Reportes personalizados

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en Moodle 4.00 !

Los reportes personalizados están accesibles desde Administración del sitio > Reportes > Constructor de reporte > Reportes personalizados.

Vista general de Reportes personalizados

Anteriormente una característica de Moodle Workplace TM. la característica de constructor de reporte le permite a los administradores el crear y compartir reportes personalizados. Esta página es acerca de la característica de reportes personalizados en Moodle LMS. Para la versión de Workplace, vea la documentación en idioma inglés de la característica de Report builder.

Custom reports are accessed from Site administration > Reports > Report builder > Custom reports. A general overview video explains how to use Custom reports.

¡Nueva característica
en Moodle 4.1 !

Mejoras a reportes personalizado

Con los nuevos orígenes para reportes actualmente disponibles, la lista completa de reportes es como sigue:

  • Insignias
  • Blogs
  • Cohortes
  • Comentarios
  • Participantes del curso
  • Cursos
  • Archivos
  • Grupos
  • Notas
  • Marcas
  • TBItácoras de trabajos
  • Usuarios

Crear un reporte

Note the tabs at the top: Edit, Audience, Schedules and Access:

  1. Click New report , give it a name and select your source - whether you want to report on courses, a cohort or specified users.
  2. Click Save. Depending on your source, you will be presented with columns relevant to the data you want. For example, clicking 'courses' will then show categories, course short and full names and ID number.
  3. Remove any colums you don't want and add colums which you do want.
  4.  Note the options for Conditions, Filters, Sorting and Card view on the right.
  5. Preview your report by clicking the Preview button top right.

Dar acceso a reportes

From Audience you can select a system role, cohort or manually selected users by clicking the + against who you want and then saving your choice.

You can check the actual users from the Access tab. If you have chosen the system role of Manager, then the Access tab will show you the names of any Managers you have on your site.

Agendar reportes

Once you have created a report and decided who has access, you can schedule it from the Schedules tab. The recipients will receive the report via email.

  1. Click New schedule;
  2. Give it a name and choose its format ( .csv by default);
  3. Decide when the report will first be sent out and how often to send it.
  4. The audience will already be selected if you have defined your audience.
  5. If desired, you can add a message to the recipients.
  6. In Advanced, decide what to do if there is nothing to report.