Galdetegia modulua

(Hemendik dator Galdetegiak)
Hona jauzi:nabigazioa, bilatu

Galdetegia jarduera-moduluak hainbat galdera mota erabilita galdetegiak diseinatu eta sortzeko aukera ematen dio irakasleari, besteak beste, aukera anitzeko galderak, egia/gezurra motakoak edo erantzun laburrekoak. Galdera horiek Galdera-bankuan gordetzen dira eta berriz ere beste edozein galdetegitan erabil daitezke.



  • Galdetegia hainbat saiakerarako aukera izateko konfigura daiteke. Galdera baten saiakera bakoitza automatikoki markatzen da eta irakasleak aukeran du feedback-a eman edota erantzun zuzena erakutsi.

Galdetegia erabiltzeko modu asko dago.

  • Feedback about performance and self-assessment are important parts of a learning environment. There are several ways to give feedback to students: on each question or overall. The quiz module can display feedback and scores at different times during the quiz, using the review options in the Quiz settings.
  • A wide variety of Quiz reports (in addition to Grades) are available for use by the teacher. Quiz reports not only can focus on a single student's attempt to answer each question, but also can perform a robust item analysis of a question's validity based upon aggregated student responses.
  • A single quiz can automatically select random and/or specific questions from different categories of questions.
  • The quiz settings allow different display methods. They can randomize the questions for each student and or randomize the answers for each student.
  • The teacher can determine the number of questions on each page of questions the student sees. The teacher can change the position of any question in the quiz. It is possible to put a label with information any place between questions.
  • The teacher can choose how questions behave during the quiz. It can be like a classic test, where the student gets no feedback while attempting the test, only later. Alternatively, Moodle can reveal the grades and/or feedback to the student during the quiz, and perhaps even give them another chance to answer the question (for fewer marks) having read the feedback.

The about list only mentions a few features of the quiz module and how it works with the question bank. Please follow the links on this page to learn more.

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