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As part of Strategyzer's Value Proposition Design (VPD), designers of new products and services are encouraged to use an 'ad-libs' model to think about how their solution helps specific target audiences.

The format is: Our _____________ help(s) ___________ who want to _________________ by ______ ________ and_____ ________. (Unlike ___________ )

Here's an attempt to think through the value proposition for MoodleNet's target audience, through the lens of personas from our 2018 white paper. It's a work in progress.


MoodleNet helps educators who want to find high quality teaching and learning resources because it enables them to discuss and curate resources from around the web. (Unlike randomly searching Google.)


  • Estrella is a 34 year-old Spanish educator living in Madrid who created a MoodleNet account a couple of years ago when she was new to the whole Moodle ecosystem. She signed up while looking for resources to get her classes ready for the new year. Since then, she has received a great deal of support through the local Madrid-based community she discovered via MoodleNet. Estrella is now Head of Department and actively uses MoodleNet to curate useful news, resources, and content in areas where she has expertise. Anything she comes across that she considers misleading or problematic is flagged for the attention of moderators.
  • Takeshi is a 39 year-old Japanese educator living in Kyoto who has been using Moodle for five years now. He has a strong profile on MoodleNet which is testament to how he has led a community of educators in developing and sharing Japanese-language content. Takeshi has been able to make a name for himself, and his community has made a real impact, through the financial support of educators around the world who contributed to the crowdfunded project he set up. They can use the resources with confidence due to MoodleNet’s clear labelling and guidance around open licenses.

Learning technologists

MoodleNet helps learning technologists who want to encourage colleagues to use more technology by connecting them with like-minded peers and providing them with resources that are of immediate use. (Unlike endlessly searching OER repositories.)


  • Seung is a 28 year-old Australian Learning Technologist at a college in Melbourne. She has found her niche via MoodleNet in creating resources that other people find valuable. She began this process by remixing content, helping the community both in terms of translation and localisation, and also by keeping the information within resources up-to-date. Seung has a strong network of peers who have a similar role to her, and considers MoodleNet as somewhere she visits every day in order to interact with her network.

System administrators

MoodleNet helps system administrators who want to allow their colleagues to share (appropriate and legal) resources, both internally and with peers worldwide. MoodleNet provides an easy-to-deploy, secure, scalable system and a dashboard that provides administrators with insights. (Unlike a locked-down repository for sharing resources only within their organisation.)


  • Ammaarah is a 54 year-old Programme Co-ordinator living in Soweto, South Africa and working in a university. She runs a MoodleNet instance for her university which her colleagues find useful as they not only discover and discuss resources from their colleagues in the university, but also from peers worldwide. Ammaarah has reduced the burden of administration and custom development for both herself and her team while offering an interoperable, feature-rich system.

Trainers and teaching assistants

MoodleNet helps trainers and teaching assistants who want to create and showcase their courses. By incentivising them to create openly-licensed resources, MoodleNet also enables them to create a professional profile showing their achievements. (Unlike using several social and professional networks in an attempt to create the same effect.)


  • Bohdan is a 43 year-old naturalised Canadian living in Vancouver and who has recently moved into a senior role in a new company. In his previous role as a trainer he was living in Vancouver and shared a wide range of content, news, thoughts, and opinions which bolstered his professional profile. Although he had no Moodle experience prior to joining MoodleNet, by sharing his experiences Bohdan been able to show that he is quick to learn.
  • Lúcio is a 23 year-old Teaching Assistant who lives in Manaus, Brazil. He began developing his technical skills after being asked to help provide support to students on his school’s Moodle Cloud site. Lúcio found the help he required, as well as a way to augment his meagre salary, via MoodleNet. He creates crowdfunded content for those seeking to better use Moodle Cloud, releasing these resources as OER. He is also building a portfolio of credentials, and has been issued Open Badges by both Moodle HQ, a South American partner with whom he has done some work, and members of the MoodleNet community.