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How you can contribute

Even if you are not a programmer there are things you can change or help with.

Guides for developers

Plans for the future

Ideas for and details of planned future features of Moodle are initially discussed on the forums in the Using Moodle course at That developer discussions are intermixed with user discussions in the same forums may seem strange at first but is one of the reasons for the success of Moodle. It is important that both end-users and developers discuss the future features together.

Once ideas begin to crystalize on the forums they can be summarized in this wiki, either as part of the Roadmap or in the form of Developer notes. These pages then form the basis for further discussion in the forums.

Documentation for core components

This section is for documentation of specific components of the existing core Moodle code. Discussion of components that are under discussion or in development can be found in the Developer notes or on the Roadmap.

Documentation for contributed code

Many Moodle users contribute code for the benefit of other Moodle users. This can take the form of new activity modules, blocks, themes, resource plug-ins, assignment plug-ins, question type plug-ins, question import/export formats, quiz report plug-ins, course formats, ... This code is initially posted on the forums in the Using Moodle course and then often go into the contrib branch of the Moodle CVS repository. Developer documentation for these components should be listed here.

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Developer resources and tools

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