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Interface guidelines

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Warning: This page is no longer in use. The information contained on the page should NOT be seen as relevant or reliable.

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This document is not authoritative, it is a collection of ideas and under construction.

Keeping it simple

Use the minimum interface required to get the job done. Order the elements by contexts. Give the user a strong orientation where the places are to do several things.

Standard pages

See Address Bar/URL UI guideline

One script per major function/page


Page layout

See: Basic page _structure UI guideline

Form layout

See: Form UI guideline

Dealing with tables

Use the print_table function whenever possible.

Standard navigation tools


The information that was here has been incorporated to those pages


See Address Bar UI guideline

Buttons vs links

See: Button and Link UI guidelines.

The information that was here has been integrated to those documents.

Language strings

  1. Use your own language strings in a separate file. Don't use existing language files from moodle.php or other lang files. So translators can translate in the contexts in different ways as terms are used in the special learning culture.

CSS naming

  • Don't add font, color or layout definitions in code. This belongs to CSS theme files.
  • See theme standards

Linking to help

  • Help buttons should be on the right of the thing (as an exception it can be left, if the thing is right-aligned)

Related topics

Robin Good's Latest News. "Interaction Design Meets Online Real Estate" 1 Mar. 2005

The article presents a view of virtual spaces with the focus on human actions. It reminded me of communicative approaches like Moodle. The interface serves as the handle of all the communication tools.

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