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Other similar systems

This page lists resource-centric social websites and services. There are at least three different types:

  • Bookmarking - This kind of platform cater for people who want to be able to quickly and easily retrieve single resources in their entirety. Primarily focused on the individual, most allow for social sharing, profiles, and discovery.
  • Note-taking - This kind of platform suits people doing research, as they are focused on highlighting, taking notes, or otherwise 'clipping' useful information to come back to later. They are either public or private by default, but either way can be shared with other users.
  • Curation - This kind of platform allows users to create collections of resources for various purposes. These can then be shared with other users.

The MoodleNet project is focused on the third of these: curation.




arena-screenshot.png describes itself as "A visual platform that helps you think." It is pursuing an equity crowdfunding route, based on the message that 'social media is broken'.

  • "Social networks depend on addicted users to sell more ads and harvest more data. If we want our attention back, we need a different model."
  • "No ads, no likes, no distractions."
  • "Helping you think."



Niice positions itself as a place for teams to gather, share, and discuss ideas. It integrates with Slack.

  • "Speak visually"
  • "Gather, share & discuss ideas with your team"
  • "The Ultimate Canvas for Creative Discussion"



Pearltrees allows users to "save everything" from web pages to notes and photographs in a series of collections. It has a 'related connections' button to discover similar collections and people. Collections are visible to everyone unless users pay for the Premium, Education, or Enterprise versions.

  • "Organize everything"
  • "It's quick and it's free"
  • "Collaborate, share, and discover your way"



Pinterest is a collections-based platform with social features. They introduced a new dedicated 'follow' tab in March 2018 to follow people and collections.

  • "Find and plan your next project"
  • "Explore your interests to find the right ideas for you. As you discover new things to try, you’ll get personalized recommendations picked from the billions of ideas already on Pinterest"
  • "Easily save and organize your ideas in any way you want. You can plan for family dinners, home makeovers, weekend getaways and anything else you want to try"!

scoop-it-screenshot.jpg! is a content curation tool, primarily aimed at individuals looking to develop their professional profile by becoming a 'thought leader' or brands who aim to improve their content marketing.

  • "Research and publish the best content"
  • "Publish your topic page with curated content in minutes. Distribute it automatically with your network to build your professional brand."



Snupps is a place to track the things you own and share photos of them with others who have similar interests. The exhortation is for users to 'Collect, Organize & Share!'

  • "Explore collections and get inspired by what’s trending."
  • "Keep track of what you own. Getting organized has never been so simple."
  • "Be part of a community. Connect with people who share your passions."



Tagpacker describes itself as a replacement to bookmarking, allowing users to not only tag sites that they visit into collections, but curate those tags into groups. Their business model is "based on advertising and commissions".

  • "Easily collect, organize, and share links you love"
  • "Collect links you love / Organize things your way / Share your expertise"



Webjets is a card-based system for organising information.

  • "The creative desktop for all things that matter"
  • "Organize intuitively"
  • "Collect / Organize / Synchronize / Search / Collaborate / Publish"



Wookmark describes itself as a 'visual archive'. Images can be bookmarked and curated into collections which are then shared (and 'liked') by others. A Wookmark account costs $20 per year.

  • "Get your profile, collect your favorite images, and share with others."
  • "Wookmark is a tool to bookmark images, build mood boards and share visual inspiration."
  • "Use groups to build mood boards, share privately with others, and keep things tidy."

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