Developer meeting August 2011

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Developer meetings > August 2011 meeting notes

Time 07:00 UTC on Tuesday, 23 August 2011
Meeting room Recording (login as guest with email address, name and password letmein )

The following are notes taken from the meeting. If you feel anything is missing, please edit these notes or email Michael d.

In this meeting we hoped to focus on activities outside Moodle HQ.


The maximum number of listed attendees throughout the meeting was 22 including the following people.

Moodle HQ (being Martin Dougiamas, Rissiani Wijaya, Rajesh Teneja, Dongsheng Cai, Andrew Davis, Aparup Banerjee, Jérôme Mouneyrac and Michael de Raadt), Dan Poltawski, Helen Foster, Hubert Chathi, Eloy, Dan Marsden, Anthony Borrow, Bas Brands, David Mudrak, Jon Doane, Mark Johnson, Mark N, Nadav, Ruslan Kabalin, Petr Škoda, Tim Hunt, Inaki Arenza, Andrew Nichols, Anne Krijger, Marina Glancy, Mary, Andrew Buchner, Alan.


ELIS Presentation

ELIS was presented by Hubert Chathi from Hubert described the development, structure and implementation as well as plans for the future.

Hubert also raised some other lesser projects from, including an improved cron system.

Plugins (M&P replacement)

The new Plugins system was demonstrated. The features of the new system were shown.

  • Screenshots
  • Multiple contributors
  • Versioning
  • Ratings and reviews
  • RSS feeds various steams of information

The system is on [], but not open to the world as yet.

The future of the system was discussed, including encouraging people to upgrade code.

Moodle 2.2 progress

There was a quick overview of the Roadmap for 2.2.

Specifically the following topics were discussed in some detail.

  • Rubrics
  • Files and repositories
  • Milti-tenancy
  • iPhone app and Web services

Other stuff

  • Dan Poltawski attempted to speak about how Mahara code revision works, but was unable to share his desktop, unfortunately
  • Tim Hunt said he was contemplating two new types of plugin. One was to re-organise the question bank code into plugins (e.g. edit questions, edit categories, import, export and preview). This would let people add new functionality. The other was to convert mod/quiz/accessrules.php to be a set of sub-plugins of quiz.
  • Replacement for MNet through Web services and OAuth