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Time 07:00 UTC on Tuesday, 22 May 2012
Meeting room and recording Moodle Dev Meeting Course

In this meeting we'll focus on the impending release of Moodle 2.3 and plans for 2.4.


Adam Olley, Adrian Greeve, Andrew Nicolls, Ankit Agarwal, Barbara Ramiro, Bas Brands, Damyon Wiese, Dan Marsden, Dan Poltawski, David Mudrak, Davo Smith, Derek Woolhead, Dongsheng Cai, Eloy Lafuente, Frédéric Massart, Gavin Henrick, Helen Foster, Jason Fowler, Jérôme Mouneyrac, John Holmes, Juan Leyva, Julian Ridden, Luis de Vasconcelos, Luke Tucker, Mark Aberdour, Mark Johnson, Martin Dougiamas, Mary Cooch, Mary Evans, Nadav Kavalerchik, Paul Nicholls, Petr Škoda, Pieterjan Heyse, Rajesh Taneja, Ramesh Suresh, Ray Lawrence, Rex Lorenzo, Ron Rozen, Ruslan Kabalin, Rossiani Wijaya, Sam Hemelryk, Shane Elliott, Simon Coggins, Ted van den Brink , Tim Barker, Yainnis Arapoglou.


The following are notes taken from the meeting. If you feel anything is missing, please edit this page this page or email Michael d.

Moodle 2.3 release

The upcoming release was discussed.

QA testing

  • Started 21/5
  • Already about 10% through
  • Now 600 tests
  • New test strategy

Moodle 2.4 roadmap

A number of issues are already being considered for the 2.4 release.

  • Performance
  • Course formats refactoring
  • Course/category management - new interface
  • New default icon set and graphic design
  • New forum and wiki
  • iCal import
  • Hiding editing icons


  • At this stage there are only a few spots remaining.
  • Developers intending to come should notify Michael d.

Meeting chat log

Petr Škoda 15:26 .
Julian Ridden 15:26 hello everybody! *waves*
Mark Johnson 15:26 Good morning/afternoon/evening
Adam Olley 15:26 evening
Julian Ridden 15:26 Mark..u might want to mute your mic. :)
Mark Johnson 15:26 ah, noisy keyboard?
Julian Ridden 15:26 yup :)
Mark Johnson 15:26 noted :)
Rex Lorenzo 15:26 am I suppose to be hearing audio now?
Bas Brands 15:26 Yes
Julian Ridden 15:26 its the loop of death!
Damyon Wiese 15:26 Lots of Audio!
Davo Smith 15:26 No sound here - do I need to click on something?
Mark Johnson 15:26 I can hear
Damyon Wiese 15:26 I can hear
Rex Lorenzo 15:26 hmm.. I can play the test sound in the microphone setup
Mary Cooch 15:26 I can hear
Julian Ridden 15:26 Yes Davo. you had to click "join audio" when connecting
Paul Nicholls 15:26 Better than last time's client!
Juan Leyva 15:26 Davo, the window that ask you permissions for enabling the micro
Nadav Kavalerchik 15:26 can't hear
Rex Lorenzo 15:26 got it now
Rex Lorenzo 15:26 thanks
Julian Ridden 15:26 click on the headset on the top right to get the option again
Juan Leyva 15:26 it has a button, something like enalbe audio
Julian Ridden 15:26 I mean left..not right. I faild that test ;)
Nadav Kavalerchik 15:26 i can hear
Rex Lorenzo 15:26 big blue button looks alot like adobe connect
Davo Smith 15:26 I have sound now. I assumed the 'join audio' was for me to talk, not to listen
Bas Brands 15:26 Yes the 'join audio' was confusing
Gavin Henrick 15:26 Morning
Julian Ridden 15:26 yeah davo. Not the most intuitive there
Shane Elliott 15:26 Agree, caught me out as well
Ray Lawrence 15:26 Hi
Paul Nicholls 15:26 I denied it webcam/microphone access since I don't expect to need it, so I figured "join audio" couldn't do any harm ;-)
David Mudrák 15:26 morning all
Juan Leyva 15:26 it took me 5 minutes enabling the audio
Gavin Henrick 15:26 the text description could be better :)
Paul Nicholls 15:26 Wouldn't hurt to add a note to the developer meetings course page, nice big bold note above the link to this session
Paul Nicholls 15:26 'Click "Join Audio" if you want to be able to hear the meeting' or something
Rex Lorenzo 15:26 you can edit the page, I believe
Gavin Henrick 15:26 indeed, but at least when it works it works :)
Adam Olley 15:26 I dont suppose this chat can have names /not/ trimmed?
Rex Lorenzo 15:26 is this going to be recorded by any chance?
David Mudrák 15:26 hmm, no board to express our creativity today?
Paul Nicholls 15:26 I don't think I can, Rex
Adam Olley 15:26 start of chat says its being recoreded
John Holmes 15:26 It said at the beginning it was being recorded
Rex Lorenzo 15:26 did video die for anyone else?
Gavin Henrick 15:26 they said they were coming back
Mark Johnson 15:26 Martin just said he was switching browser
Damyon Wiese 15:26 They are changine browsers
Julian Ridden 15:26 @Gavin: but are they?
Julian Ridden 15:26 /me feras HQ has done a runner :P
Gavin Henrick 15:26 did u hear? chrome now the most popular browser
Gavin Henrick 15:26 pretty sad, i prefer ff
Julian Ridden 15:26 looking at iMoot stats today. nearly 40% of traffic there is chome...32% firefox. only 23% IE
Mark Johnson 15:26 yep, interesting to see the graph, about 6 months ago Fx leveled out at 25%, but Ch kept eating away at IE's share
Julian Ridden 15:26 bit its not really hard to eat away at IE is it :P
Gavin Henrick 15:26 i find chrome likes to eat my comp resources more than firefox
John Holmes 15:26 Hey while we wait, can anyone point me to how to download the testin ver of Moodle 2.3?
Gavin Henrick 15:26 become one with git!
Andrew Nicols 15:26 hi
Mark Johnson 15:26 :)
John Holmes 15:26 Yes, but how does one learn how to use GIT?
Julian Ridden 15:26 Mark beat me to it.
Paul Nicholls 15:26 On a site very much geared towards the general public, I still have IE dominating at 48% : strangely, Safari is in second, followed by Firefox and then Chrome
Gavin Henrick 15:26 not hard, a few commands and the basics are easy
Davo Smith 15:26
Paul Nicholls 15:26 not much between Safari/Firefox/Chrome, though
Rex Lorenzo 15:26 safari is high for us as well, because of all the macs students use
Julian Ridden 15:26 what ismore up to dte? github or
Adam Olley 15:26 Silly students
Rex Lorenzo 15:26
Davo Smith 15:26 github is mirror of git.moodle
Bas Brands 15:26 git clone
Juan Leyva 15:26 the filepicker ui changes are still in integration?
Damyon Wiese 15:26
Andrew Nicols 15:26 we can
Julian Ridden 15:26 yup
Davo Smith 15:26 yes
Mary Cooch 15:26 yes
Nadav Kavalerchik 15:26 טקד
Paul Nicholls 15:26 We can hear you, but not see you
Sam Hemelryk 15:26 Yip
Juan Leyva 15:26 yes
Nadav Kavalerchik 15:26 yes
Rex Lorenzo 15:26 audio is good, just no video
Mark Johnson 15:26 yes
Sam Hemelryk 15:26 Hello everyone
Nadav Kavalerchik 15:26 כן
Gavin Henrick 15:26 Macs are evil! ;-) in a nice way
Nadav Kavalerchik 15:26 What is Mac?
Gavin Henrick 15:26 Its a type of burger! very big..
Julian Ridden 15:26 /me loves his with aded Spotify :)
Paul Nicholls 15:26 the remote desktop window is very slow to refresh
Paul Nicholls 15:26 loads in small chunks
Bas Brands 15:26 Remote desktop looks very pixely..
Nadav Kavalerchik 15:26 Google Hangout (maybe?)
Luis de Vasconcelos 15:26 yes please
Paul Nicholls 15:26 Will we have to wait for the next weekly release day to get the Filepicker changes in the main git repo? I saw it hit integration earlier today
Rex Lorenzo 15:26 looks good.. I like the ability to edit copyright info and the resource picker/file ui improvements
Julian Ridden 15:26 agreed Rex
Paul Nicholls 15:26 Cool, was hoping to get it soon without having to pull from integration
Sam Hemelryk 15:26 FYI HQ I don't think the screen sharing is working too well. Its very slow to refresh
Juan Leyva 15:26 missing conditional settings for sections
Nadav Kavalerchik 15:26 Are the RTL Themes fixes going to be integrated?
Andrew Nicols 15:26 Can someone else do the remote desktop sharing and do the demo?
Mark Johnson 15:26 has simpletest been removed?
Rex Lorenzo 15:26 hopefully just deprecated... or do we also need to rewrite our unit tests?
Andrew Nicols 15:26 Kabalin
Dan Poltawski 15:26 Michael: do you want me to try sharing screen?
Adam Olley 15:26 Do they perform as good or better than current style?
Andrew Nicols 15:26 There are some JS changes which have been required for course formats, but we've been working with all of the course format authors with plugins in core to get them up to date
Adam Olley 15:26 (performance wise)
Nadav Kavalerchik 15:26 Are the RTL Themes fixes going to be integrated?
Andrew Nicols 15:26 (primarily for section and resource drag/drop)
Adam Olley 15:26 sounds promising then :)
Andrew Nicols 15:26 the JS is slightly better in terms of performance. We're using YUI3 methods rather than native JS methods which are faster
Bas Brands 15:26 Will the drag and drop work for IE 8 and older?
Dan Poltawski 15:26 bas: no
Andrew Nicols 15:26 Bas: Yes
Adam Olley 15:26 (i was more worried about server performance generating the page, no the client side)
Andrew Nicols 15:26 well, which drag and drop?
Dan Poltawski 15:26 oh, sorry, i'm talking about files
Davo Smith 15:26 drag and drop works find in the browser, but not the drag and drop upload
Bas Brands 15:26 Yes the files
Paul Nicholls 15:26 file drag and drop can't work in IE8 or below, but blocks etc will work fine
Davo Smith 15:26 no, IE does not support HTML 5 drag and drop
Davo Smith 15:26 (before IE10)
Julian Ridden 15:26 I dont think it is physically possible for D&D to work in IE because of how it isolates JS
Davo Smith 15:26 IE10 preview works fine
Rex Lorenzo 15:26 so we don't need the drag and drop block anymore?
Gavin Henrick 15:26 I like the top text guide "Drag and drop files, text or links onto course sections to upload them" good prompt for people!
Julian Ridden 15:26 wow IE10 will start to catch up with the rest of the world.
Davo Smith 15:26 drag and drop block will cause a clash in Moodle 2.3
Andrew Nicols 15:26 Block drag/drop (which is back), section drag/drop, and resource drag/drop work in all browsers. Same with resource changes (rename, show/hide, delete, group mode change), and section changes (show/hide, highlight). File drag/drop works in most browsers
Gavin Henrick 15:26 we need to hold a wake in the coming weeks, for the two dropdowns changing to the nicer +add an activity or resource :)
Nadav Kavalerchik 15:26 Can draging Images setup a lightboxgallery resource with all the images ?
Davo Smith 15:26 no support for lightbox drag and drop
Julian Ridden 15:26 the dragging of a zip and its extraction into a folder resource is my favourite. Great work Davo
Gavin Henrick 15:26 its cool
Gavin Henrick 15:26 working for scorm yet? ;)
Davo Smith 15:26 but lightbox could add support easily
Andrew Nicols 15:26 DanP: I think you have to be a moderator to screen share
Davo Smith 15:26 (maybe best for lightbox to add support for zip files, so you can upload several at once)
Davo Smith 15:26 only file and folder set up by default
Dan Marsden 15:26 Gavin I'm hoping to add it before 2.3 release
Dan Marsden 15:26 (for SCORM)
Gavin Henrick 15:26 awesome :)
Sam Hemelryk 15:26 Does scorm have a unique extension, or does it always just use zip?
Dan Marsden 15:26 just zip
Nadav Kavalerchik 15:26 It's not intuitive for users to zip images before they dnd them onto Lightboxgallery, i think
Gavin Henrick 15:26 just zip
Gavin Henrick 15:26 with the imsmanifest inside to detect it.
Davo Smith 15:26 Thanks to Gavin Henrick for suggesting that feature!
Sam Hemelryk 15:26 It would be cool if we could determine it were a scorm package by peaking or what not
Gavin Henrick 15:26 my ideas are cheap davo :) your code is key
Dan Marsden 15:26 Sam: I'd hoped that too
Dan Marsden 15:26 but it's too heavy on processing
Nadav Kavalerchik 15:26 Draging a Folder?
Davo Smith 15:26 browsers do not support folder dragging
Davo Smith 15:26 (I checked the chrome source code to be sure)
Dan Marsden 15:26 afaik the drag/drop code only allows us to look at the file ext
Gavin Henrick 15:26 you can know if a zip is IMS package or scorm by looking inside (or a moodle backup) :)
Dan Marsden 15:26 we can't inspect the contents of a zip
Juan Leyva 15:26 Davo, course creators will be very happy with your work
Dan Marsden 15:26 but after selecting to add a zip as a scorm: we can do it then of course
Davo Smith 15:26 You can inspecr the content, but would need js to unzip the file
Dan Marsden 15:26 can js unzip?
Paul Nicholls 15:26 We've had one lecturer in particular trying to demand WebDAV, so he should be thrilled with the drag/drop
Gavin Henrick 15:26 it can make coffee!
Adam Olley 15:26 I am
Davo Smith 15:26 theoretically js can unzip, if you write it yourself ...
Dan Marsden 15:26 heh
Damyon Wiese 15:26 Hi
Davo Smith 15:26 so now I just need to finish rewriting my assignment plugin ...
Nadav Kavalerchik 15:26 Davo, are you familiar with
Julian Ridden 15:26 what is the deaut setting then? is new asignment disabled by default? or both enabled on upgrade
Paul Nicholls 15:26 the new assignment module is nice - is it possible to submit submission/feedback modules for it to the plugins database yet?
Mark Johnson 15:26 Is there a big UI change in teh new assignement or is it just the code that's changed?
Davo Smith 15:26 Yes, I've seen that demo
Paul Nicholls 15:26 (I've rewritten my online audio assignment as a mod_assign submission module)
Davo Smith 15:26 It would not work with drag and drop upload
Ray Lawrence 15:26 loud
Moodlebot 15:26 Welcome to the developer meeting.

This session is being recorded.

The maximum duration for this session is 240 minutes.
Rex Lorenzo 15:26 sorry.. but I hardly caught any of that audio...
Damyon Wiese 15:27 Yep - sorry - noisy office
Julian Ridden 15:27 thought he was suddenly abducted by a heard of rampaging lemurs. At least thats what I heard ;)
Helen Foster 15:27 it will be listed as a resource, not an activity, right?
Rex Lorenzo 15:28 what were the first 2 3rd party modules?
Dan Marsden 15:28 hotpot/scorm ?
Ray Lawrence 15:28 lesson?
David Mudrák 15:28 quiz?
Mark Johnson 15:28 I like that interface :)
Mary Cooch 15:29 are activities going to be first before resources? read somewhere
Andrew Nicols 15:29 btw: Helen has aked that we swap Activities and Resources
Petr Škoda 15:29 Why is add on the right and cancel left side? We did the other forms before mirrored, right?
Mark Johnson 15:29 Makes sense to have activities first we can drag and drop resources
Julian Ridden 15:30 Im with petr. Is not cancel always on the right on web interfaces?
Helen Foster 15:30
Julian Ridden 15:30 ohhh.ok
Andrew Nicols 15:30 it's all about flow
Rex Lorenzo 15:30 well.. cancel should like a link or look different than the positive/submit button.. like basecamp
Paul Nicholls 15:30 yep, I agree that add should be on the right (Where it is now!)
Julian Ridden 15:31 dare i sugges colors? theme controlled
Paul Nicholls 15:31 and yes, de-emphasising cancel sounds like a great idea
Gavin Henrick 15:31 course settings save is left, so would you need to change all forms ?
Davo Smith 15:31 isn't the 'close' button enough?
Paul Nicholls 15:31 Davo, not for some people
Andrew Nicols 15:31 MDL-33128 for swapping activities and resources around
David Mudrák 15:31 yes
David Mudrák 15:32 no need from DEV POV imho
Dan Marsden 15:32 very cool
Mark Nelson 15:33 can you specify in third party plugins an update location?
Gavin Henrick 15:33 as there are "less" resources than activities, and they were 1st dropdown originally, would it not be a usability hit moving them second, as only 3 would appear and they would be forced to scroll
Adam Olley 15:33 remote desktop is like a kaliedoscope
Juan Leyva 15:33 any change of having public stats about download/use of contrib plugins?
Rex Lorenzo 15:33 Gavin, I agree... we shouldn't move resources down below the fold...
Mark Johnson 15:33 +1 for download stats
Julian Ridden 15:33 what if the plugin location y defaut was plugin database?
Rex Lorenzo 15:33 since it is a short list
Juan Leyva 15:33 since the switch to the new plugin database there are no stats for contrib
Juan Leyva 15:34 it will help us, contrib developers
Mark Johnson 15:34 Be useful for me to show my bosses :)
Mark Aberdour 15:34 love the notifications, anything that moves towards Wordpress style updater is great news :-)
David Mudrák 15:35 it's trivial one
Gavin Henrick 15:35 I love wordpress, but a Bit scared at admins being able to easier install a plugin without going through proper due diligence and testing on their site..
Rex Lorenzo 15:35 I wonder how that works with us using git for deployment
Mark Johnson 15:35 Is simpletest still going to be there in 2.3?
Davo Smith 15:35 Rex: how do you mean?
Andrew Nicols 15:35 Rex: It just informs you when an update is available. Shouldn't change your deployment mechanisms etc
David Mudrák 15:36 Plugins API is because of thumbnails
Luis de Vasconcelos 15:36 YES!
Ray Lawrence 15:36 yes
Mark Aberdour 15:36 yes to WS
Rex Lorenzo 15:36 but for Moodle 2.4 the plan is to have moodle auto-update itself
Rex Lorenzo 15:36 I hope we can disable that
Andrew Nicols 15:36 but you don't have to use it ;)
David Mudrák 15:36 Rex: available, not forced
Mark Nelson 15:36 Cool.
Andrew Nicols 15:36 We certaiinly won't be
Luis de Vasconcelos 15:36 Will web services generate detailed WSDL's?
Adam Olley 15:36 Rex: they'd be insane to not have us be able to shut it off
Moodle HQ 15:36 yes rex, optional and actually there is a kill switch in config.php to kill it totally
Yiannis Arapoglou 15:37 will be any report page top inform what plugins are going to be updated?
Gavin Henrick 15:37 nice on kill switch.
Moodle HQ 15:37 (esp for hosted services)
Mark Johnson 15:37 auto-update as in without any admin interaction?
Moodle HQ 15:37 no, needs admin
Mark Johnson 15:37 ok cool
Rex Lorenzo 15:38 no.. auto-update meaning one click update
Yiannis Arapoglou 15:38 will be any report page to inform what plugins are going to be updated? If there have been any customizations how can they protected from auto-update and overwrite?
Juan Leyva 15:38 +10 webservices in minor versions
Andrew Nicols 15:38 (simpletest is still around for a bit)
Rex Lorenzo 15:38 Selenium or ui testing as well?
Adam Olley 15:38 +1 more unit tests
Mark Johnson 15:39 How long is a bit?
Mark Johnson 15:39 I've got lots of unit tests to rewrite :)
Rex Lorenzo 15:39 okay, will there be a guide on how to convert our exising unit tests?
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) 15:39 Think there are some Docs about migrating tests
Rex Lorenzo 15:40 okay
Andrew Nicols 15:40 Mark: Question for martin: at least 2.4
Mark Nelson 15:40 limiting the auto-update to users (if specified) in the config.php file would be handy for shared hosting where a support account is created for each client.
Andrew Nicols 15:40 Also much faster to run the unit tests
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) 15:41
Mark Johnson 15:41 yay for running tests via CLI
Rex Lorenzo 15:41 very exiciting! I hope to be able to use this in a continuous integration server
Gavin Henrick 15:41 i had one locally...
Shane Elliott 15:41 yup
Luis de Vasconcelos 15:41 No
Mark Aberdour 15:41 Nope
Julian Ridden 15:42 yes
Paul Nicholls 15:42 Completely off-topic: SpaceX launch in just under 3 mins at
Davo Smith 15:43 black and white for us
Nadav Kavalerchik 15:43 what's the +- on the right bottom?
Rex Lorenzo 15:43 oh.. what is that?
Andrew Nicols 15:43 Nadav: Add/Remove sections
Paul Nicholls 15:43 oh wow, that looks cool (though I'm not a fan of the animation)
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) 15:43 There are some shell & php scripts we use here, ready to be plugged to hudson/jenkins just in case anybody is interested:
Nadav Kavalerchik 15:43 thanks
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) 15:43 feel free to improve them (they are sort of "hacky" right now)
Julian Ridden 15:43 yay for thumbnails :)
Davo Smith 15:43 could we make the animation just run a couple of times, or occasionally
Yiannis Arapoglou 15:44 do you have a loader for large files?
Davo Smith 15:44 it could get annoying if you were filling in a lot of writing on another section of the form
Sam Hemelryk 15:44 Year I wondered about that as well Davo, it just keeps bouncing presently
Paul Nicholls 15:44 (30 seconds to launch)
Bas Brands 15:44 Do you need to click save after uploading?
Davo Smith 15:44 yes
Rex Lorenzo 15:45 blast off
Davo Smith 15:45 but you get a warning if you don't
Rex Lorenzo 15:45 very nice
Nadav Kavalerchik 15:45 great!
Julian Ridden 15:46 good stuff
Gavin Henrick 15:46 would normal people understand alias?
Davo Smith 15:46 should there be a help icon beside the 'alias' bit?
Rex Lorenzo 15:46 shortcut is better...
Juan Leyva 15:46 looks so good
Rex Lorenzo 15:46 imho
Paul Nicholls 15:46 ah, now that's good
Helen Foster 15:46 shortcut / link
Yiannis Arapoglou 15:46 very good idea and useful
Ray Lawrence 15:46 "You" is admin
Ray Lawrence 15:46 or teacher?
Juan Leyva 15:46 +1 help icon in alias/shortcut
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) 15:46 yeah, in fact tinymce dialogs look really classy when new picker UI emerges.
Gavin Henrick 15:46 maybe do a usability comparison test on it? with teachers
Mark Johnson 15:47 what's the actual difference? I thought moodle only stored one copy anyway if a file's identical?
Davo Smith 15:47 if you update the private file - will update all aliases
Rex Lorenzo 15:47 well, you can update in one location
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) 15:47 you don't know that Mark, It's a secret. :-)
Ray Lawrence 15:48 alias is the best name because that's what it is
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) 15:48 (I mean physical storage does not matter)
Ray Lawrence 15:48 Shortcut doesn't give you the full indication of the functionality
Paul Nicholls 15:48 That sounds sensible
Julian Ridden 15:48 now that made my day. I have been wishinsh for something ike that for a while. And built in explanation is a huge bonus
Davo Smith 15:49 but shortcut is the closest windows equivalent - non-mac users may not know what an alias is
Gavin Henrick 15:49 have all the default repository plugins been updated to handle this?
Mark Johnson 15:49 Ooh that's good
Nadav Kavalerchik 15:49 google docs?
Mark Johnson 15:49 So the file's never copied to Moodle at all?
Paul Nicholls 15:49 2.3 is finally going to get us off 1.9 (though not for a while yet, unfortunately) ;-)
Rex Lorenzo 15:49 only equella, right? not dropbox, google docs, etc
Nadav Kavalerchik 15:50 can i "alias" a google doc
Davo Smith 15:50 nice bit of distraction :-)
Paul Nicholls 15:50 Might be worth investigating the new Google Drive APIs
Nadav Kavalerchik 15:50 alfresco?
Paul Nicholls 15:50 I think they're pretty powerful, though I haven't really looked into them myself
Gavin Henrick 15:51 which of the repository plugins use it already?
Juan Leyva 15:51 Gavin this info is in the release notes
Luis de Vasconcelos 15:51 So if I link to FileX.txt in Course 1 and Course 2 and I then update FileX.txt it will be updated in both courses?
Paul Nicholls 15:51 there's even a FUSE wrapper being worked on, so the Drive APIs must be pretty decent
Rex Lorenzo 15:51 hmm.. if a repo like dropbox offers public links to files.. it should be able to support linking..
Nadav Kavalerchik 15:51 impressive
Davo Smith 15:51 Luis: that's the idea
Dan Poltawski 15:52 i've looked at google drive apis recently
Luis de Vasconcelos 15:52 GOOD!
Gavin Henrick 15:52 Juan: people read those ?;-)
Dan Poltawski 15:52 its a bit weird
Dan Poltawski 15:52 will be confusing vs google docs
Juan Leyva 15:52 Drive API is oriented for google apps
Gavin Henrick 15:52 it is very cool.
Paul Nicholls 15:52 Dan: Google Docs? What's that? ;-)
Luke Tucker 15:53 will shortcuts support virus checking?
Luis de Vasconcelos 15:53 Any idea if/when MDL-28988 will be done?
Adam Olley 15:53 googledocs is where they give files they want the world to share
Luis de Vasconcelos 15:53 MDL-28988 = Webs Services WSDL
Andrew Nicols 15:53 is there any way to get thumbnails for reosurces? Just wondering if we can have a mouse-over to show thumbnails on them
Davo Smith 15:53 virus checking is done on original upload?
Nadav Kavalerchik 15:53 download all uses ZIP with does not support Hebrew
Helen Foster 15:53
Helen Foster 15:54 Files UI stage 2
Nadav Kavalerchik 15:54 is it possible to use other Compressor?
Nadav Kavalerchik 15:54 we have issues with this
Nadav Kavalerchik 15:54 nope
Rex Lorenzo 15:54 zip doesn't support hebrew?
Nadav Kavalerchik 15:54 it is
Dan Marsden 15:54 depends on the zip app I thought
Rex Lorenzo 15:55 you mean hebrew file names?
Nadav Kavalerchik 15:55 yes
Nadav Kavalerchik 15:55 file names inside the zi[
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) 15:55 you mean utf8 file names?
Nadav Kavalerchik 15:55 yes
Nadav Kavalerchik 15:55 we convert them to English letters
Andrew Nicols 15:55 AntiVirus was fixed in MDL-19380
Nadav Kavalerchik 15:55 it's a hack
Dan Marsden 15:55 nadav: doesn't it work in some cases?
Dan Marsden 15:55 some apps?
Nadav Kavalerchik 15:55 ok
Nadav Kavalerchik 15:56 i fixed all the themes
Nadav Kavalerchik 15:56 and i am waiting for integration
Nadav Kavalerchik 15:56 30337
Nadav Kavalerchik 15:56
Damyon Wiese 15:56 When will the docs site for 2.3 be opend up?
Dan Marsden 15:56 zip utf8 bug is already there:
Nadav Kavalerchik 15:57 mary reviewed it
Dan Marsden 15:57 it works for mac users :-)
Nadav Kavalerchik 15:57 and she thinks it's ok
Nadav Kavalerchik 15:57 any chance it will get into 2/3
Nadav Kavalerchik 15:57 yes
Helen Foster 15:57 re. 2.3 docs, hopefully today
Nadav Kavalerchik 15:57 thanks!
Damyon Wiese 15:58 Thanks
Mark Aberdour 15:58 Totara's Report Builder was pegged for 2.3, it that still on the roadmap?
Gavin Henrick 15:58 oh?
Simon Coggins 15:58 it won't be in 2.3
Simon Coggins 15:58 hi
Nadav Kavalerchik 15:58 what's the report builder?
Nadav Kavalerchik 15:58 ok
Nadav Kavalerchik 15:59 awesome
Mark Aberdour 15:59 thanks
Moodle HQ 16:00 (Tim Barker)
Simon Coggins 16:00 report builder bug:
Nadav Kavalerchik 16:00 thanks (simon)
Simon Coggins 16:01 we are porting to 2.x now, will be starting up a forum/wiki page soon to get feedback
Mark Aberdour 16:02 Thanks Simon, am watching 30193 so will pick up any updates/feedback requests on there hopefully :-)
Simon Coggins 16:02 yep I'll post to the bug too
John Holmes 16:03 So to test 2.3 we download 2.3dev is that correct?
Moodle HQ 16:03 In a day or so yes
Moodle HQ 16:04 Right now you can get git:// if you like
Rex Lorenzo 16:04 or go to
Moodle HQ 16:04 or tht
Rex Lorenzo 16:06
Simon Coggins 16:06 very cool stuff
Rex Lorenzo 16:07 yes, I would like to use the work to help write our own selenium tests for the changes we made. pretty great stuff
Mark Aberdour 16:07 great work on the testing strategy page, well done Tim
Michael de Raadt 16:07 Luis: no date planned for MDL-28988, Federico is looking to it (jerome)
Rex Lorenzo 16:07
Dan Marsden 16:08 that would be quite nice
Gavin Henrick 16:08 have you seen jmeter cloud where it scales to very high numbers if you have jmeter/selenium script?
Andrew Nicols 16:09 That'd be great - we do that for mahara and include codechecking, virus, image optimisation, XML parsing, and php parsing
Gavin Henrick 16:09
Gavin Henrick 16:09 very cool system
Gavin Henrick 16:09 nice pricing too (not selling it)
Rex Lorenzo 16:09
Rex Lorenzo 16:10
Dan Marsden 16:10 formslib ?
Rex Lorenzo 16:10 what got pushed off?
Adam Olley 16:11 multi-user cache
Adam Olley 16:12
Luis de Vasconcelos 16:13 Will the MUC affect the existing MoodleData folder?
Simon Coggins 16:13 is there a bug/wiki page for course/category management?
Gavin Henrick 16:13 will that include a bulk upload option for course/categories?
Simon Coggins 16:14
Sam Hemelryk 16:14 MDL-31830
Rex Lorenzo 16:14
Rex Lorenzo 16:14 dang.. beat me
Sam Hemelryk 16:14 No plans for bulk upload yet
Adam Olley 16:14 luis: MUC is for caches, so the stuff in moodledata/cache may move into whatever caching system you choose (shareded mem, etc)
Paul Nicholls 16:14 I was about half a second behind Simon ;-)
Sam Hemelryk 16:14 (not saying it wont be done, but not planned yet)
Gavin Henrick 16:15 bulk upload been on tracker for years! ;-)
Andrew Nicols 16:15 definateiy!
Mark Johnson 16:15 isn't there an admin tool for bulk upload? I'm sure I saw soemthing on the forums
Yiannis Arapoglou 16:15 is there any plans to add groups and subgroups under cohorts?
Paul Nicholls 16:15 the audio just turned into beatboxing for a moment there
Rex Lorenzo 16:16 is there a ticket for the "graphics design" change?
Rex Lorenzo 16:16 we have some changes that one of our programmer made that look very nice
Andrew Nicols 16:16 MDL-14361
Gavin Henrick 16:17 Mark: people have a solution for 1.9 and 2, just nice when it hits core sometime! :)
Paul Nicholls 16:17 My audio recording repo plugin is still pending moderation in the plugins db ;-)
Andrew Nicols 16:17 +1 for AV recording into core
Dan Marsden 16:17 will you run both in core?
Dan Marsden 16:17 or replace it?
Dan Marsden 16:17 cool
Gavin Henrick 16:18 its cuddly !
Mark Johnson 16:18 Yay for iCal import!
Dan Marsden 16:18 quickforms2 plans?
Rex Lorenzo 16:18 M19 restore with user data?
Gavin Henrick 16:18 1.9 restore of data... ?
Paul Nicholls 16:18 if anyone from HQ fancies reviewing my audio recording repo, it's
Petr Škoda 16:19 quickform is actually our problem
Dan Marsden 16:19 we don't want to roll our own formslib though do we?
Dan Marsden 16:19 is there anything else that is better?
Rex Lorenzo 16:20 sorry to side track.. but why is quickform bad?..
Paul Nicholls 16:20 My repo plugin is entirely standalone - no server required
Nadav Kavalerchik 16:20 is good for video too?
Petr Škoda 16:20 anything we control is better than quickforms, we wasted so much time on it that we could have 2 libs written from scratch
Paul Nicholls 16:20 It uses the Flash recording widget I built as part of an assignment type
Ray Lawrence 16:21 sound lost for anyone else? or jst me?
Dan Marsden 16:21 the quickforms devs sound interested in engaging with us on improvements too
Damyon Wiese 16:21 sound still good
Mark Johnson 16:21 just you ray
Paul Nicholls 16:21 Could potentially be extended to video, but I'm not really a Flash dev, so if somebody else has expertise in the area it'd be helpful ;-)
Mary Cooch 16:21 just you
Gavin Henrick 16:21 click out and back into join audio if you lost it.
Nadav Kavalerchik 16:21 Paul, checkout it's a rtcweb app
Ray Lawrence 16:22 boo
Petr Škoda 16:22 we have a wrapper around quickforms and differen data management, we knew in 1.7 quickforms is a dead end
Dan Marsden 16:22 I'm against rolling our own
Petr Škoda 16:22 I am agains it because I remember the pains we had to make it work
Nadav Kavalerchik 16:22 html5 form elements!
Paul Nicholls 16:23 Sorry to jump back a bit, but as far as visual improvements go, any thoughts on possible inclusion of something like the "edit buttons" system that I implemented in Decaf based on Stuart Lamour's video? (
Nadav Kavalerchik 16:23 the calendar selector is a little bit confusing
Petr Škoda 16:23 and in any case it has to be compatible with our JS library - quickforms + yui = ??
Nadav Kavalerchik 16:23 after you click a date, it does not closes
Paul Nicholls 16:23 the row of icons beside each resource/activity on course pages is something of an archaic mess ;-)
Andrew Nicols 16:23 I've been playing with some YUI transitions to hide things nicely
Paul Nicholls 16:24 The formslib guys started a thread about Formslib2, might be good to continue in there?
Rex Lorenzo 16:24 Paul.. is that accessible? like can you access that edit menu with just keyboard or can a screen reader deal with that?
Dan Marsden 16:24 quickforms post:
Gavin Henrick 16:24 its a nice visual queue of being in edit mode..
Gavin Henrick 16:25 cue i mean
Gavin Henrick 16:25 need more coffee :)
Paul Nicholls 16:25 Rex, I'm not 100% sure on accessibility
Andrew Nicols 16:25 One of the other things Ruslan and I were mooting was dropping the move left/right icons entirely and getting drag/drop to do indenting too
Gavin Henrick 16:25 the 1.9 data?
Yiannis Arapoglou 16:25 any plans to add export function for total course grades for all students for all courses in grades overview report?
Gavin Henrick 16:25 any plans?
Dan Marsden 16:25 Petr: would be great if you could express your thoughts in that discussion on quickforms
Paul Nicholls 16:25 but I'm not necessarily saying "use my code!" - I'm suggesting the general concept as a replacement for the current rows of icons
Andrew Nicols 16:25 Martin: It's CSS, but it's jerky
Petr Škoda 16:25 I would only offend ppl if I said what I think about quickforms
Mark Johnson 16:25 We were playing with some CSS in the forums
Andrew Nicols 16:26 it's better with some YUI transitions
Nadav Kavalerchik 16:26 I am using it
Nadav Kavalerchik 16:26 it is very useful
Mark Johnson 16:26 it's tricky to get it usable and attractive though
Dan Marsden 16:26 I don't think you'll offend if you explain your issues with quickform1
Dan Marsden 16:26 let the people respond to say if better/fixed in quickforms2
Gavin Henrick 16:26 the menu would be great!
Paul Nicholls 16:26 I tried to emulate Stuart's menu as much as possible
Nadav Kavalerchik 16:26 How about a menu builder for the custom menu
Nadav Kavalerchik 16:27 in the header
Paul Nicholls 16:27 I've tried to keep it reasonably distinct from everything else in Decaf, so it should be pretty easy to transplant into other (even core?) themes
Michael de Raadt 16:27
Dan Marsden 16:28 would be cool to see a list of planned attendees :-)
Paul Nicholls 16:28 I'd be keen to join in on the hackfest, but I'm struggling to convince my boss's boss's boss to let me get to the Moot - I really don't like my chances of convincing her to let me go to the hackfest (as well) :-(
Rex Lorenzo 16:28 only 2 spots left?!
Moodle HQ 16:29 maybe 3
Paul Nicholls 16:29 (hooray, beaurocrazy)
Rex Lorenzo 16:30 "On the Hackfest, we'll cover you.".. so we just have to get ourselves there?
Paul Nicholls 16:30 Travel is the hard part, unfortunately
Gavin Henrick 16:30 hehe
Nadav Kavalerchik 16:30 How far is it from Israel?
Paul Nicholls 16:30 Christchurch, New Zealand
Andrew Nicols 16:31 where/when will the next hackfest be?
Nadav Kavalerchik 16:31 I can surf there?
Shane Elliott 16:31 yes!
Damyon Wiese 16:31 And sharks!
Sam Hemelryk 16:31 NZ wines still better
Sam Hemelryk 16:31 ...sorry
Michael de Raadt 16:32 Lies! All lies.
Dan Marsden 16:32 Thanks HQ!
Paul Nicholls 16:32 Where can details of the dev chat be found?
Andrew Nicols 16:32 thanks all
Nadav Kavalerchik 16:33 Thank you HQ!
Mary Cooch 16:33 thankyou
Yiannis Arapoglou 16:33 Next meeting at Moodle Research Conference in Crete!
Mark Aberdour 16:33 Thanks
Yiannis Arapoglou 16:33 thank you
Damyon Wiese 16:33 Thanks
Bas Brands 16:33 Thanks, till next time
Luke Tucker 16:33 Thanks everyone
Mark Johnson 16:33 Thanks everyone!
Sam Hemelryk 16:33 Good night all
Gavin Henrick 16:33 Thanks, and morning :) coffee time
Simon Coggins 16:33 Paul: it's room: developers
Paul Nicholls 16:33 thanks
Paul Nicholls 16:34 I have to say, BBB was pretty good (aside from the slow screen sharing)
Moodle HQ 16:34 yeah will work on that :(
Mark Johnson 16:35 Agreed, much more flexible that what we used last time (openmeeting?)
Paul Nicholls 16:35 in the case of these meetings, a synchronised web pane might be more use
Paul Nicholls 16:35 no idea if that's possible or likely in BBB, but it'd be a cleaner alternative ;-)
Mark Johnson 16:35 although it would be nice to see people's surnames in chat too
Paul Nicholls 16:36 Mark, if you hover over the name it'll show you the full name
Mark Johnson 16:36 aha!
Paul Nicholls 16:36 but it would be nice not to have to
Mark Johnson 16:36 cheers
Mark Johnson 16:36 right, tea time
Paul Nicholls 16:37 Good night, everyone who's left