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Quiz UI redesign

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Status: project finished and code incorporated into Moodle 2.0 in Autumn 2008.

  • Chapter 3 (especially page 18 and onwards) of Olli's master's thesis about Moodle and open source usability work documents the core ideas of the Quiz UI Redesign work most clearly. Chapters 4 to 6 of the work document the different phases of the project. (Online view)

This is the Docs page for the Quiz UI redesign project 2008

The project blog: .

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Scenarios work

The Scenarios

Prototype testing

June 2008

Published June 27th, 2008.

The prototype used in testing, the last iteration (ODP 230 KB; in Finnish. See the Design specification for a more final, translated view of the UI )

Testing with the actual implementation: August 2008

See also: Quiz_Usability_portal#Future_development


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