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At the November 2019 Global Moot, Doug Belshaw gave a presentation and ran a workshop with Mayel de Borniol. Participants could either focus on the technical deployment of a MoodleNet instance (with Mayel) or explore the current roadmap for MoodleNet, adding in suggestions in terms of what they would like to see.

Reflections on the event can be found in this post on the MoodleNet blog.



MoodleNet workshop at Global Moot 2019

During the 40-minute session, one participant managed to successfully deploy a MoodleNet instance. Meanwhile, other participants discussed and asked questions about roadmap features. Over and above the planned functionality (written in black), the following were suggested:

  • 'Dark' MoodleNet (i.e. only accessible via Tor gateway)
  • Add skills and badges to public/private profiles
  • Ensure MoodleNet is fully accessible
  • Plagiarism/copyright detection
  • Community reputation
  • Taxonomies
  • Moodle hashtags
  • RSS feeds
  • Feedback for resource 'owner'
  • Copyright <--> versioning
  • Mobile app

MoodleNet roadmap features MoodleNet roadmap features 2 MoodleNet roadmap features 3