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This page serves as a log of decisions made during the development of the MoodleNet project, along with a brief justification.

  • 7 Jan 19 - We're going to allow users to reset their password via their profile for the 100-user test. The ability to use a 'magic link' to their email or change their password directly in their profile may come later.
  • 7 Jan 19 - For the testing instance, we're planning to use or
  • 7 Jan 19 - We're only going to run one instance for the 100-user test, and then test federation between our team ('dogfooding') instance and the HQ instance.
  • 7 Jan 19 - We've pushed back the initial 100-user test to begin on 28th January, for various internal reasons.
  • 11 Dec 18 - Post-MVP, we're going to investigate using IPFS (explained here) for storing MoodleNet resources across the federated network. We need a solution that means that collections of resources persist even if an instance is shut down.
  • 11 Dec 18 - After discussion with Martin Dougiamas, MoodleNet instances will have a 'switch' that turns federation on and off.
  • 4 Dec 18 - We're going to split the sign-up process into two parts
  • 20 Nov 18 - After consultation with the Moodle Core team, we've decided to keep registrations via as-is. This means that we'll
    • a page at informing users about the new platform
    • a link from that page to (to access legacy content)
    • a link to a subdomain (TBD) running the new MoodleNet 'app'
  • 15 Nov 18 - Keep functionality going but redirected to New MoodleNet plugin will replace that functionality (i.e. deprecate
  • 15 Nov 18 - No mandatory tags on collections or resources, but MoodleBot will remind you if you haven't got language, grade, and subject.
  • 21 Sep 18 - We've decided that integration with Open Badges are going to be out of scope for MVP in January. This is because of the extra work we'd need to do to implement them, and also because Moodle Core should have compatibility with v2.0 of the OB spec by then. We're fully intending badges to be a part of MoodleNet post-MVP.
  • 20 Sep 18 - We reviewed some of the assumptions we've made during the project so far, and documented some decisions around them
  • 17 Sep 18 - We're dropping the idea of providing 'alt' accounts as it's a solution looking for a problem, for the time being.
  • 22 Aug 18 - While whole collections may be imported from MoodleNet into Moodle, when submitting a resource from Moodle to MoodleNet, we'll do this one at a time.
  • 6 Aug 18 - Elixir will be the main programming language used by MoodleNet's back-end
  • 13th June 18 - Initial integration will be with MoodleCloud, as that makes it easier in terms of versioning and tightly controlling data flows.
  • 6th June 18 - We're going to use GitLab now that Microsoft has acquired GitHub.
  • 23rd Apr 18 - Martin has decided we are going with the name 'MoodleNet'.
  • Feb 18 - the MVP should be focused on resource curation so that we're not just dropping people into a social network that doesn't have a particular purpose
  • 9th Jan 18 - Renaming 'News feed' component of project to 'Activity feed' to more accurately describe what we're developing.
  • 3rd Jan 18 - Social sign-in shouldn't be the only way to log in to Project MoodleNet (rationale)