Assignment Student Submission Statement

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Assignment Student Submission Statement
Project state In Progress
Tracker issue
Assignee NetSpot)


This is an enhancement to the mod_assign that requires students to check a box next to a statement when submitting an assignment. The text for the statement is set globally and it can either be required for all assignments, or individual assignments may choose to hide or show the statement. An example would be that students have to agree that the assignment is their own work.


Moodle 2.3 required

Community bonding period


  1. Refine the project proposal with community feedback
  2. Define the mockups - done


Global settings for the assignment module to set the text and choose if it is globally enabled, globally disabled or configurable at an assignment level. Optional setting at an assignment level to turn it on or off. Should be logged that the student accepted the statement. If submission drafts are enabled, the statement is only shown when the student submits their assignment for grading.

Coding period


  • Implement code - done
  • Integration by HQ

File structure