Assignment Team Based Submissions

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Assignment Team Based Submissions
Project state In Progress
Tracker issue
Assignee NetSpot


This is an enhancement to the mod_assign that allows students to submit an assignment as part of a team. The method for allocating students to teams is still to be determined but there is a healthy discussion in the forum listed above.


Moodle 2.3 required

Community bonding period


  1. Refine the project proposal with community feedback
  2. Define the mockups


There will be a setting that says that students will be submitting assignments as part of a team. There will be an option to specify the grouping for student teams. A team submission will be visible and updatable by any member of the group. If a student is not a member of any group, or if they are a member of multiple groups they will belong to a default team. There may be options to require all team members to confirm submission of the assignment for marking. The grading table will display one row per student, but will contain a column indicating the team and the status of the team submission. The single grading interface will allow grading and feedback to be sent to either the whole team or just the current student. The student submission summary will indicate the team and the list of students who have not yet submitted (if required).

Coding period


  • Implement code
  • Integration by HQ