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MoodleNet/Front-end dev workshop

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Doug and Mayel from the MoodleNet team spent three days (Weds 19th to Fri 21st September 2018) with Kayleigh, Sam, and Rob from Outlandish. This was follow-up work to the Design Sprint we did back in May 2018, and to UX Milestones 1 and 2.

What we aimed to achieve

We had an ambitious agenda for the workshop:

  • Allow Sam, the front-end developer Outlandish have assigned to this project, to get up to speed with MoodleNet
  • Help define and scope front-end deliverables
  • Decide on the layout/look/feel of both the desktop and mobile web versions of MoodleNet
  • Create a draft style guide (in code)
  • Develop a basic app (skeleton repo in GitLab)
  • Filed GitLab issues for (at least 1+ month of) post-workshop front-end development
  • Agree on the toolkit (incl. libraries) we’re going to use


There is a GitLab board to track issues from both this workshop and forthcoming front-end development work.

What we achieved

During the workshop itself, we managed to:

Next steps (draft)

Front-end dev milestone 1

Completion date: Thursday 25th October (i.e. before MozFest)

  • Specify style guide as code
  • Implement client-side routing
  • Create theme system
  • Implement as many UI components and app screens as possible in the time available

Front-end dev milestone 2

Completion date: Friday 23rd November (i.e. before Moodle Product Roadmaps week)

Front-end dev milestone 3

Completion date: TBD

  • Finalise style guide
  • Implement any new MoodleNet branding guidelines (TBD)