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Note: This page is a work-in-progress. Feedback and suggested improvements are welcome. Please join the discussion on or use the page comments.

Assignment module
Project state In Development
Tracker issue
Assignee Netspot

Moodle 2.3

Project goals

To redevelop the Moodle Assignment Module to address common problems around usability and extensibility and to implement web services to ease integration with third party tools, and address common needs of the user community which are currently not met.

The following four problems have been highlighted requiring attention:

  • The four core subtypes are confusing to new users, and are in fact all very similar. (MDL-26997)
  • There is no good support for team-based assignments.
  • The support of subtypes makes it slightly easier to write new assignment types but also makes them less flexible, and so people tend to create hacks
  • Third party tools such as Lightwork and the Moodle mobile app require the use of web services to be able to access all functionality of Moodle including Rubrics (Advanced grading methods)


Relevant Wiki pages

Relevant Jira Tickets


  • resolution of the four problems identified by HQ
  • implementing features desired by the Electronic Assignment Management (EAM) Consortium and the Moodle community as time and funding permits. The project may be split into phases to allow prioritisation of development work.

The following requirements are ordered in descending order of priority. the aim is to complete as many of the features as time permits.

  • The four problems may be addressed by collapsing the four assignment subtypes into one assignment type which supports:
    • Teacher-written instruction text to students
    • Teacher-supplied instruction files to students
    • Student-written submission text for teacher
    • Student-supplied submission files for teacher
    • Teacher-supplied grades (possibly using Advanced grading methods)
    • Teacher-supplied text for feedback
    • Teacher-supplied feedback files to students (eg documents with inline comments)

The removal of the facility of assignment sub-types will trigger a need for other third-party assignment sub-types to be redeveloped. The "Old Assignment" will probably need to continue to be included in Moodle 2 until at least the next major release to allow this to happen. (eg. Mahara View Assignment)

  • Customisations already made to the Assignment module by Netspot will be included in the new module (notably offline marking): zip&download package with descriptive file names, a template spread sheet for marks and feedback, zip&upload to populate the return files and the gradebook.
  • Offline Marking will consist of an extension to the existing zip&download facility which will include a template grading sheet and a template response file in the zip file. A zip file containing the appropriate file names can then be uploaded again to enter grades, feedback and response files for the students. Privacy of students will need to be taken into account - usernames and Moodle user IDs are secret information in some institutions. These same privacy options may be used to enable blind marking.
    • Comment - with reference to MDL-29343 and MDL-30432. I tend to agree to NOT having subfolders and to rename student files. In the vast majority of cases, students submit a single file and having to go into a subfolder to get that file for every student in a large class would be tedious. MDL-29343 mentioned the benefits of not breaking filenames (renaming files that could break references). Whilst what we have done may potentially break references I would expect that references would only be used in a small percentage of submitted assignments. The fix code uses student name as the folder identifier. Names are NOT unique, so the user-id must be included. The choice between subfolders and renamed files is probably a personal preference. Is it possible to make it a choice that the teacher makes at the point of downloading the assignments. Perhaps a blue question mark alongside a checkbox option "create subfolders for each student" that advised to say no if students have uploaded a single file, say yes if the student have uploaded multiple files eg a little website. Re MDL-30432 - we have removed the ability for students to create a folder so haven't come across this issue. I am still not convinced that create a folder is required (aside from uploading a website, in which case a zip file would probably be more appropriate). If someone can provide a use case? (GW)
    • unless impractical for performance reasons, it would be useful to let administrators specify a RTF for the template response file, either as a string in the language settings or as an admin setting.
  • When students submit an assignment a declaration screen will ask them to confirm that the assignment is their own work (and word count? seems too specific.)
    • Comments - word count only really works for the equivalent of the "online" assignment type. It is error prone and therefore, not useful to try and support reading of X different file types to extract the word count for uploaded. Word count is also not always useful - e.g. a programming assignment, or a picture). Suggest an option to show word count for online text only.
    • The use case here is about academic integrity, ie. is the word count that the student declares actually accurate? It is currently used on some assignment cover sheets and provides a checking mechanism for markers. It should apply to files uploaded as well on online text. No expectation with file upload that the accuracy is 'checked' by Moodle. (GW)
    • Does this mean that the word count is a field that must be entered by the student? (DW) Yes (GW)
    • Comment on student declaration - can this be made a setting that can be switched on/off at the assignment level? ie. on/off at the institution level and if on at the institution level an additional level of on/off control within an assignment. Use case - not all assignments ask for original work, eg. citation of case law. (GW) Not all institutions require such a declaration so it's essential to be able to turn this off site-wide. (RC)
    • Note that this has been implemented in the quiz now, although what was actually done was to make it possible to do this in a plugin, so see and It would probably be good if there was some consistency in the UI/message here, if possible, although the people who wanted me to do this for the quiz wanted the declaration at the start of the quiz.
  • When students submit the assignment, a message (messaging or email) is sent to the student confirming receipt of the submission (MDL-28651, MDL-14855).
    • Template for assignment receipt should be editable in the global assignment settings.
  • message (Use messaging preferences) to marker upon first submission of an assignment/ upon submission of any assignment/ upon submission of late assignment.
    • Comments - The Marker may not be the person setting up the assignment. Does this assume the Marker(s) is(are) known by the time the first assignment is submitted? In which case, who is the default Marker, until otherwise specified? (RC)
  • The submission screen (for students) and the submission overview screen (for teachers) in the 'Old Assignment' module is unclear - the layout, information shown and language used needs to be improved. (partially completed already by work commissioned by Flinders, most important here is a rewording of the various status lines)
    • Comments - could probably do with some structured usability testing (GW)
  • The "send notification email" setting is confusing to markers, especially if the gradebook column is hidden. This interface needs to be improved.
    • Comments - Needs more information
    • My understanding of this function is that if the gradebook column is hidden (which we recommend as best practice during marking) that a notification email is not sent. There is nothing in the marking interface that indicates this, therefore markers may be under a false impression that students have been notified that grades and feedback are available. Perhaps some text in the interface along the lines (Notification emails not sent when item hidden in the gradebook). (GW)
    • In addition, currently the process of 'showing' the gradebook column does not automatically notify students that grades and feedback are available. Suggestion - when 'showing' something in the gradebook, include an option to "send notification to students that grades and feedback are available"....and related - we have had a suggestion to automatically hide the gradebook column on the due date - however to revise this perhaps it would be better to add this as an option in the assignment (near due date) "Auto-hide gradebook column on due date"...but I am not sure what effect this would have on accepting late submissions...needs more thought. (GW)
    • This could be simplified to two options: a. student is sent email immediately after assignment is graded, and b. all students are sent an email at one point after marking is complete. The visibility of the grade+feedback could be tied to this (ie, no feedback is visible until email is sent). (Michael d)
    • The content of the notification email should just be a link to direct the student to the feedback visible on the Web. The notification email should not contain the grade or feedback as this can become out of date if the feedback is updated and does not allow feedback attention to be measured. (Michael d)
  • Feedback will be presented to students (this needs to be seriously considered - Michael d)
    • Ideally feedback should be presented in a Web form in Moodle. If there is feedback in an annotated document this should be collected from the feedback page.
    • Student views of feedback should be recorded in the database so feedback attention can be measured. Attachments downloaded should also be recorded. Even if statistics of feedback attention (if students are viewing feedback) are out of scope, the tables for feedback collection should be established up front.
  • The framework of the assignment module should allow for other activity modules to declare themselves "Assignments" such that they can be grouped in the UI if required.
  • The assignment activity observes groups and groupings for markers: if in Separate Groups mode, the submission overview screen when viewed as a marker contains a drop-down list which will let the marker choose between showing all submissions from all participants, or any groups that the marker is part of. This way the marker can mark only a particular group at a time.
    • Comment - could this drop down menu be available all the time if the Marker is in one or more Groups, not just when in 'Group Mode'? (RC)
  • The assignment activity should support groups and groupings for students, such that, if desired, teams of students can submit assignments by sharing uploading to a common file area and entering text into a shared text response (MDL-27250). A grade for a group submission would apply to all students but would allow overriding for individual students. This may be achieved though a new setting in the assignment module.
    • (The module would use the Common Module settings for the group membership information. If using Separate Groups then markers will need to be allocated into the groups they are meant to mark.)
    • see MDL-27250 attachment: "Team Based Assignments.docx": when will the assignment be sent for marking? When one student in a group declares it ready (Send for Marking), or when all students declare it ready?
    • My initial reaction was when 1 student says its ready (because that is what we have had previously), On further reflection having all student in the group say "yes - ready" is probably better – makes all students accountable (no comeback to say work submitted wasn’t what they agreed on). In practice I wonder how often an assignment will be late as a result of one student not having gone in and clicked "ready for submission" - so should the teacher be able to see which students of the group have declared that the work is ready for marking. (GW) Yes, and teacher needs to be able to specify a date on which the work will be auto-submitted if not previously declared ready by all students in the group. (RC)
  • Logging of activity in the assignment module will be even more important than previously if multiple students can modify each others' (common) work: who views the assignment when, who submits which file, who removes/edits which file or text, who views which submission, who downloads which file, who grades which submission, etc.
  • Files submitted by students and then retracted (while in "draft" mode) are logged.
  • A facility will need to be provided (through lib/assignmentlib.php) to convert assignment from the old four-pronged Assignment module to the new Assignment module with the appropriate settings.

The "New Assignment" module will be able to co-exist with the "Old Assignment" module on the same instance (similar to how the new update Quiz is handled). When upgrading a Moodle instance to the first major release which includes the "New Assignment" module, existing assignment activities are not upgraded, but the "Old Assignment" module will be hidden. New assignment activities will be of the "New Assignment" type. Any backups restored will be of the "Old Assignment" type. Import will convert from old to new. There will be a "Convert All" button in the Administrator settings (similar to how Tim handled the upgrade of the Quiz module) which will convert all assignments on the system to the "New Assignment" type. The second major release to include the "New Assignment" module will upgrade any remaining assignment activities to the new type and remove the "Old Assignment" module. Any backups restored will also convert from old to new.

  • The Assignment module needs to provide web services which expose functional areas of the assignment module. Key areas are:
    • Student submission
    • Student feedback
    • Grading
    • Advanced grading
  • interface with text-matching software plugins. (TurnItIn)
    • Needs to support an API for this - if possible the same API as used currently
    • Should definitely integrate with plagiarism plugins. (Michael d)
    • Needs option to enable submission of drafts to text-matching service (Turnitin) and receive originality report, prior to final submission for assessment. (RC)
  • Blind marking masks the identity of the assignment submitter: if this setting is enabled, students are not identified by name or student ID. Markers can not identify the student (unless the student writes their name on the submitted file, which is impossible to prevent). At a specified date the anonymity is lifted.
    • Comment - this is 'blind' marking...the identity of the author/student is hidden. In anonymous marking the identity of the marker is hidden (to all but the marking manager/head teacher/topic coordinator). Blind marking is higher priority than anonymous marking. (GW)
  • The Assignment module will have facilities for user overrides similar to the quiz module: Extended access date/time for specific students. This extension date needs to be displayed to markers on the submission overview screen.
  • draft mode as it currently exists (but more descriptive obvious statuses)
  • assignment progress status: not started / in progress / late / draft(/resubmit if impemented) / submitted / marked / missed (largely aesthetic)
    • Comments - What is the difference between "in progress" and "draft" (for a student). These are not mutually exclusive - an assignment can be late+submitted.
    • Difference between draft and in progress largely semantic.... what happens at the due date - does "in progress" become "submitted" on the due date, probably not? Therefore is "draft" more appropriate as it makes more sense to remain draft past the due date? What about "overdue" instead of "missed", ie. not started and due date past. (GW)
    • Since they are not all mutually exclusive, can more than one be highlighted simultaneously? For example, "submitted" and "late"? (RC)
  • In the assignment grading page, rename "comment" column to "feedback" so that it is consistent with the "grade" screens and also clearer that it will be visible to students. Let the width of the comment column increase if other columns are hidden, blocks are docked to make more screen real-estate etc. (GW)

Out of Scope

  • The module settings page may have a setting in which specific file types can either be blacklisted or whitelisted. (out of scope for the moment)
    • If/when it does come into scope...possible to block nasty file types (exe, lnk) at a system level and other restrictions at assignment level? (GW)
  • A cover sheet (in RTF or HTML format?) may be included when assignments are downloaded as a zip file. This cover sheet would include Surname, Firstname, Student ID, Username, Due date, Extension date if granted, Subject/unit/topic code and number, subject/unit/topic name, Assignment title, Name of marker (if not using anonymous marking), Name of group, Email address, Date and time submitted, Submission alert (eg. submitted 2 days late). Student details should not be included if blind marking selected (student numbers or a secret ID hash will be required for identification purposes) (out of scope for the moment)
  • Grade distribution tables and graphs, similar to quiz module, which also allows filtering by groups (out of scope for the moment)
  • Ability to submit on behalf of a student, by member of teaching team, or person in authority (from EAM wishlist) (out of scope for the moment)
  • Ability to see all the logs for an assignment/student from the grading interface (out of scope for the moment)
  • prevent editing of return file (out of scope as it would have to handle too many file formats)
    • Comment - More information?
    • If I have interpreted correctly this is similar to locking the return file, ie. having the ability to secure the document so that feedback and grades cannot be tampered with after return. Whilst I appreciate this feature I also appreciate the difficulty in terms of implementing. A copy of the un-altered return file should always exist on the server (which cannot be tampered with?), which may overcome some of the concerns in this area. (GW)
  • The Assignment module should allow for self-assessment and peer-assessment (from EAM wishlist) - the workshop module may already satisfy this. (out of scope for the moment)
  • option to only release grade after the student has viewed the feedback (out of scope for the moment)
  • option to mask the identity of the marker. Double blind marking (out of scope for the moment)
    • I would refer to this as anonymous marking, not double blind (GW).
  • Ability to flag an assignment for review by the marker. (out of scope for the moment)
  • multiple markers to one submission: this would allow multiple markers to mark different parts of an assignment and the mark would be aggregated. (too complicated for now? out of scope for the moment)
  • A method to request an extension which allows the student to attach a medical certificate (from EAM wishlist) (keep out of scope for the time being)
  • facilitate on-line markup of submitted text (this could be achieved through the use of a rich text editor field.)
    • Comment - More information? How is this different to the existing online assignment type?
    • The difference is that students would submit text via an uploaded document (eg. word, pdf, excel) and instead of markers having to download and upload again, that they could 'mark-up' on the fly. Possible? (GW)..see (but preferably without the requirement for students to upload a pdf)
  • Additional search filters on the grading page such as "not submitted", "dates extended (once this is supported)", more...

Use Cases

not all of the use cases will be accommodated in the first phase and we'll need to go tough and show which ones will and won't be.

Use Case 1: File Upload Assignment

In a traditional use case a teacher may require the students to write an essay and submit the file to Moodle for grading. So far, the "Upload a Single File" and "Advanced Uploading of Files" Assignment types have been used. ("Upload a Single File" does not allow the teacher to upload a response file, whereas "Advanced Uploading" does).

With editing turned on, the teacher would select "Assignment" from the "Add an Activity" dropdown menu. The teacher specifies a name, description, available from and available to dates and times and a grade for the assignment. The teacher specifies the maximum number of files a student is allowed to submit, and the size per file (or all files together?).

Once the assignment opens, each student opens the assignment activity and uploads their files form their computer. This may be done over several visits. When the required files are uploaded, the student presses a button to indicate this and the assignment is locked from further changes by the student. (THis is the Send for marking/Draft mode behaviour of the Advanced file upload)

This process described does not have any facility for the teacher to upload a file with instructions for the students, or a data file to process in the assignment. THis is a common request and should be added.

Use Case 2: Assignment starter file

The Teacher wishes to provide the students with a starter file (eg. data file) which the assignment is based on. This file should only be visible at a certain date and time. The students will have to work with the file supplied and submit one or more file (eg. written report) to complete the assignment.

This is similar to Use Case 1 but the teacher uploads the data file as a assignment instruction file when creating the assignment.

Can be done as attachmnet to description already.

Use Case 3: Anonymous marking

  1. Teacher creates the assignment with normal settings
  2. Teacher select to use Anonymous marking for this assignment
  3. Teacher selects the "post" or go live date for the results (this is also the date which the teacher will see student names for assignments)
  4. Students upload the assignments
  5. The papers are giving a unique ID for referencing (submissionID doesn't work here as they are only allocated on assignment submission. Students who don't submit at all should also be able to get a grade). This ID could be a hash of assignmentID and userID. In the case of an anonymous group assignment, group names will need to be anonymised as well.
  6. Teacher / or Non-editing teacher then downloads the file with no access to knowing who the student is just the ID/hash
  7. Teacher then grades the assignment
  8. When the post date / go live date arrives, grades are posted to the gradebook and the teacher can now see names in the activity

Use Case 4: Assignment activity that has no Moodle component (previously Offline Assignment)

THis assignmnet type is just a place holder for an assessable activity that doesn't have anything to do with Moodle. It creates a column in the gradebook and does nothing else.

  1. Teacher creates the assignment with default settings, specifies Assignment name & description.
  2. Teacher ticks "This is an off-line activity".
  3. All options relating to upload of files and input of text are deselected. Students will not be able to upload anything.
  4. Student visits the assignment. Instructions for the assignment are visible if within the date range. There is a notice that this is an offline activity and that the grades will appear in the gradebook.
    • Teacher should be able to provide grade and feedback (response) file to students via Moodle (GW)

Use Case 5: Zip & download, offline marking

This is a common scenario for teachers of large classes.

  1. Teacher creates assignment with all the desired parameters, name, description, etc.
  2. Students submit assignments.
  3. Teacher opens assignment submission overview screen and clicks the link or button labelled "Download submissions for offline marking"
  4. A ZIP file is created which contains all files that students have submitted, renamed to a consistent file name which includes the username and the assignment ID. The package also contains a spread sheet with columns for student name, username, grade and feedback, and one row for each student.
    • At some institutions usernames are sensitive private information - there should be an admin setting which allows the administrator to choose which is used as the student identifier in the file names: username, email address, userID or always anonymous (using assignmentID+userID hash)
    • This needs to play nice with the anonymous (blind) marking option (Use case 3): if the activity is set to be anonymous (blind) the filename and grade sheet will not include the student identifier specified in admin setting, but instead will show hash of assignmentID+userID.
  5. The teacher is prompted to download the file.
  6. THe teacher unzips the file to a desired location.
  7. The teacher grades the submitted files and records the grades in the spread sheet. The teacher may also include a return file which needs to be named in a particular way.
  8. The teacher zips up the folder with the return files and the spread sheet
  9. The teacher visits the assignment submission overview screen and clicks the button "upload graded assignments" and uploads the zip file
  10. THe system unpacks the zip file. Grades are entered in to the assignment and gradebook, return files are made available to students as return files.

Use Case 6: Student uploads assignment, would like to retract file

  1. Assignment is set up according to desired settings, but the "Allow Deleting" setting is set.
    • Allow deleting is currently not operational (GW)
  1. Student submits a file. **Submits, or uploads? (GW)
  2. Student decides that the file was not the right file to upload, and clicks a little [x] icon next to the file whch removes it fro mthe submission.
    • What happens after the due date - will they still be allowed to delete? Should students be allowed to retract once they have clicked "Submit"/"Send for marking"? How will these two settings work together? (GW)

Use Case 7: Students work in teams and submit one common set of files. All students receive the same grade

  1. Students are allocated into groups A, B, C, etc. in the course. (Optional: The groups are part of a grouping)
  2. Teacher creates assignment.
  3. Group setting is set to Group mode: "Separate Groups", Grouping if appropriate.
  4. When the Group mode setting is set to Separate or Visible Groups, the following settings choice becomes visible:
    • (o) Groups only apply for marking (ie. individual assignments, submission overview screen is groupified to ease allocation of marking to different teachers)
    • ( ) Students submit assignment as groups.
  5. Teacher selects "Students submit assignment as groups"
    • students in a group now share a common submissionm "pool". Every student in the group can upload files, etc.
  6. Student 1 in group A opens the assignment activity and uploads a file.
  7. Student 2 in group A opens the assignment activity and sees the file submitted by Student 1. Student 2 can delete the file or upload another file (if max number of files setting permits)
  8. * *** should there be a "Ready" (Send for marking) button? Should it work the way game setup works in multiplayer computer games?
  9. One of the students in group A presses the "Submit for marking" button.
  10. Teacher views the assignment submission overview screen: new column: Group
  11. When the teacher presses "Grade" for any of the students in group A, the grading screen opens.
    • Grading screen lists all students who are member of Group A and contains the usual Feedback, Response File and Grade inputs.
    • Each of the three inputs also has a new checkbox: [ ] Apply for all group members.
  12. Teacher enters Feedback, Grade and Response file for the Group submission, and ticks the three checkboxes to apply the feedback and grade to all students in group A.

(This will need some design work to make sure the Grading screen doesn't get too confusing)

Use Case 8: Students work in teams and submit one common set of files. All students receive individual grades based on their contributions

like use case 7 above, however, at step 12. Teacher enters Feedback, Grade and Response file for the Group submission, and DOES NOT tick the three checkboxes to apply the feedback and grade to all students in group A: The feedback is only applied to this student. 13. Teacher clicks "Save and Next in Group". THe Grading popup advances to the next student in group A and the teacher enters feedback and grade for this student.

Use Case 9: Individual assignments, but a teacher only marks assignments in one group

Use Case 10: Online Text

  • Assignment is set up according to desired settings, but the "Online Text Submissions" setting is enabled.
  • Student views assignment submission page.
  • Student enters text directly into a rich text editor directly on the assignment submission page.
  • If resubmissions are allowed, the rich text editor is populated with their previous submission text.
  • Student clicks "Save" to save the submission or "Discard Changes" to reload the previous submission text.
    • We have had a request to be able to set a word limit on the text submissions (GW)

Use Case 11: Second Marking process (will not be addressed in first phase)

There are a number of second marking methods this is one common process.

The first marker assesses and provides comments and awards a mark The second marker checks the grading and comments of the first marker to check for fairness and consistency in standards. This includes the calculation of the grade/marks.

This may be done for (and option should be available for)

  • all the submissions
  • a random sample of submissions
  • any fails
  • firsts
  • borderlines
    • We have been referring to this type of second marking as 'moderation' (GW).

There is also another common use case

Double blind marking

  • This is where both markers mark the paper without reference to each other
  • They ensure there is a clear audit trail for the rationale of the marks
  • they then reconcile the marks through discussion and agree final mark and comments.
    • Issues to consider - do the markers know the identity of the author? Do the markers know the identity of each other?

Another use case from Mark Andrews in the forum:

  • Student submits work
  • Marker grades and leaves feedback
  • Second marker, checks grades and feedback - makes any amendments
  • Second Marker, releases grades to student(s), thus locking the assessment so no changes can be made

Use Case 12: Email Receipt

  1. Teacher sets up assignment activity which has "Draft Mode" or "Send for Marking" enabled. (language to be decided on)
  2. Student upload files or enters online text.
  3. Student presses "Send for marking" button (language to be decided on).
  4. page is presented with the assigment confirmation (as in [[1]]):
    University Name
    Assignment Submission Confirmation
    You have successfully submitted your work
    Student Details
    Name: {firstname} {lastname}
    Username: {Username}
    ID Number: {ID number}
    Email: {email}
    Assignment Details
    Course: {courseshortname+courseidnumber} {course name}
    Assignment: {assignmenttitle}
    Due Date: {duedate}
    If Moodle Groups then:
    Group: {groupname} (eg. Day/Time of Class/Tutors Name)
    Submission Details
    File(s) submitted: {filename(s)}
    Or if online assignment:
    Submission Text:
    Date/Time Submitted: {submitteddate}
    Submission Alert: {submissionalert} (eg. submitted 5 days early, submitted 2 days late)
  5. an email is sent to student:
    Email subject: “Assignment submission confirmation – course short name – Assignment name”

A user's profile should contain delivery options for the Assignment Submission Confirmation in the Messaging options. Administration settings should contain a section in which an administrator can specify the template for the Assignment Submission Confirmation template: should the username, IDnumber, course short name, ,long name, ID number be shown, etc.

    • Online text type doesn't currently have a "Send for Marking" option. Email receipts are sent every time an update is made. Perhaps highlights the need to add a "Send for Marking"/Finalise type option to online text type. Unless the purpose of the assignment is iterative, in which case finalise is not required, but an email receipt shouldn't be sent (GW)

Use Case 13: Cover Sheet / Confirmation

Use Case 14: Status message

Use Case 15: Anonymous marking of Group Assignments

(MDL-10434) Simple Deletion of submitted assignments


Mock-up showing the settings associated with group mode.


Name will be mod_assign.

What is the plan for upgrading existing instances of mod_assignment?

Implementation Plan

Once specifications have been collected the project will be split into phases based on the importance of features - the four problems will be addressed in the first phase.

Related Tracker Issues

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