Usability testing in August 2008/Summary of solutions

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Simplify question forms (progressive disclosure)

Related issues

  • Solution: Change to “Add 3 more choices to this question” or equivalent (and translate to Finnish, too)
  • Solution: Make all options that directly affect quiz behaviour and display (=quiz modes) have their status easily visible without having to go out of the quiz edit view.
  • Solution: make the fields in the forms consistent and lay out the labels obviously.
  • Solution: Move the HTMLarea label so it groups clearly together with the HTMLarea

Sort out the different preview modes

Related issues

  • Solution: Find out what are the use cases here. It seems here that teachers use this role for preview. In this case nothing the teacher does in “student role” should have any permanent effect, just like in Quiz preview. But it may be possible though that teachers use the student role for actually making changes “as students”, which they somehow could not make as teachers. In this case, it must be allowed to make permanent changes in student role, but the UI should make it very clear what the ramifications are (i.e. “NOTE! If you attempt this quiz in student mode, you will not be capable of editing the quiz any more!”)

Grading options: make the consequences of each choice obvious

Related issues

  • Solution: a help icon

Quiz / general navigation: stay with general web standards!

Related issues

  • Solution: That time, the back button worked, but make sure all pages receiving method=POST forms in Moodle forward the browser instantly to a page which does not require the request to be resubmitted if the user tries to "go back" to it.
  • Solution: Change update this quiz to describe what it actually is, Quiz settings/options. See also: [ Increase use of tabs on all mod activities]

Make links show in standard colours/underlining

Related issues

  • Solution: Add edit icon

Question names

Related issues

  • Solution: Rename Description to “Help text/description” or similar, and Essay to “Free text question (Essay)”
  • Solution: Translate the name in the Finnish version


Related issues

  • Solution: Lay out the titles of the text boxes so that they are not less prominent than the text boxes themselves, making it clear that the box and button are only for saving grades.
  • Solution: Add the edit icons back to everywhere, keep consistency