Translating Moodle video subtitles

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For each major release, Moodle HQ creates a number of screencasts to showcase step-by-step new features and improvements. Certain screencasts, starting with Moodle 3.2 have translations enabled. This means the subtitles may be translated online, on YouTube. (Note not all HQ screencasts have this feature enabled.)

How to translate HQ videos

1) From the Moodle HQ YouTube channel, find the video you wish to translate. (You need to be logged in with a Google account)

2) Click the cogwheel/settings icon:


3) Click the subtitles/CC link:


4) If contributions have been enabled for this video you will see Subtitles/CC. Click there:


5) Select your language by typing in its first few letters:


6) Type the translations under the English (1) and then click (2) Submit for review:


7) If you want credit, tick the box:


8) Once you have clicked ‘submit,’ a notification will be sent to a Moodle HQ Communications staff for review

9) Once the video is reviewed and the translation published,(if desired) your name and a link to your YouTube channel will appear in the description of the video:


10) A Moodle Communications team member will also let you know when it is published before communicating the translated videos through social channels, news post and other tools (with a credit to you) Questions / for further assistance, please contact