Gestionando bloques

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Gestionar bloques

Un administrador puede gestionar los bloques de Moodle para el sitio en Administración > Administración del sitio > Plugins > Bloques > Gestionar bloques, incluyendo a los bloques contribuídos que se hubieran añadido.


The blocks page lists the number of instance for each block. Clicking on a number results in the list of courses containing that block being displayed. See Configuraciones de bloque for configuration settings that might be of interest to a site administrator or someone with Front Page editing permissions.


Listed with each block is its version number — in the format 2012061700. This is helpful to ensure that you have the latest version of each block.

Ocultar un bloque

The hide/show column allows selected blocks to be hidden i.e. they do not appear in any course "Add a block" dropdown menu and cannot be used in any course. To hide a block, click the eye icon so that it changes to a closed eye.

To reduce the length of course "Add a block" dropdown menus, you should hide blocks which will not be used, such as mentees (unless you have added a rol de mentor) and network servers (unless you are using Moodle Network|Moodle Networking).

Proteger bloques contra eliminación

By clicking the padlock against a block in this column, you are preventing it from being deleted on the site. The Bloque de configuraciones and Bloque de navegación are already padlocked, as major difficulties arise if these blocks are deleted. Only unlock them if you are absolutely sure you understand the consequences and have alternative settings and navigation features in place.

Eliminación de bloque

Blocks can be deleted using the link in the delete column (but see comments about the Bloque de configuraciones and Bloque de navegación in the previous section) There is usually no reason for standard blocks to be deleted (they are usually hidden) However, non-standard blocks may need to be deleted before upgrading.

Note: To delete a block completely, in addition to deleting it on the blocks page, you also need to remove/delete the actual block folder from the moodle/blocks folder, otherwise Moodle will reinstall it next time you access the site administration.

Condfiguraciones del bloque

Ciertos bloques tienen configuraciones adicionales, a las que puede accederse mediante enlaces en la columna de configuraciones (ajustes).

Capacidades del bloque

In addition, every block has an addinstance capability (e.g. block/comments:addinstance) and most blocks also have a myaddinstance capability (e.g. block/comments:myaddinstance) for controlling whether a user with a particular role can add the block to a page or to their Mi hogar page respectively.

Bloques contribuídos (opcionales)

Además de utilizar los bloques incluidos en la descraga usual, muchos Moodlers han desarrollado sus propios bloques que comparten con la comunidad Moodle. Ustwed puede descargar estos bloquies contribuídos desde el Moodle Plugins directory. Vea Instalar complementos para los detalles acerca de como instalar unbloque.

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