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  • This allows a user to create, update and delete Categorías de curso.
  • The default role of Mánager has this capability set to allow.
  • This capability may only be applied in the system context, or in category context, to allow management of subcategories

The exact rules enforced for various actions are: (Remember that the parent of a given category may be either the system context, or another category.)

  1. To add a new category, you need moodle/category:manage in the parent of the category you are adding to.
  2. To browse a category and the courses it contains, you don't normally need any special capabilities, except that
  3. To update a category's name, description, and/or visibility, you need moodle/category:manage in the category itself.
  4. To move a category from one place in the tree to another, you need moodle/category:manage in both the old and new parent categories (and you are not allowed to move a category to be a descendant of itself!)
  5. To delete a category, you need moodle/category:manage in the parent category and the category itself. In addition, if the category or any of its subcategories contains any courses you need either:
    • moodle/course:delete in all of those courses, and moodle/category:manage in all of the child categories, or
    • moodle/course:create and moodle/category:manage in some other category that is not a child of this one. (Except that, if this category contains no sub-categories, we don't check moodle/category:manage in the other category.)