Bloqueo de calificación

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Bloqueada después de

Date after which the grades will be locked. Usually this date is set to the end of the activity, and the beginning of the grading process.. A typical sequence of events would be:

Evento Bloqueada Oculta
Inicio de actividad y envíos de participantes No Si
Fin de actividad y principio de calificación/retroalimentación Si Si
Fin de calificación/retroalimentación y publicación de calificaciones Si No

Efectos del bloqueo

Locking prevents changes to grades. It disables the "quick grading" and "quick feedback" features del Libro de calificaciones, and prevents modules from updating grades. Locking affects grade items and grades differently, as outlined below.

En categorías de calificación

Locking has no effect on the category itself, it is only used to affect a large number of grade items at once (bulk action), which in turns locks all their grades. The locking effect cascades down to all the category's children. If the category contains categories, the locking effect continues to cascade down, locking all categories, items and grades below the initial category. A grade item can be unlocked even though its parent category is flagged as locked.

En ítems de calificaciónIn grade items

A locked grade item doesn't accept changes to its settings or grades from its related module. When there is no related module (as for manual grades), the locking simply prevents grader report users from changing the grade using the grader report interface.

En calificaciones

If a grade item is locked, its grades are also locked, and cannot be unlocked until the grade item is also unlocked.