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Contributing to the MoodleNet project


MoodleNet is a new open social media platform for educators, focussed on professional development and open content. In May 2018 we created a prototype overview as the result of a design sprint, which gives a flavour of where we're headed. We followed that up with a series of four UX screencasts in July 2018.

To realise the maximum potential of this project, we need people like you to contribute to this project to make it the best it can be. Got an idea? Share it! Have a question? Ask it!

How to get involved

While we build out a guide to contributing, there are a number of ways you can get involved:

  • Discussion forum - ask questions, make suggestions, and connect with other members of the MoodleNet community
  • Community calls - participate in these monthly calls (soon to be rebooted!)
  • Changemap - suggest ideas and features
  • GitLab - contribute code

Note: you don't have to have any particular pedagogical or technical expertise to make suggestions or get involved. All that's needed is enthusiasm!

Who's behind this project?

  • MoodleNet Lead: Doug Belshaw
  • MoodleNet Technical Architect: Mayel de Borniol

Ways of working

We're working as openly and transparently as we can with this project. You can follow our updates on the MoodleNet blog, where our aim is to provide weekly updates. If you have questions, suggestions, or concerns, you can use Changemap, the discussion forum, or GitLab issues to communicate them to the team (see links above).


If you happen to be attending a MoodleMoot, there's a good chance that there will be someone talking about MoodleNet. Check out programmes to see if there's a dedicated session!


Finally, we're planning to issue a series of badges to contributors to the MoodleNet project. Watch this space!