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Creating the course

Under construction!

After June 7th, 2022 situation (change). There are two options:

  • You can request the course with the Course Request Form (the old way)
  • You can create the course from Peppi course implementation page "Learning Environments" > "Add Workspace" > "UTU Moodle" > Save (the new way if it is functional to the course set)

Request the course with the form

The old way still works for requesting the course.

Before you send the course request, please notice following things that will not be done during the course accepting process:

  • Add other teachers to the course. The requestor will be the teacher who can add other teachers to the course. Instructions for Participants.
  • Copy the content from requestor's old course. Instructions for Import-action.
  • Hide the course from students. Teacher can hide the course: "Managing Tools" > "Hide course" or "Move course to be deleted" (notice 6 months grade's archiving time and the course material's 2 years archiving time before removing the course.

These will be done during the course acceptance process:

  • Add the Turnitin Assignments (or you can select the template, instructions below)
  • Add the Echo course area to the Echo and the link to the course (there is small delay after moving request to the correct team).

Please fill to the form the course name (full name), short name and select correct course category. Please write the "Reasons for wanting this course" field why this course s needed.

  • Select the course category - it should be Faculty / Department / Unit which arrange the course. If you cannot find the right category, please write it to the "Reasons for wanting this course" field the wanted category.
  • Course short name commonly is the course implementation code (when created from Peppi it must be to course code as a link between Peppi and Moodle course) or part of the course full name or other commonly used code / name e.g. "UTUThesis / supervisor's name".
    • The course short name must be unique. This means that there cannot be two exact same course short names.
    • If the one you write exist, please add there e.g. year like "2022" / teaching period like "2022-2023" at the end of course short name
  • "Reasons for wanting this course" field is required even it's not mandatory at least in following cases so accepting people knows that the requested course is actually needed for you as teacher:
    • request for Echo course (area to publish video's in Echo360 - check instructions from UTU Intranet: Integrating Echo360 into a Moodle course area)
    • when needed the plagiarism check to the course (Turnitin) for the following student groups (optionally after course is accepted you can select from course templates the one you need):
      • Bachelor thesis (final thesis of a lower university degree)
      • UTUThesis (final thesis of a higher university degree)
      • Dissertation (final thesis of a post graduated student)

If there is missing mandatory field on the request form you will get the notification of those. Please check and fill / select. When the form is properly sent for the acceptance process you will get the notification that the request is saved.

You will get the e-mail, when the course is accepted (or denied).

Create the course from Peppi

  • In the Peppi course implementation's "Learning Environments" tab you can create the Moodle course. There you need to select "Add Workspace" and "UTU Moodle". Click "Save" to create the course. The Moodle course will be created immediately and the teachers and the already accepted student will be added to the Moodle course on creation - except those teachers and students who never have logged in to the Moodle (the account in Moodle is missing).
  • Check that unit information is selected on the Responsible units and fields of instruction tab of the Peppi implementation. Otherwise, the course will not transfer to Moodle.
  • Notice! If there is already in the Moodle the exact same course short name that is the Peppi course implementation code like YLHI0000-0001, this Moodle course will be linked to the Peppi course implementation. If the Moodle course for some reason is not related to this Peppi course implementation, you can dissolve the link by removing the course from Peppi. Please be in contact with helpdesk@utu.fi if you need here any assistance.
  • When you create the course from Peppi, do not change the course short name! This is the link between Peppi and Moodle. If the short name is changed by any reason, the link will be broken. Open Moodle course settings and check the course short name to the same that is Peppi course implementation code - this will fix the link between Moodle and Peppi.
  • Notice! When you accept the student after the course is created, there will be delay over next night when the students or added teachers will be added to the Moodle course. If the students or teachers will not appear, please check the course short name (correct if needed) and/or inform teachers / students to log in to the Moodle (the Moodle account will be created on the login - Peppi uses the Moodle user database).
  • Picture of course creation from Peppi:
  • These information comes from Peppi To Moodle course: course name, course short name, starting and ending times and in future from Peppi "Study unit information" > "Description" > "Objectives" will be copied to the course description to the Moodle - block on the new course templates (empty and tiles) + new activity "Course Description" which does not work with tiles course format.
  • Course will be created to the course category "Courses from Peppi" and 4 of these, 1 is common and 3 for departments' managers. Teacher can change this from course settings to the wanted course category where the course category managers can access when needed.
  • Before you can save modified course settings you must change the course category "Courses from Peppi" to department's or unit's course category (other than "Courses from Peppi").
  • When course is created the accepted students and added teachers in Peppi will be added course on Moodle. Participants will be updated daily during the night.
  • When course is shown to the students they will automatically see the course in their "Own courses" list on Moodle dashboard therefor there is no need (in most cases) for the self registration. Disable self registration if you don't need it or set there the course key if needed.
  • On one Peppi course implementation can be only one course on the Moodle and only one Moodle course can be linked to one Peppi course implementation (same course short name on Moodle that is on Peppi course implementation code and "create" course from Peppi as instructed on this page).

When you have the course created

  • On the new Moodle course there is course format "Kickstart". This will the teacher options to select one from course templates or import the old own course content to the new created course.
  • Course will be hidden from students on creation. Teacher need to change from Managing tools it visible by clicking "Show course" when there is needed student access.
  • The old way still works
  • Notice! When you import your old course to the new course, the settings will also be copied to this course. If there is old course settings is "Show course to students" after import the new course will bi visible as well and in "Managing tools" there is text "Hide course".
  • You can hide the course from "Managing tools" by clicking "Hide course" and show the course to students by clicking "Show course".
  • From Kickstart you can select
    • The course templates (offered by Moodle team)
      • Empty course template
      • Tiles template for the pedagogically guiding new course
      • Turnitin templates for bachelor thesis, UTUThesis and dissertion plagiarism check
    • One of the teachers own old course content import. Teacher must be in Teacher or Manager role on the old course to do this. Only the content is imported like described on the instructions Import course data.
  • If you import wrong course or course template there are still options to fix this. This is only copy of the template or the old course. Remove the content or use Import course data to override the wrrong content.
  • The course templates will be updated regularly.

If there is any issues on course creation, editing etc. where you need support or additional info , please be in contact support from this link (send e-mail): helpdesk@utu.fi