Repositorio sistema de archivo FAQ

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¿Cómo es que los archivos llegan al repositorio de sistema de archivo?

  • Files must be uploaded to the folder on the server via FTP
  • This is done by those who have FTP access to that folder.
  • If you don't have this access, ask your system admin if they are able to set this up for you.

¿Hay alguna forma de subir archivos al repositorio del sistema de archivo desde adentro de Moodle?

No. You use a repository to get files from elsewhere and bring them into Moodle. They are not for uploading files into. In other words, repositories are for "pulling" content into Moodle; not for "pushing" it outside of Moodle.

Yo ya tengo una carpeta llamada "repository" en mi servidor. ¿ Porqué necesito hacer otra?

  • There is a folder called "repository" in your Moodle directory. This houses the code for all the repositories Moodle accepts, such as Googledocs, Flickr etc.


  • This folder is not suitable for creating new folders for your staff to FTP documents into.
  • For the file system repository to work you have to create a new folder named "repository" in the Moodledata folder and add your own folders into there: