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Developer meeting July 2015

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Developer meetings > July 2015 meeting notes

Time 07:00 UTC on Tuesday, 21 July 2015 Add to my calendar
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Meeting notes devpad

Summary report of the recent MoodleMoot Working groups and hackfests (Dublin, Melbourne)

00:01:25 Michael de Raadt, David Mudrák, and Andrew Nicols

Hackfests presented as an opportunity for

  • Introduction to Moodle development procedures (how to submit patches, maintain a plugin etc)
  • Learning about APIs, patterns and tools
  • Open show-and-talk sessions on various topics and issues
  • Discussing outputs from working groups

Working group is an opportunity for the users community to be more involved in Moodle development. Folks are encouraged to join the WG even without being able to attend the MoodleMoot.

Output of working groups serve as the input for the hackfest session where suggested features are discussed from development / implementation perspective.

Melbourne Working groups and hackfest


Dublin Working groups and hackfest


Moodle Association and how it is supposed to affect the Moodle development in the future

00:25:35 Martin Dougiamas

  • File:moodleassociationdev.pdf
  • Opportunity for more full-time core developers
  • Organised way to gather feedback from the Moodle users community
  • Collected annual fees are paid to HQ the develop the core features

Moodle HQ's personal projects week products - HQ devs

Improved East Asian support

00:34:00 Jetha Chan

  • Ruby tags in Atto and in fullname()
  • The ruby element info: [1], [2]
  • MDL-49172

Integrating Moodle with IFTTT

00:38:50 Ankit Agarwal

Graphical editor for the structure of the Lesson module contents

00:43:00 Adrian Greeve

Events graphic reports plugin

00:47:35 Simey Lameze

  • Charts visualisation of user-activity events
  • Related: MDL-35686

Tag API changes in 3.0

00:52:40 Marina Glancy

Moodle Mobile 2

01:01:50 Juan Leyva

  • new Mobile App version coming later this week - Release notes (wip)
  • ionic framework, angularJS backend
  • improved interface everywhere - Messaging, settings, ...
  • app styles customization (already present in the current version)
  • infinite scrolls instead of pagination
  • HTML5 database, indexdb, websql - allowing for better offline access
  • activity completion support
  • in-built support for the Book, Choice, Chat modules, IMSCP
  • Remote plugins tracker issues: MOBILE-925 MDL-49279 MDL-50032

User disguises (previously anonymous forum)

01:20:15 Andrew Nicols

I've been looking at how we can implement MDL-1071 - Anonymous Forums for a while and have recently started to write-up my notes. I believe that this is a realisable goal and I briefly discussed it at the recent Australian Moot's hackfest.

My intention is to implement this at the context-level so that, in theory, any module, or block can support the feature. Some of the feedback that I received at the hackfest was that this should be renamed as Moodle can never really provide true anonymity - it is always possible in some way to determine a user identity (e.g. logs). As a result, I've suggested the name "User Disguises".

Please feel encouraged to raise topics you would like to present / discuss during these meetings. Contact David Mudrák for details.