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Quiz UI redesign scenarios - Scenarios index

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Introductory video

Discussion thread, where you can comment on the scenarios

Scenarios index

Creating quizzes/exams:

Scenarios of further phases:

Help required with scenarios work: teachers, support, administrators

I invite everybody to take part in gathering the scenarios and adding their own. The main point is not to portray all kinds of moodle users one by one, but to have all the ways of using exams documented in a relatively coherent way. Discussion will be in Quiz forum, once I announce it, but you may want to make modifications directly here, too - notify me, however if you make any major changes.

If your ways of using Quiz do not seem to fit in with any of the scenarios, you can either fill in details for existing fictional (though representative) personas, or create new ones so that we have all the real usage scenarios covered. If you wish, you can also comment in the thread for this work.

Note that the details about the persona do not need to match your case - what is important is the ways quizzes are made and what affects it, matches.

In case you are wondering, the slightly playful names of the personas are just to help developers remember the personas in order to refer to them in discussion.