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El Filtro PoodLL Filter es el plugin del núcleo de PoodLL para Moodle. Contiene todos los grabadores, aditamentos y el código que posibilita usarlos en Moodle. Es un componente necesario para todos los otros plugins PoodLL. - Vea más en:

Cadenas del Filtro PoodLL

The PoodLL filter can be used on its own to insert interactive widgets in your Moodle courses. These widgets include the audio/video recorders and whiteboards. But they also include stopwatches, timers, flashcards and more.

A few sample filters are listed below. A more complete list is available here.

Stopwatch {POODLL:type=stopwatch,width=400,height=265}

Whiteboard {POODLL:type=whiteboard,width=600,height=350}

Countdown Timer {POODLL:type=countdown,usepresets=true,width=400,height=265}

Calculator {POODLL:type=calculator}

calculator {POODLL:type=calculator,size=normal}

dice {POODLL:type=dice,dicecount=2,dicesize=200,width=600,height=300}

counter(up) {POODLL:type=counter,usepresets=false,initcount=0,fontheight=64,width=360,height=240}

counter(down) {POODLL:type=counter,usepresets=false,initcount=8,fontheight=64,width=360,height=240}

counter(free) {POODLL:type=counter,usepresets=true,initcount=0,fontheight=64,width=480,height=240}

quizlet {POODLL:type=quizlet,id=28127964,title=for_your_ref,mode=scatter,width=100%,height=400}

scroller start (horizontal) {POODLL:type=scrollerstart,axis=x,speed=40,pixelshift=4,height=110,width=500}

scroller start (vertical) {POODLL:type=scrollerstart,speed=10,axis=y,pixelshift=1,width=600,height=250}

scroller end {POODLL:type=scrollerstop}

flashcards {POODLL:type=flashcards,qname=name_of_matching_question,cardwidth=300,cardheight=150,randomize=yes,width=400,height=252}


Download from the Moodle plugins database.


There should be only one folder "poodll" expanded after you unzip the zip file. Place this folder into your moodle installation under the [site_root]/filter folder.

Then login to your site as admin and go to your Moodle site's top page. Moodle should then guide you through the installation or upgrade of the PoodLL filter. You can probably accept the defaults, scroll to the bottom of the page and press save.

Habilitar el Filtro PoodLL

To enable the PoodLL filter, from the Site Administration menu, choose

Plugins->Filters->Manage Filters.

In the list of filters you will see the PoodLL filter. Set it to “on.”

The PoodLL filter can display mp3/mp4/flv files. The default Multimedia Plugins filter can also do this. To minimize the chance of any conflict you should move the PoodLL filter higher in the list than the Multimedia plugins filter.

In pre 2.7 versions of Moodle, caching can affect audio/video playback reliability. You should turn off text filter caching: Go to:

Site Administration -> Plugins -> Filters ->Common Filter Settings

There set "Text Cache Lifetime" to "no"

Registro de las versiones 2.x y 3.x de Poodll

El registro para Poodll 2.x es gratuito en

Poodle 3.x es de suscripcion pagada

Vea más

- See more at:

Moodle ofrece diversos métodos y herramientas para integrar archivos de audio. Usted puede revisar la Moodle plugins database para ver muchos plugins adicionales de terceros relacionados con el uso de audio en Moodle.