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At the MountainMoot in Montana, USA in July 2018, we asked participants for their input to the MoodleNet project. The slides from that session can be found below, along with feedback captured on post-it notes.

Participants in the MoodleNet session at the MountainMoot 2018
Feedback from the MoodleNet session at the MountainMoot 2018

Feedback on MoodleNet

The feedback was captured in 'traffic light' format in both English and Spanish:

  • Green - I think this is great
  • Yellow - I have questions about this
  • Red - I have concerns about this


  • "I like Moodle in 'one place'."
  • "Community focus!"
  • "Overall UI looks excellent."
  • "I don't just like it I LOVE IT!! Thank you for this design :)"


  • "Is this MoodleNet for teachers/admin only or is it also for students?"
  • "Can you promote it through the lens of social constructivism?"
  • "If we are using Moodle as our LMS, how easy will it be to 'add' MoodleNet?"
  • "Federated instances - moving from one to another"
  • "Ability to customise feed?"
  • "Payment - free with advertising (relevant advertising). Paid without."


  • "Clarity for the novice - the 'I don't know what Moodle is'."
  • "My co-workers don't want our Moodle to turn into Facebook"
  • "Fixed emojis... why not just have a fixed username? Emojis represent things that can change."
  • "Forum-like communication - heavy use at first but tends to slow down."
  • "Support from Moodle HQ if this is self-hosted."

Architecture of Participation

The participants discussed ways in which others could get involved in the project:

  • "Personalised invitations based on skills and interests"
  • "Newsletter - what's going on?"
  • "Create a space to surface people's problems"
  • "Help with documentation"
  • "Working groups and sub-committees"
  • "Surveys to ask for direction on"
  • "Use 'Moodler' as a hook - more equitable, etc."
  • "AECT, USDLA and other associations + sign up to mailing list"
  • "Use LinkedIn to build the anti-LinkedIn"
  • "Promote MoodleNet as a way of bringing grantees together"
  • "Vote on ChangeMap for suggestions (filtering)"
  • "Translation and localisation"
  • "Create a user tour for educators"
  • "Recruiting those who have 'left the fold'."
  • "Prompting people who we haven't heard from for a while"
  • "MUA input"
  • "Human capital - MoodleNet champions"
  • "Help build a MoodleNet glossary"
  • "Re-conceptualising 'Moodle' as not only an LMS"

Next steps

We discussed briefly next steps we could take with the project:

  • Single source of truth?
    • Blog?
    • Changemap?

(could use IFTTT to glue everything together?)