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Quiz Usability portal

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This is a portal for gathering all the documents related to the usability of the Quiz module. The module is closely related to the Question Bank, so many subjects here are connected to the Question Bank and its categories, as well.

When developing the usability of a single module, it must also be ensured that consistency with the rest of Moodle is maintained: if Moodle develops in terms of usability, such development must be reflected in Quiz, and vice versa. Also the development of general UI guidelines of Moodle is important and closely related to a single module's efforts.

A starting point for getting usability on scope in an open-source project in general: The #1 Problem in OSS Usability and What I’m Going to Do About It

Quiz usability documentation

Usage manuals for users

Scenarios: who is the user?

What are the user's goals? How does the user use quizzes to reach his/her goals? In what circumstances?

This documentation continues to be actively under development, see: Scenarios index

Usability testing in August 2008

Issues related to Quiz UI in general

Issues related to the Quiz UI redesign

Quiz UI redesign project

Future development

Everything here is meant to raise discussion about the various issues we still have to deal with.

UI mockups

Summer 2008