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Assignment Offline Marking

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Moodle Offline Marking
Project state In Progress
Tracker issue
Assignee NetSpot)


Offline marking is a feature that was implemented by NetSpot for Flinders University in a custom extension to the old mod_assignment. It allows markers to download all assignments as a zip along with a spreadsheet (.csv) of all the students grades and feedback. The marker can make changes to the spreadsheet or changes to the student files and re-upload one or both and Moodle will send the modified files back to the student as feedback and will associate the marks and feedback from the spreadsheet with the student. It also supports outcomes etc.


Moodle 2.3 required

Community bonding period


  1. Refine the project proposal with community feedback
  2. Define the mockups


There are a few items that need consideration here:

  1. The structure of the downloaded zip file
  2. The format of the grading form
  3. Blind marking
  4. Team Assignments

The more features we wish to support, the more complicated the structure of the zip and the marking file becomes.

We should have a page before the zip is downloaded where the options are configured.


[ Group Settings ] (standard group filter to allow only downloading submissions for a group)

Include marking sheet    [Yes/No]
Separate folders         [Yes/No]
Include feedback files   [Yes/No]
Include outcomes         [Yes/No]
Include advanced grading [Yes/No]

[Download Zip]

Some questions: Can we support advanced grading? Should we separate the submission files and feedback files by plugin type? Should we allow a flat file structure (no separate folders)?

The upload interface should allow the marker to upload a file, then show a confirmation page listing all the actions to be performed with a "skip" option next to each one. When the marker confirms the actions, all of them are applied at once.

Coding period


  • Implement code
  • Integration by HQ

File structure


Not Applicable