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Moodle 4.1

note icon.png Existe documentación diferente para varias versiones de Moodle: Esta documentación es para Moodle 4.1 pero también hay documentación para otras versiones en Nuevo para administradores.

Si Usted es un administrador en Moodle, aquí está una vista rápida a lo que puede esperar ver cuando su sitio esté usando Moodle 4.1:

If you're a Moodle admin, this page will tell you about the major changes affecting you in Moodle 4.1. If you'd like to see full details of the release with technical information, here are the Moodle 4.1 release notes.

Custom reports enhancements


Additional report sources

Several extra Reportes personalizados sources are now available to improve reporting.

Custom report settings.png

New Custom reports settings page

Optimise performance by limiting reports and/or disabling live editing.

New in Integrations


TinyMEC 6 editor

Enable an updated TinyMCE editor for users to select from their Preferences.


External access to BBB sessions

Enable external access to BigBlueButton from its Experimental admin settings.