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At the Mozilla Festival 2018 (often shortened to 'MozFest') Doug Belshaw and Mayel de Borniol ran a workshop on MoodleNet and decentralised technologies. It was attended by everyone from educators to representatives from the W3C!


We split the session into three sections, running the entire session without the use of technology:

  1. Decentralisation - what is it? how much do we know about it? (small groups based on existing knowledge)
  2. MoodleNet - what are we building? why? how will it work?
  3. Metaphors, stories, and analogies - how can we explain decentralisation to others?

We captured the responses to the third section using post-its. Here's how our participants said they'd describe decentralisation to others:

  • "FREEDOM to do weird stuff"
  • "Decentralisation is like offline communities" (my school / sports team / grocery store)
  • "Be in control of your own data"
  • "Decentralization = being able to locally CONTROL local RESOURCES"
  • "Problems with ACADEMIC JOURNALS behind PAYWALLS. I think lots of educators can relate to this problem and (importantly) decentralisation appears to be a good solution."
  • "A non-Google shared google-like drive for teachers to share resources"
  • "Enabling the future of decentralized volunteers. Crowdsourcing to meet requests to need to share designs + patient data."
  • "Imagine if email all went through one company"
  • "Can't be shut down (resilient)"
  • "Bringing the original intent of the internet to your data"
  • "In nature there is no boss and it's evolved, is sustainable and resilient"
  • "The deep state is not a conspiracy of people it's a conspiracy of shared ideas (there is no council of conspirators)"
  • "An interoperable shared source of truth to circumvent single source of failure + facilitate collaboration"
  • "Distributed power, be it online, in person, or how we live"
  • "Put your OER to the fediverse and gain more attraction"
  • "You can have nice things without being the product"