send a crash report", lol. 10:01:10 PM
Gareth J Barnard Thanks David 10:01:23 PM
David Mudrák thanks. Apu should get half of the credit for sure, this was a real team project. 10:01:38 PM
bmbrands I have made a "microsoft clippy" block for that, still hoping it will be core one day 10:01:45 PM
Ruslan Kabalin Sorry guys, just learned 10 mins ago that I am supposed to present something... do not have mic and did not have chance to prepare 10:01:50 PM
Tim Hunt Martin, just demo it! 10:02:06 PM
Dan Poltawski MArtin: ^ 10:02:09 PM
Ruslan Kabalin I can comment here though 10:02:22 PM
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) marTIN: ^^ 10:02:25 PM
Dan Poltawski use QA site 10:02:35 PM
Dan Poltawski (or someting on integration) 10:02:45 PM
Andrew Nicols It may also be worth demoing the collapsed editor 10:02:45 PM
Dan Poltawski hehe 10:03:27 PM
Dan Poltawski try chat 10:03:43 PM
Tim Hunt Or quiz 10:03:53 PM
Jason Hardin for 2.6 will there be a focus on important fields showing not the whole section? 10:04:31 PM
Rex Lorenzo Hmm.. yeah something important, but not required 10:04:52 PM
Jason Hardin right 10:05:12 PM
Rex Lorenzo Oh, I like the collapsed editor 10:05:19 PM
Andrew Nicols Demo adding a new Multiple Choice question 10:05:22 PM
Jason Hardin the idea is to initially have all the fields that are most commonly used 10:05:25 PM
Jason Hardin shown 10:05:27 PM
Tim Hunt The heuristic is: Forms with more than 2 sections: any section after the first is collapsed by default. 10:05:35 PM
Jason Hardin then i expand what I need to add 10:05:36 PM
Andrew Nicols ah - some in there too 10:05:37 PM
David Mudrák jennygray: there is warning for anything lower than MATURITY_STABLE 10:05:44 PM
Tim Hunt Right, Jason. 10:05:47 PM
Dan Poltawski Jason Hardin: Fred hsa been reworking a lot of the forms in addition to the other work 10:05:58 PM
Jason Hardin It is more than that Dan 10:06:16 PM
bmbrands I love the editor toggle 10:06:18 PM
Tim Hunt Easy to override the default. 10:06:19 PM
Jason Hardin If there were an api like advanced 10:06:22 PM
Anthony Borrow any thought to add that new tinymce option for comments? 10:06:24 PM
Jason Hardin that a dev can tag a fields as "initial" or "important" 10:06:39 PM
Dan Poltawski Jason Hardin: I don't see it happening any time soon 10:06:51 PM
Tim Hunt Jason, we already have show advanced. 10:06:57 PM
Rex Lorenzo Jason, in the assignment plugin, the submission type section is made to be opened by default, but none of those options are required. So it is possible to define what sections to leave open 10:07:03 PM
Rex Lorenzo vs collapsed 10:07:06 PM
Dan Poltawski there is only so much we can add onto the existing forms library, this is part of the way forward 10:07:15 PM
Jason Hardin @tim yeah i know that but we dont' have important or initial as a concept 10:07:21 PM
Jason Hardin advanced is used to hide settings 10:07:34 PM
Sam Hemelryk Oh hurrah! policy bugs 10:07:34 PM
Rex Lorenzo Dan, any followup on the idea of replacing quickforms? 10:07:36 PM
Jason Hardin this would be used to show inputs 10:07:40 PM
Tim Hunt Jason, re-arrange your form to move the important stuff to the top. 10:07:42 PM
Dan Poltawski 10:07:50 PM
Dan Poltawski 10:08:06 PM
Tim Hunt Thank Colin Chambers for the collapsed editor 10:08:10 PM
Jason Hardin @tim that defeats the purpose of grouping fields by identifiable names 10:08:11 PM
Amy Groshek Interesting, but it's not toggling between HTML raw and wysiwyg, both are wysiwyg... 10:08:21 PM
Amy Groshek So to get to HTML I have to show the editor and then select HTML view... I have more steps than before... 10:08:42 PM
Aparup Banerjee if only politicians had bugs. 10:08:45 PM
bmbrands @amy: would be nice to have a raw tab for that 10:09:02 PM
Ruslan Kabalin my pleasure 10:09:18 PM
Marina Glancy hello 10:09:50 PM
Marina Glancy can I just type? 10:09:58 PM
Petr Škoda lol 10:10:14 PM
Marina Glancy Basically in 2.5 all course listings will go through renderer. I made screenshots 10:10:36 PM
Rex Lorenzo Why aren't they using the QA site? 10:11:13 PM
Marina Glancy Rex, who are they? 10:11:25 PM
Marina Glancy We still might correct some CSS things there 10:12:00 PM
bmbrands Great to have images there, they could be used to create icon buttons for mobile 10:12:00 PM
Marina Glancy By the way, screenshots are made using 10:12:34 PM
Tim Hunt How does that look with 2000 courses? 10:12:51 PM
Marina Glancy there are settings that limit the number of courses per page 10:13:06 PM
bmbrands @tim: isn't the limit set to 200 ? 10:13:11 PM
Davo Smith looks like I'm going to have to catch up with the rest of this later - time for the school run; see you all later 10:13:20 PM
Tim Hunt No. The OU has many courses. 10:13:22 PM
Dan Poltawski ciao Davo 10:13:30 PM
Marina Glancy more about settings: 10:14:15 PM
Tim Hunt Where are the developer docs for what might break? 10:14:18 PM
Tim Hunt Ah! 10:14:19 PM
Tim Hunt Thanks. 10:14:20 PM
Dan Poltawski hehe 10:15:17 PM
Andrew Nicols There is a new JS side to it which hasn't yet landed 10:15:26 PM
Marina Glancy unfortunately it was not possible to keep old css because it was different everywhere 10:15:28 PM
Marina Glancy no, that's it. thanks 10:15:51 PM
Dan Poltawski there is a bit of lag here I think Martin (you keep giving up on us saying stuff) 10:16:09 PM
Andrew Nicols Yup - it lets you drill down, and loads the course information on the page 10:16:22 PM
Tim Hunt Hi! 10:17:09 PM
Dan Poltawski aergh! 10:17:18 PM
Gareth J Barnard Hi Petr 10:17:20 PM
Aparup Banerjee i didn't know he was moving in that close! 10:17:32 PM
Moodle HQ I think he's trying to look scary 10:17:36 PM
Andrew Nicols It's the light that makes it particularly scary 10:18:24 PM
Jenny Gray presumably we might move up to jquery 2.x when Moodle decides to drop support for older IE versions though? 10:19:17 PM
Dan Poltawski 10:19:37 PM
Jason Hardin I thought only IE 9+ was supported? 10:19:48 PM
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) Prototype added for 2.6? 10:19:57 PM
Jason Hardin why is jQuery worried about IE 6? 10:19:59 PM
Anatai currently IE 8+ supported 10:20:05 PM
Andrew Nicols Jason Hardin, We support IE8 10:20:06 PM
Andrew Nicols FYI YUI supports back to IE6 10:20:17 PM
Jason Hardin sigh 10:20:33 PM
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) Mootools for 2.7 ? 10:20:34 PM
Dan Poltawski Like Petr says, we're not intentionally breaking IE support 10:20:41 PM
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) Dojo for 2.8? 10:20:42 PM
Amy Groshek @Eloy, ha ha 10:20:53 PM
Andrew Nicols jennygray, Not necessarily, but maybe. Althoughwe'll drop support for IE8 soon, we'll still try our best to make things work 10:20:56 PM
Andrew Nicols Hopefully the recent changes to use Shifter will help there too 10:21:15 PM
Jenny Gray OU still supporting IE7 in the "try our best" mode 10:21:18 PM
Andrew Nicols I can if you want 10:21:42 PM
Amy Groshek YUI resets/normalizr 10:21:43 PM
Moodle HQ gmail addres andrew? 10:21:50 PM
Tim Hunt Let Andrew talk 10:21:50 PM
Andrew Nicols 10:21:55 PM
Andrew Nicols though Petr has covered most of it 10:22:09 PM
Andrew Nicols It will help us to write better API docs for our JS, and unit tests 10:22:39 PM
Aparup Banerjee nice coer of it too 10:22:43 PM
Aparup Banerjee *cover 10:22:47 PM
Tim Hunt Andrew, what is that good YUI theatre talk about YUI modules? 10:22:52 PM
Tim Hunt It is worth it! 10:23:16 PM
Andrew Nicols ermm... 10:23:22 PM
Andrew Nicols The one from Ubuntu One? 10:23:36 PM
Andrew Nicols Foxxtrot 10:23:40 PM
bmbrands yes 10:24:00 PM
Dan Poltawski Moodle 2.5: 'we're sick of the wussy windows devs' :P 10:24:01 PM
mary great job tweeting by tsala 10:24:07 PM
Ankit Agarwal yes we can 10:24:09 PM
Tim Hunt Shifter works fine on Windows 10:24:14 PM
Amy Groshek @Andrew love the haircut. Very nice. 10:24:14 PM
Mark Nelson Wow, cut your hair. 10:24:15 PM
Aparup Banerjee hairloss! 10:24:16 PM
Mike Churchward Holy crap! New man! 10:24:27 PM
Justin Filip Wow… Mod Andrew. =) 10:24:35 PM
Tim Hunt If anyone wants to encorage Andrew's hair loss: 10:24:56 PM
Dan Poltawski lol, the most commented on thing so far this meeting 10:24:57 PM
mary I liked the poneytail! But understand the reasons for haircut 10:25:05 PM
mary lol 10:25:09 PM
Petr Škoda linting - yay! 10:26:08 PM
Sam Hemelryk ( 10:26:12 PM
Tim Hunt I learned a lot from the lint output. 10:26:21 PM
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) I used to understand him better with the long hair, uhm... 10:26:30 PM
Tim Hunt Well, you just add Y.log statements to you code for development. 10:26:57 PM
Tim Hunt Then, they don't appear in the finished code for people not in dev debug mode. 10:27:09 PM
Aparup Banerjee Eloy: you need mod_rmaccent 10:27:30 PM
Petr Škoda is the jQuery docs page 10:27:32 PM
Mark Nelson What shampoo do you use? 10:27:34 PM
Justin Filip Andrew's so dreamy! 10:27:48 PM
Dan Poltawski wow, thats a good colour in your face now! 10:28:00 PM
Aparup Banerjee LOL 10:28:08 PM
Mark Nelson I keep thinking I am watching a shampoo commercial on youtube 10:28:15 PM
Dan Poltawski I can see ruslan trying to get in the picture 10:28:20 PM
Dan Poltawski with his arms 10:28:22 PM
mary lol 10:28:23 PM
Andrew Nicols 10:28:48 PM
Gareth J Barnard Get LANCs to change the paint colour! 10:28:51 PM
Andrew Nicols And is in progress 10:28:56 PM
Dan Poltawski its gone dark 10:29:19 PM
Dan Poltawski 10:30:56 PM
Martin Dougiamas Are you hearing David ok? 10:31:34 PM
Dan Poltawski yep 10:31:36 PM
Ankit Agarwal yes 10:31:42 PM
Gareth J Barnard yep 10:31:43 PM
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) best english in the season! 10:31:43 PM
David Mudrák yes 10:31:44 PM
Dan Poltawski (I am used to his spanish accent ) 10:31:48 PM
Mark Nelson season, or session? 10:31:55 PM
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) year* 10:32:01 PM
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) 10:32:02 PM
Mark Nelson lol 10:32:05 PM
Andrew Nicols Martin Dougiamas, Where were you suggesting I add the links to the new docs? 10:32:24 PM
Helen Foster David sounds great! 10:32:45 PM
Martin Dougiamas The April 2013 dev meeting page 10:32:46 PM
Andrew Nicols will do 10:32:53 PM
Martin Dougiamas Thanks! 10:33:05 PM
bmbrands could this be used to create performance tests too? this looks easier than doing jmeter scripts. 10:33:32 PM
Dan Poltawski bmbrands: no 10:33:44 PM
Rex Lorenzo It wouldn't make sense to time the tests as a performance indicator? 10:34:04 PM
Dan Poltawski (not out of the box, I don't think.. doubting myself now) 10:34:06 PM
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) not really (there are some "pauses" here and there), and will evolve along the time/depend of the product used. 10:34:13 PM
Martin Dougiamas Yes it can 10:34:13 PM
Dan Poltawski they are doing pauses and all kinds of things 10:34:21 PM
Dan Poltawski its not a very reliable way to do it 10:34:28 PM
Mark Nelson Just a note to developers: MDK (Fred's plugin) will set behat up for you. 10:35:07 PM
Martin Dougiamas No, sure. But I think with lots and lots of tests the pauses will sort of even out. 10:35:08 PM
Martin Dougiamas At least it would detect really stupid mistakes. 10:35:23 PM
Marina Glancy I found another implementation recently - it is useful to run the same test across all/some themes and make screenshots 10:35:29 PM
Mark Nelson Whoops, when I say plugin, I mean script. It is not a moodle plugin. 10:35:52 PM
Martin Dougiamas Post your code again marina. 10:35:55 PM
Martin Dougiamas It's a cool idea 10:36:12 PM
Marina Glancy 10:36:17 PM
Martin Dougiamas (Y) 10:36:34 PM
bmbrands @marina: coool 10:36:49 PM
Marina Glancy I added there a big test for course listings, I'm going to suggest it for theme developers in my course listings doc 10:36:57 PM
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) it can be used to cover some "key" vualizations. 10:37:05 PM
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) *visualizations. 10:37:11 PM
Dan Poltawski If you have moodle 2.5, you can see the list of steps definitons in: admin/tool/behat/index.php 10:37:24 PM
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) (aka the vocabulary) 10:38:07 PM
Anthony Borrow Given Marina submits moodle-tool_behatui to Moodle plugins, Then I can automatically install with Aparup's install button 10:38:37 PM
Jason Hardin behat is not using the mink plugin to allow for other test servers other than selenium? 10:39:38 PM
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) yes 10:39:43 PM
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) in fact I want to try it against others soon (faster and headless with JS support) 10:40:21 PM
Mark Nielsen Hrm... that can help speed up tests though. Using a headless browser, etc 10:40:42 PM
bmbrands have to leave, thanks all 10:40:52 PM
Jason Hardin it does help but has issues 10:41:03 PM
Jason Hardin not all headless support the same funcitonality as selenium 10:41:12 PM
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) for non-js, non-corss-browser ones it already uses headless afaik) 10:41:16 PM
Jason Hardin selenium seems to be the best supported though 10:41:21 PM
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) nah 10:41:25 PM
Jason Hardin the others have "issues" 10:41:27 PM
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) lol, selenium has too 10:41:34 PM
Dan Poltawski Mark: yes. The problem is real useers don't use javascript-less browsers 10:41:38 PM
Martin Dougiamas Thanks Bas! 10:41:44 PM
Jason Hardin @eloy, true, but you can get the server to run 10:41:49 PM
Jason Hardin i have not gotten others to run onlinux and mac 10:42:01 PM
Jason Hardin only one or the other 10:42:06 PM
Rex Lorenzo Oh, are you guys also running behats tests for accessibility? The idea about javascript browsers made me think about it. 10:42:18 PM
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) well, I've tried zombie and it rocks 10:42:26 PM
Jason Hardin i tried zombie and it failed 10:42:36 PM
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) for the purposes I'm thinking about. 10:42:36 PM
Rex Lorenzo *javascript-less 10:42:41 PM
Dan Poltawski an interesting side effect of behat tests is that I think it helps us with accessibility 10:42:50 PM
Mark Nielsen @poltawski: not all tests require JS though - if I just want to confirm that some text appears after hitting a button, I don't need anything special 10:43:13 PM
Jason Hardin yeah when Eloy means javascript less it is that the testing software doesn't need aJS to run the tests 10:43:14 PM
Jason Hardin not that there is no js testing 10:43:18 PM
Dan Poltawski because we spot things like multiple links with the same meaning 10:43:20 PM
Dan Poltawski grr 10:43:24 PM
Dan Poltawski different meaning 10:43:28 PM
Andrew Nicols same heading, different meaning 10:43:43 PM
Dan Poltawski @watermark.nielsen its already supported with headless browser, if itsnnot got javascript requirement 10:43:46 PM
Mark Nielsen ah 10:43:57 PM
Jason Hardin if you want accessibility testing there is a fireeyes plugin that works pretty well it is free 10:43:58 PM
Dan Poltawski there is an @javascript tag for javascript depdendent tests 10:44:09 PM
Jason Hardin 10:44:10 PM
Jason Hardin it si produced by the consulting company Moodlerooms hired to review Moodle 10:44:20 PM
Jason Hardin and free to use as long as you are not providing consulting services around it 10:44:36 PM
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) he 10:44:42 PM
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) meeting interruptus? 10:45:13 PM
Dan Poltawski thats his screen isn't it 10:45:16 PM
Dan Poltawski keep commentating! 10:45:22 PM
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) music! 10:45:28 PM
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) brasil! 10:45:32 PM
Dan Poltawski Ijust saw his terminal 10:45:52 PM
Aparup Banerjee seeing terminal snow 10:46:11 PM
Sam Hemelryk Yip I can see it 10:46:13 PM
Dan Poltawski its threre now 10:46:16 PM
Aparup Banerjee *now 10:46:19 PM
Rajesh Taneja yes 10:46:20 PM
David Mudrák finally a command line interface! 10:46:23 PM
Dan Poltawski its just that its at top of screen 10:46:23 PM
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) DONT TYPE the ROOT's PASSWORD NOW! 10:46:25 PM
Ankit Agarwal lol 10:46:26 PM
Andrew Nicols Martin: Click on his window at the bottom. It's based on who is talking most 10:46:27 PM
Dan Poltawski get him to press enter 10:46:27 PM
Aparup Banerjee gone 10:46:29 PM
Andrew Nicols heh 10:46:40 PM
Andrew Nicols wfm ;) 10:46:49 PM
Dan Poltawski I see him! 10:47:05 PM
Aparup Banerjee its there now 10:47:06 PM
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) here we go 10:47:13 PM
Dan Poltawski look you guys look! 10:47:23 PM
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) it's boring... although last time i was 80 mins looking for them to complete. 10:48:01 PM
Helen Foster wow, how cool is that! 10:48:01 PM
Dan Poltawski lol 10:48:01 PM
Dan Poltawski david is cheating 10:48:28 PM
Dan Poltawski hes just doing it quickly 10:48:35 PM
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) it's a recorded video! Fake! 10:48:42 PM
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) 10:48:51 PM
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) eh, have you seen the setType warning, Dan? 10:49:07 PM
Gareth J Barnard He has a Raspberry Pi controlled mouse ;) 10:49:09 PM
Aparup Banerjee suspects trained monkeys 10:49:10 PM
Dan Poltawski yes! 10:49:11 PM
Dan Poltawski errors not detected 10:49:25 PM
Justin Filip Does this take screenshots at any points for making sure a page is rendered correctly? 10:49:29 PM
Jason Hardin can you run just the plugin tests? 10:49:36 PM
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) yeah, we should have them caught already, grrr 10:49:38 PM
Justin Filip Such as: this page looks great in Chrome and FF but renders incorrectly in IE8? 10:49:46 PM
Dan Poltawski Jason Hardin: you can run by tag 10:49:49 PM
Jason Hardin awesome 10:49:56 PM
Dan Poltawski jfilip: yes 10:49:56 PM
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) by tag or by name (part of the description) 10:50:07 PM
Justin Filip Cool, thanks. 10:50:08 PM
Jason Hardin nice 10:50:20 PM
Moodle HQ Justin, that's exactly what Marinas behatui thing does 10:50:25 PM
Rex Lorenzo Are you guys running also running selenium in windows to test IE? How many different environments are you running selenium or planning to? 10:50:34 PM
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) 2.6 testing won't be QA testing anymore but "picture testing" instead, lol. 10:51:15 PM
Justin Filip I'll take a look at it, thanks for the info. 10:51:41 PM
Moodle HQ Sauce labs, for now 10:52:11 PM
Rex Lorenzo Which service? 10:52:14 PM
Dan Poltawski 10:52:24 PM
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) settype again 10:52:50 PM
Dan Poltawski 10:52:58 PM
Dan Poltawski ^ cool 10:53:00 PM
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) we need to catch all those notices/warnings/debuggins ASAP 10:53:34 PM
Rex Lorenzo Very cool stuff. 10:53:40 PM
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) awesome stuff, david! 10:53:56 PM
Dan Poltawski now everyone else needs to start writing tests 10:54:14 PM
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) i want to 10:54:20 PM
Dan Poltawski (steam was coming out of davids ears when I was in perth) 10:54:27 PM
Ankit Agarwal Nice presentations 10:54:58 PM
Ankit Agarwal slides 10:55:10 PM
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) wasn't there a pending backport issue for tests to 2.4 ? 10:55:12 PM
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) (evil) 10:55:18 PM
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) (assign ones) 10:55:28 PM
Dan Poltawski yup 10:55:31 PM
Dan Poltawski aren't they waiting on Damyon 10:56:11 PM
Dan Poltawski yup: MDL-37632 10:56:31 PM
Moodle Bot - Backport unit tests for mod/assign/lib.php and mod/assign/lib.php and mod/assign/upgradelib.php to 24 10:56:31 PM
Andrew Nicols yay people using the new drag/drop of help 10:59:07 PM
Dan Poltawski lol 11:00:11 PM
Dan Poltawski profile description from mdk 11:00:26 PM
Davo Smith popped back just in time 11:04:14 PM
Gareth J Barnard Will MDL-37490 make it into M2.5? 11:04:26 PM
Moodle Bot - Display assignment due date on course page. 11:04:27 PM
Ankit Agarwal yes 11:05:21 PM
Andrew Nicols Seeing it on youtube now 11:05:21 PM
Rajesh Taneja yes 11:05:24 PM
David Mudrák yes 11:05:27 PM
Justin Filip Yes 11:05:33 PM
sbourget yes 11:05:36 PM
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) another perfect english speaker, yay! 11:06:05 PM
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) the orange looks "too much" for me, lol. 11:09:00 PM
Tim Hunt No such thing as too much orange. 11:09:12 PM
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) will it support custom backgrounds? 11:09:37 PM
David Mudrák typical mobile developer - having even desktop windows resized to 200 x 300 px 11:09:53 PM
Ankit Agarwal heh 11:10:04 PM
Martin Dougiamas Yes you can change backgrounds and everything via CSS 11:12:24 PM
Martin Dougiamas there is a new setting in Moodle 2.5 that lets you specify the URL to a CSS file 11:12:44 PM
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) super 11:12:53 PM
Martin Dougiamas And the app will get this and use it 11:12:57 PM
Andrew Nicols Same goes for language customisations 11:13:18 PM
Martin Dougiamas 11:13:23 PM
Martin Dougiamas And all this is cached in the app 11:13:28 PM
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) well done1 11:14:03 PM
Andrew Nicols It's a nice app - well done Juan 11:14:17 PM
Aparup Banerjee nice! (browser appears black sometimes in youtube) 11:14:49 PM
Rex Lorenzo Is the push notifications something similar to what Moodlerooms is proposing for their alert system in here? 11:14:59 PM
Rex Lorenzo How can we sent push notifications? Does it use the messaging api? 11:15:28 PM
Tim Hunt More open. Less free 11:15:29 PM
marxjohnson00 Haha oh dear 11:15:36 PM
marxjohnson00 lets not get into that now 11:15:40 PM
Dan Poltawski the notification using messaging system 11:15:43 PM
Juan Leyva Rex, yes messaging output plugins 11:15:46 PM
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) "we are legion" 11:15:49 PM
Martin Dougiamas We have a server called AirNotifier that will recieve messages from Moodle 11:16:17 PM
maberdour Holy crap, been trying out different jabber settings for an hour. Made it in. Thanks @anatai 11:16:18 PM
Martin Dougiamas via Message API 11:16:21 PM
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) jabber is sooo simple, lol. 11:16:33 PM
Martin Dougiamas and send it to Apple/Google and then to your phone 11:16:35 PM
Anatai @maberdour you're welcome 11:16:38 PM
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) super 11:16:51 PM
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) exciting 11:16:55 PM
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) amazing 11:16:57 PM
sam marshall (yeah, how come irc works much better than jabber? 11:16:58 PM
Gareth J Barnard Thank you 11:17:05 PM
Aparup Banerjee yes the notifications i've received were cool Jerome 11:17:08 PM
Juan Leyva 11:17:19 PM
Juan Leyva 11:17:19 PM
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) welcom, G 11:17:21 PM
Andrew Nicols We've lost camear on youtube 11:17:22 PM
Andrew Nicols Got your camera now 11:17:44 PM
Anthony Borrow any updates on MDL-36350 / - it seems to keep getting pushed back - possible GSOC project? 11:18:30 PM
Moodle Bot - Implement Survey 2 module 11:18:30 PM
Moodle HQ AFAIK Daniele stil on it 11:19:10 PM
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) afaik Danielle is back, hard working on it, Anthony. 11:19:13 PM
Anthony Borrow good news! 11:19:21 PM
Andrew Nicols lag is tricky 11:19:54 PM
Dan Poltawski hi GSOC students watching! 11:19:58 PM
marxjohnson00 1 11:20:05 PM
Andrew Nicols and Twitter hasn't been great for it 11:20:06 PM
Ankit Agarwal Brilliant 11:20:07 PM
Aparup Banerjee this is way way better 11:20:08 PM
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) 0.5 11:20:08 PM
Gareth J Barnard Will this live stream be saved? +1 11:20:09 PM
Andrew Nicols +1 though 11:20:09 PM
Rajesh Taneja 1 11:20:11 PM
Tim Hunt Video and audio is good. 11:20:11 PM
Sam Hemelryk 1 11:20:13 PM
Justin Filip Pretty good 11:20:13 PM
Rex Lorenzo Better than bbb 11:20:17 PM
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) 0.2 11:20:17 PM
David Mudrák 1 11:20:18 PM
Tim Hunt Harder to see who is in the meeting and chat 11:20:20 PM
Andrew Nicols Could do with the stream running a bit for 15 minutes before hand to give people a chance to get themselves sorted 11:20:24 PM
Mark Nelson It worked with very little effort. 11:20:35 PM
Dan Poltawski 1 11:20:38 PM
Tim Hunt Yes. Starting the stream earlier woudlbe good. 11:20:40 PM
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) google rocks! 11:20:42 PM
Jenny Gray twitter has been surprisingly quiet. 11:20:42 PM
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) 11:20:43 PM
Gareth J Barnard BBB is being used at iMoot 2013. 11:20:56 PM
Andrew Nicols thanks 11:21:10 PM
David Mudrák too many places to check for feedback 11:21:11 PM
Gareth J Barnard Thank you all 11:21:26 PM
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) devs rocks! C'mon! 11:21:35 PM
Tim Hunt Thanks. 11:21:36 PM
Anatai thanks 11:21:38 PM
David Mudrák thanks 11:21:40 PM
Ankit Agarwal Cya all 11:21:42 PM
Justin Filip Thanks 11:21:42 PM
mary thanks 11:21:44 PM
Rex Lorenzo Thanks. 11:21:44 PM
Sam Hemelryk Cool, thanks guys 11:21:45 PM
Mark Nelson Ciao. 11:21:49 PM
Dan Poltawski ciao 11:21:49 PM
David Mudrák (clap) 11:21:50 PM
David Mudrák +1 mojito 11:21:54 PM
Rossiani Wijaya cya 11:22:01 PM
Rajesh Taneja cya 11:22:01 PM
David Mudrák did I hear "meeting rums?" 11:22:07 PM
Aparup Banerjee thanks! good night! moodle out yo 11:22:14 PM
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) did i hear "mojito" ? 11:22:16 PM
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) lol 11:22:20 PM