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El repositorio Dropbox les permite a los usuarios copiar o crear un atajo hacia archivos desde su propio Dropbox. Vea Trabajando con archivos para más detalles.

Habilitar el repositorio Dropbox

The Dropbox repository may be enabled by a site administrator in Settings > Site administration > Plugins> Repositories > Manage repositories.

Configuración de Dropbox

Once enabled the administrator will need to add a Dropbox API Key and Secret. To get one, click on the "Dropbox Developers" link on the Dropbox repository settings page and follow the instructions below.

Getting sign up app keys at Dropbox

  1. Click the "Dropbox Developers" link to go to and sign in.
  2. Click on "Create an app", select "core" and give your app a name. (Make sure your app name does not contain the word "Dropbox". See note below.)
  3. Complete the rest of the fields on the page.
  4. Copy the app keys to Moodle and save your changes.
  5. Please note that to make the Dropbox repository available to more than one hundred users on your site, you will need to request that your status be changed to "Production". Follow the link on Dropbox which allows you to make that request.

NOTE: Your app name cannot contain the word "Dropbox" as it goes against Dropbox branding policy (found here: For quick approval of of your app to production status you are advised to completely follow the guidelines in the branding policy.

To select a file via Dropbox, editing teachers will click on the Dropbox link in the file picker and log on to access the files in their account. When they are done, they can log off.

Capacidades del Repositorio

There is just one capability, View a Dropbox folder, which is allowed for the default authenticated user role.

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