Bloque de estado de finalización del curso

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Mostrar el estatus de finalización del curso

The course completion status block shows what has been done towards Finalización del curso. completing the course]]. The student and teacher will both see this block. The "More information" link will lead to a more detailed report. This report can have some interactive elements in the form of check boxes for the student and teacher.

Student view of Course completion status block

The student can see their progress in the course by looking at the content of the block or clicking on the "More details" link to see a report.

The student, if required, can mark an activity as completed on the course's homepage.

Vista del profesor del bloque de estatus de finalización del curso

This block shows the status for each student. It is also the place where the teacher (or others) can mark the course as complete.

Note: The course completion status block will only appear if completion tracking criteria are set in Settings > Course administration > Completion tracking. This is what the teacher sees:


There is just one capability: Be shown on completion reports

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