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note icon.png Existe documentación diferente para varias versiones de Moodle: Esta documentación es para Moodle 3.2 y más modernos. La documentación anterior se encuentra en 20/Mánager.

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translator note icon.png Nota del traductor: La palabra inglesa manager se tradujo como "gestor" [sic] en el Español internacional y como "mánager" en el Español de México.

Habilidades del rol de Mánager

El rol por defecto de mánager (gestor) le permite a los usuarios que lo tengan asignado el acceder a cursos y modificarlos, además de realizar ciertos trabajos a nivel administrativo relacionados con cursos, usuarios, configuración de calificaciones, etc.

A diferencia del rol del administrador, el rol de Mánager (gestor) es un 'rol real', cuyas capacidades Usted puede editar, pero es similar al Administrador (pero mucho más seguro para usar) debido a sus amplios poderes por defecto. como un rol normal, a semejanza de los roles de Profesor o Creador de curso, mientras que el rol de Mánager (gestor) tiene muchísimas capacidades por defecto, Usted puede editar ese rol si así lo eligiera.

(The way permission checks work in the Moodle code is that there is a function called has_capability. For admins, has_capability will always return true, no matter how the roles are set up. Thus there is no way to edit what permissions an Administrator has.)

Adoptando una mejor-práctica basad en el principio de los menores privilegios (Principle of Least Privilege) nos sugiere que los Administradores normalmente deberían de usar un rol de Mánager (gestor) y no usar una cuenta de Administrador, de forma similar a que a Usted se le recomienda que no ingrese a Linux como root.

Por lo tanto, el rol de Mánager le permite a un Administrador del sitio el darle roles muy poderosos a otras personas que tengan asignado un rol de Mánager, pero sin darles un rol completo de Administrador..

Asignar el rol de Mánager a nivel del sitio

You can give someone the Manager role sitewide (to enable them for instance to add new users) by going to Site Administration>Users>Permissions>Assign system roles, selecting the Manager role and moving over your chosen user.

When you do so, users in that role will have access to only some of the items in Site administration. They do not have access to areas such as Security, Server, Plugins, Appearance, or Advanced Features, which are reserved for those in the Site administrators group. They have access to most of the tools for User, Course and Grade system settings and tools.

Specifically the Site-wide Manager role can see these in Site administration:

       Migrate frameworks
       Import competency framework
       Export competency framework
       Competency frameworks
       Learning plan templates
       Badges settings
       Manage badges
       Add a new badge
       Language customisation 
       Default Dashboard page
       Default profile page
       Manage tags
       User tours
       Front page settings
          Browse list of users
          Bulk user actions
          Add a new user
          Upload users
          Upload user pictures
          Define roles
          Assign system role
          Check system permissions
          Capability overview
          Assign user roles to cohort
       Manage courses and categories
       Add a category
       Restore course
          General backup defaults
          General import defaults
          Automated backup setup
       General settings
       Grade category settings
       Grade item settings
       Outcomes (if enabled on site)
       Report settings
          Grader report
          Grade history
          Overview report
          User report
       Question types
          Question preview defaults
       Live logs
       Performance overview
       Security overview
       Statistics (if enabled on site)
       Event monitoring rules


  • Some of these can further restricted by editing specific capabilities of the role, e.g., create users, upload users from a file, manual enrolments, managing cohorts, language customisation, et cet.
  • Manager has access to Front page same as with other courses (as it is technically a course).
  • Manager has access to most system level reports but not the Configuration report.
  • Manager has the ability to assign other users as a sitewide Manager
  • Also, a Manager has the ability to edit the role of Manager itself - to disable this, you could prohibit the Create and manage roles moodle/role:manage capability

Asignar el rol de Mánager a nivel de Categoría

El rol de Mánager también se puede asignar en el Contexto Categoría en lugar de para todo el sitio.

Do this if you want someone to be able to have access to all the courses in a single category and manage them, but do not want them to have access to any of Site administration tools.

Assign this as follows: Site administration > Courses > Add/edit courses > (select a category) > Edit this category > Administration block: Assign roles > Manager > (select user) Add


  • A category-level manager is so only for the assigned category: to manage more than one category, you will need to assign them that role in each category separately
  • Category-level managers also manage any sub-categories beneath the category they are assigned, including create new subcategories and move courses
  • They can create courses in the their assigned categories
  • A category-level manager will not have as many capabilities as a site-level manager, since certain capabilities can only be applied in the system context i.e. via a system role
  • Regarding the capability to login as another user, for courses within the category that they manage, a category-level manager can only login as another course participant and browse within that course only

Note that in some commands are in the Administration block. Managers must Turn editing on in order to have Edit category and Add category links. The screenshot below is a view of the Administration block for a Category level Manager with Editing turned on, showing the Edit this category and Add a sub-category commands:


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