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On the web, URLs (web addresses, Uniform Resource Locator) are a part of the user interface and some users routinely use the address bar to navigate sites (for example, for getting higher in the hierarchy if they don't find an easier way in the site navigation).

In Moodle, The form of URLs is determined by a motivation to make work easy for developers, which is important in an open source community. Usually it is enough to just look at the URL to know which PHP file to edit.

As a consequence, the site hierarchy is not reflected in the URL - the end user is not considered the primary user of URLs, unlike usually recommended.


  • Course front pages are at moodlesite/course/view.php?id=2
  • Regardless of the course an activity module instance, such as a forum belongs to, it's URL is moodlesite/mod/forum/view.php?id=13


  1. URLs should be as short as possible.
  2. No underscores in parameter names or files names
  3. Never use two words when one would do.

Activity modules

  • index.php - lists all instances for that module in a course
  • view.php - displays a particular instance
  • config.html - configure an instance of the module


  • config.html - configure an instance of the block