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Note: MoodleNet is replacing Find out how that affects you here here.

What is MoodleNet?

MoodleNet is a new open social media platform for educators, focussed on professional development and open content. It sustainably empowers communities of educators to share and learn from each other to improve the quality of education. It is an integral part of the Moodle ecosystem.

ALT Online Winter Conference presentation (December 2019)

Current status

Last updated: 2nd December 2019

After a great reception at the Global Moot, the team is working on ensuring the federation testing programme begins ASAP, and users can sign up for accounts on federated instances in January 2020. Read more about our reflections on the Global Moot the blog.


  • December 2019 - start of federation testing programme
  • January 2020 - users can sign up for accounts on federated instances

More detail on the Roadmap page.




MoodleNet tech stack

Meetings and events


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